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Absolutely amazing! This was so much fun! PLEASE GIVE US MORE lol. I'm hoping some Pathfinder episodes are released, but definitely excited for more Starfinder!

magnuskn wrote:
Not that there is any time for hex exploration (and Taldor should be one of the most thoroughly explored nations of the Inner Sea), but this is still pretty amazing. You should post it on the War for the Crown sub-forum. :)

Thank you so much!

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Something I made for our group before starting this campaign: sharing

I literally love you for this. LOVE

Malefactor wrote:

Alright, since we know that 7 of the gods of the current Core 20 (Abadar, Desna, Iomedae, Pharasma, Sarenrae, Urgathoa, & Zon-Kuthon) are members of the New Core 20 (which includes some gods that we already know about today, & some alien gods). So that begs the questions of What have the gods been up to in the last thousand or so year? And why are some of them less popular than they used to be? They said in the stream that MOST of the old gods are fine, just less worshipped, but that still leaves a chance for some of them to have died. So without further rambling, I shall give my predictions on "Where Are They Now: Deity Edition"


I personally hope Asmodeus is gone. I'm currently running a campaign in preparation for Starfinder. The party is nearly level 20. They're all going to die in what they think is the final battle, and find themselves in some far plane where they will perform tasks for 10 of the "weakened deities". After each task, the deity gives each party member an item and infuses their essence into the item (also effectively giving the players 1 mythic level each time this happens). Once they've reached Mythic Level 10 and are fully geared.. into the Nine Hells they go with the final destination - Killing Asmodeus!!

With the major "good" deities AND Asmodeus out of the picture.. it will give rise to technology! Woot! ;)