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So I’m setting up decks for a game and I noticed something. On Sajan’s first power he gets to add the bludgeoning trait to his unarmed combat. Kess basically has the same power but no bludgeoning. Should her unarmed combat be bludgeoning as well?

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On the 0 Level Scourge Card “Honor-Tested,” the last line on the card says “ At the end of the scenario, gain 1 respect point.” Should that be Hero Point?

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I’ve looked a couple times and not seen it yet. But maybe I’m missing it since PACG Core Set is not listed with the rest of the PACG stuff. But do you guys have a pdf of the rules for Core Set or Curse of the Crimson Thrones yet?

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Will there be a character deck expansion so you can play Dragon's Demand with 6 players?

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Yeah as soon as I posted that I looked at the entire card and noticed that second power. I was wondering if you could use both of the powers and a weapon at the same time. After reading I thought you could. Thanks for the input

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I need a clarification on her first power on the Kneecapper role. It states "You may bury a card from your hand to add 1d12([ ]+1)([ ]+2) to your Strength or Charisma check. If you succeed at the check, you may recharge that card instead. ([ ] After you roll, count the number of dice that rolled a value of 12. You may reroll up to that number of dice; take the new result.)"

Since neither her Strength nor her Charisma die is a d12 and you say to count dice, plural, that have a value of 12, is your skill modifier added to the Strength or Charisma die when counting value.

Example. For this she has Melee: Strength d8+3 and another 2 skill feats in strength. She has to fight a monster barehanded, buries a card for a d12, and gets a blessing of Gorum and one blessing of the gods played so she has a dice pool of 4d8 and a d12. She rolls a 1, 7, 7 and 8 on d8s and a 12 on the d12. So the 12 naturally counts but does one of the d8s get the skill modifier of +5 turning it into a12? I realize when you play a blessing you only get more dice not more pluses from skills, so you only get 1 + 5 limiting your reroll at 2 ever unless you have weapons with a +d12 to strength. Am I over thinking this. I can't think of any other way to get more than one die with a natural 12 when you use bury card power.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Johnny Chronicle wrote:
Alahazra wrote:
At the end of your turn, you may discard a card that has the Divine trait to add a card that has the Divine trait from your discard pile to your hand.
How about this one? Can she just do it one time at the end of her turn, or could she discard/add twice if she had two Divine cards?
I'd say this one she can only do once, similar to Lem's swap power. Checking for confirmation on Lem.
Correct: Powers may only be used once per check or step; effects that happen at the end of your turn are used at the start of the "Reset Your Hand" step.

What about her recharge a card with divine trait to examine a location. I get that you can only do a power once per step or step. But there is no step listed so can this power be used once per step each turn?

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Ironvein wrote:

Hmm, an overly extreme example... if you had that many cards buried though, you'd only have like 5 or so cards left period (my count deck size is about 20 right now). You'd still want most, if not all, those cards JUST to prevent dying. Or at least having them available to rebuild your deck (through healing) since some of the new monsters are attacking the deck directly now.

I see where you're going with this, but it just seems that in most cases; there isn't a good reason NOT to get all your cards back. The wording just bothers me, feels like that was some limit that somehow missed getting put on the card.

And for the record, the effect never came into play thus far (the closer didn't have anything buried at that point, sigh).

Just would like some official word, saying that this was indeed what they meant and it wasn't some kind of typo. For piece of mind really.

This is not an overly extreme example. I as Kyra, picked up armor spells and items and through bad rolling and luck got all my Divine Trait cards discarded and had no way to activate my healing power and with no one to help I had to sit on a closed location so as not to die. And I only picked up like 8 junk cards. Just a horrible shuffle of my deck. Because of that if I or someone else doesn't want a card I immediately banish instead of trying to acquire. That was my last brush with death.