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Kryas, you need to be a human :). Sorry for just catching it.

Dot here. Will get going later tonight.

Before Golarion is what it is today, with the sophisticated buildings, eccentric people and firearms blasting holes in monsters...there was nothing. “Tabula Rasa”, means clean slate, and that is when man first came into existence. They clawed, and scratched for survival against nature, ferocious animals, and even each other at times.

You are individuals, whom were exiled from your now former tribes. You banded together, if only for the adage of “strength in numbers”, to prove your old tribes that you are strong...and try’s no to survive the harshness in front of you.


Hopefully I haven’t lost you after the brief intro, if your still here then WOOHOO! So, this game will be set in pre-historic Golarion. Character creation will be basic, and simple. Some skills will be more useful than others of course. Acrobatics to avoid enemies is good, Knowledge Planes not so much as much of the enemies will be humanoid, monstrous humanoid, animal, environmental, etc.

Level: 2

HP: Max at 1st, average+1 after

Stats: 15 point buy

Races: Human only, with only one potential half-orc allowed (+ racial variants)

Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Witch, Druid, Oracle (+ archetypes)

Equipment: bone, obsidian, or stone materials allowed; following rules found on Archives of Nethys. Hide armor is fine, “worked” leather products are ok but suffer a -1 reduction in AC bonus due to tanning not existing. Only simple or martial weapons and light or medium armor allowed.

Background Skills: yes

Starting Wealth: 250 gold pieces; everything is cheaper so your starting wealth reflects this


If I missed anything please ask, I will answer when I can to the best I can. Recruitment will be open until submission die off or midnight PST rolling over into May 7th.

Hiya people :) So, I have an ideas(s) for a new game since I just finished my first campaign. The concept(s) I have are three.

1) downtime & dungeon crawl: built in downtime “spot”, with local access to a dungeon to both supply adventure needs and possible supplying of downtime business

2) downtime “monopoly”: give you option of 2-3 business, you pick one. I create a handful of other NPC business that you can try to take over/shut down the others or join forces against others

3) prehistoric Golarion: think “civilization” computer series meets Golarion. Limited weapons/armor, all human characters. Explore the surrounding area, fight or flight, tame the wild.


Let me know what you guys/gals think. You can even tell me that all sound dumb, I wouldn’t be offended cause you are entitled to your views and opinions. Should I get any resounding “votes” for a specific idea, recruitment would launch from this same thread, so keep eyes on it if interested :)

Recover one or more spells or spell slots whose total levels are equal to your character level.

It leads me to view it as since you are level 2, selecting it once gets you 2 spells levels. You would get another selection Gwen

Discuss Away

Game on

Game on...

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For Gameday V.

First come first served :)

This is the recruitment for Gameday V. For more information, please go to the following link: Gameday Info.

First come, first served to the game. Please post what tier you would prefer, but remember that a tier 1-2 game may have to be done if that is the prevailing outcome :)


discuss away :)


The solo gameplay thread for our solo game :)

This is a closed game for a solo game. For more info on the solo game idea, feel free to PM and I can get in touch with the guy who thought of it :)


Game on

For those selected please supply the following:

Day Job (if you have it)

Any out of the box tactics you may have. (ie: If you will always power attack unless you say otherwise, preferred spot in marching order, etc)

Link to Sign-up Sheet...List

So, the thought I have is to take 4-5 Core PFS peeps, and do my best to keep them together for a run from level 1-12, using nothing but modules. This both to keep things quick in terms of leveling, as well as I have yet to do most of them for CORE so I can make a GM credit baby if I wanted to :)

The proposed schedule of events would be as follows, I only have the first few lined up as I don't want to go to crazy should real life get involved for myself or the PC's

Level 1: Crypt of the Everflame
Level 2: Thornkeep-Accursed Halls
Level 3: Thornkeep-Forgotten Laboratory

I will be cross-posting this on the Flaxseed Lodge. I will hold a lottery should more than 5 people wish to participate in the long-standing game I wish to make. Hope you find it interesting :)

PC selections will be made on January 6th, around 1 pm-ish Pacific Standard Time (US)

Game on!


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Endless Encounter Thread

This is a recruitment for a closed game for the link provided above. Please feel free to visit the link and check it out, we are always accepting new PC's and GM's :)



Game open. First post most likely Monday as its my next day off


discuss away

So, I had an idea for a lighthearted and easy going campaign idea. What about life after Kingmaker. What happens to the kingdom created by the adventurers turned heroes in Brevoy?

The kingdom is in need of people to populate it, which is where you folks come in. The kingdom has the basics: a carpenter, brewer, a couple inns, an apothecary, a couple temples, etc. Even though the basic infrastructure is there, the kingdom lacks people to run such functions (barkeeps, barrista, maid, apprentice smiths, apprentice brewers, etc).

You could come for any reason: lack of work in current town, a new start, running from parents/law/etc.

Starting Level: 1st
Class: any NPC
Wealth: starting class
Skills: +1 skill point for profession/craft of choice
Traits: a 2 from nethys (only 1 rich parent in game though)
Feats: any from nethys

Any questions/concerns/issues please fell free to ask.

I may send you guys on quests: like a cook may send his apprentice to the market to pick up a package. The merchant may demand payment, when the cook tells you he already paid for it. You could then use sense motive or bluff or intimidate to get the package back to the chef in time.

Campagn tab will have useful infor about places/people :)

Gameday IV

Recruitment for Gameday IV

A lottery will be used to determine who is selected if mass amounts of PC apply

Rise of the serpents recruitment for Gameday IV

Unsure which tier I am gonna run, it will be based solely on applicants preference with a lottery if I get a mass amount of submissions.


Gameplay thread for Pathfinder Endless Encounters

This is a game for the Endless Encounters Thread . Check out the link for more info :)

Will the selected PC's please provide the following:

Day Job

Gameplay thread

This is a recruitment for a Core PFS game of 0-7, Among the Living. It either a tier 1-2 or 4-5. I will make a table based tier interest. Game will start in roughly a week.

Oops. Lol


game on

game on

Endless Encounters

The game is private, but feel free to check out the link above. Post a PC if you wanna play, and you can even GM a short game if something comes to mind.

Hello everyone, I had an idea. This is an interest/official recruitment thread.

There is a slightly crazy, albeit powerful wizard. Throughout his life of adventuring he had accumulated vast wealth and power. He bought an island with his wealth. He doesn't quibble over the details like he nuked everything on the island that didn't cooperate.

Every couple years he takes normal, average folks and tosses them on his island, and sees if they can survive his island. He like to test Darwinism at its greatest. Your group, is the latest chosen for his mad-game.


Class: NPC only. I am only taking one of each NPC class (adept, aristocrat, expert, commoner, warrior)

PrC: paizo published, if you can make it work with your NPC class, go for it.

Race: Human, no exceptions.

Level: level 1

Stats: 10 point buy. yes, 10 point buy, you are not heroic adventurers. However, every odd level, you will get 1 permanent point to put in a stat of your choice. You will therefore have the potential to be a 20 point buy. No stat bumps every 4th level however.

Feats/Traits: paizo published

XP track: 75% fast. So to reach level 2, you will need 975xp. to reach level 3, you will need 2475, etc, etc. Also, each day your NPC survives on the island, you receive [level] x [100] in xp, to put towards next level.

Wealth: max gold as per NPC class. (NOTE: you can only begin the game with NO MORE than a light load. IF you own a masterwork backpack, use the altered STR for the light load. all monies not spent will be lost

I will include a link to a "map", it will take 1 adventuring day to explore a hex. Death happens, if the dice deem it so, I will not intervene. I don't expect you to travel if someone is afflicted with poison, but will not allow you to simply 'sit and wait' and gain mass amounts of xp.

Any question please ask. Recruitment will be open until I say otherwise,and I will give ample notice before I actually close it.

Feel free to submit Core PFS PC here :)

If I get an overwhelming response, spots will be chosen at random :) I will do my best to take the same 4 PC from level 1-12

Discuss Tactics here.

A little bit about me and my needs :)

1) Please post at least once per weekday, weekends are optional as I know people have lives.

2) If you cannot show, please try to give notice here or in the gameplay or with a PM. I understand RL comes up and I am not unreasonable, but if you have notice please give notice.

3) If there is no post by a PC during combat in over 24 hours (weekday only), I will delay you and if you can post before the next round starts and it isn't a difficult adjustment to make then it will stand. Otherwise I will simply make it be your next round actions.

4) Any questions, please ask. I feel that this group and the Pazio community as a whole can help figure something out, should a dispute or issue arise :)


Please post below with:

PFS #:
Day Job: if you have one


My initiative is in blocks, whoever posts first acts first. Unless you designate you delay for an ally to do something (ie. bard starts inspire courage or wizard casts a buff) your action will go off. Any questions if this is confusing, please ask.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Act 1: Confirmation->In Service to Lore->Fallen Fortress



Scenario for Pathfinder Endless Encounters

Here is the way I envision exploring/skill checks. Other ideas are welcome :)

Exploring a hex is considered an "adventuring day". You can split up or explore a hex together. I will spoiler seperste hexes if multiple are explored. You can read spoilers so long as it doesn't say DM only or addressed to a specific PC, since I presume you all will debrief each other with the days events.

Skil checks, roll a couple perception checks and whatever you feel may be useful (knowledges, swim, climb, etc)

I will do my best to keep the campaign tab up to date with hex breakdowns, and other pertinent info (loot, special areas, NPC, etc)

If/when you find a cave, maps will be abstract unless/until I find a suitable map to link to as well.

Game on

There is civil unrest the Chelaxian colony of Canorus in the western continent. For years, Canorus supplied the Chelish with gold and slaves. It isn't until the recent 5-6 years, that an uprising has been in the works. There are people, within Canorus who detest this practice and want change. This change comes at a cost though...blood and lives.

The Canorus masses divided amongst themselves. You were tasked to pick a side, or deemed an enemy to both sides. You took matters into your own hands...you chose neither side and fled Canorus. You felt the in-party fighting of the Canorus population would cause the ultimate downfall of the colony itself, so you chose to not be a party to it at all.

Your group...albeit few in number took a smuggler's ship, and headed off towards...well anywhere but where you were. The first week wasn't bad, you made some headway into the sea, heading towards what you were hoping was a non-Chelish ruled land. On the ninth day at sea, fog rolled in, causing you to lose all visibility. You were sailing blind, and this nearly cost you your lives.

Your ship, ran aground. Most of the cargo was lost to salty depths, but you managed to save a few things. Unsure where you are, you figure it cannot be any worse than the civil unrest from whence you fled. Will you conquer the island, or will the island claim you?

If you are interested please read the character guidelines below :)

Character Crunch:

Level: NPC 3 / PC 2 /PC 2 (Choose an NPC class of Expert/Warrior/Adept and take 3 levels. Then choose a Core class and take 2 levels in it.)

Stats: 4d6 drop low, 6 sets OR 25 point buy

HP: max at NPC/PC 1, ave+1 for other NPC/PC levels

SPECIAL KICK: GESTALT PC Yes Gestalt, but only the PC levels. Take 3 level of NPC, than add on the gestalt levels

Races: Core

Classes: Core

Archetypes: paizo

Traits: 2 paizo

Background: as more or as little was you want

Number of Spots: I may have 2 PC in line from an earlier game that popped, so I will take a TOTAL of 5 PC between them and this.

Wealth: 100 gp. I know 100 gold isn't much, but I do have a plan to equip you in the early stages.

Exploration: I will be providing a hexagonal map. A PC (or group) can spend the "adventuring day and explore 1 hexagon. I will give a overview of what the explorers find, meet, see, etc. PC in the same hex can respond what is given (battles, objects, etc). I don't expect or assume the group will stay a whole, nor do I expect everyone to split up and each take a different hex. You can only also explore hexes which share a side, so no jumping "across" the map.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to post away :)[/ooc]

In the event I get enough applicants, the game would start sometime around/after the first of the year.


Also if everyone could please post your PFS number, faction, any day job check you may have as well as your initiative mod that would be really helpful,

Day job

Thanks :) :)

Feel free to dot

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