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Wow, love the concept of the crew!! Very interesting to see a posse of such characters!!

And the best part of the reveal, my love for the old Dromites could be fulfilled with the new Surki!!

This game is getting better and better in each release :)

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Please, please, please, consider adding the Geniekin versatile heritages!! Not only the new Nephilim!!

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Moth Mariner wrote:

With the renaming of gnoll as Kholo, is it possible that we do the same for some of the other ancestry names in this book?

Catfolk, ratfolk, and lizardfolk all have their own names already in the lore of the setting, and I think it would be cool to be less humanocentric about them. Amurrun, Ysoki, and Iruxi are all awesomely Pathfinder specific, and calling them their own names is respectful if nothing else.

I really hope halflings get a Golarion-specific name too. It’s kind of weird to have an ancestry name that related solely to how their height relates to humans. They deserve better!

The idea of using the Pathfinder names for the three commented ancestries would be so cool. In my opinion, the Pathfinder names gives a lot more lore and are more interesting than the generic alternative. Similar with the Geniekin (with all their flavors) and the new Nephilim for all the planar beings.

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Ed Reppert wrote:

I wonder what they're going to do with the seven classes that aren't in the two "Player Core" books: Gunslinger, Inventor, Kineticist (been waiting for this one!), Magus (my favorite!), Psychic, Summoner, Thaumaturge.

"Advanced Player Guide 2" maybe?

I have the same question. On the blog, they mention Player Core 3. I could see that all this classes are remastered in a book af this type, and I will be happy with this. Maybe with some more Ancestries, like the Automaton or the Varanas, etc.

And I'm curious about the Geniekin and the Nephilim. For me, it's obvious that Aasimar and Tiefling are going to be part of the Nephilim. I'm 50/50 with the Ganzi and the Aphorites being under the same umbrella (I would like it a lot). I'm just curious if the Planar outsiders are going to fall under the same Nephilim or are they going to maintain their independence as a broad category.

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I would be glad to have some kind of patreon/subscription model for official STLs models for both Starfinder and Pathfinder.

Imagine the "welcome box" full of iconics characters!! And a well represented species/ancestries for the games, instead of all day with proxies.