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CaptainGemini wrote:

Just posting this for Kirth, in case he comes back to this thread to reply to my last post.

I'm out of the discussion. I've spent how many days on it already? And nothing accomplished with all of that time put into it. I've got better things to do. Like investigate environmentally-friendly paints for when I repaint my house.

Ocre? Crushed and powdered clay rocks of particular colour?

Long time no see you shambling ghoul...

Red Curry Rice&Fish

3 cups water
1 cup rice
Red Curry paste
Hundred grams of fish

Cook fish in 1 cup Salt water in wok.
Remove fish
Place 2 cups water in wok with rice and salt and Cover and boil for 10 minutes. Off heat Add curry paste mixing with rice.

Place Fish on rice on plate

Dunmuir wrote:
Are there any archetypes or ways that you could make a lawful evil paladin? I know Antipaladin is chaotic evil, but are there any other choices?

D&D rules cyclopedia. Alignment options are:

  • lawful
  • Neutral
  • Chaotic

    Good and evil dont realy come into it. A lawful paladin makes a choice to take a life that violates the law or defend life from the limits of law. Law as a philosophy can be rigid and uncompromising.

    Strip away the paladin and you have someone who exists outside the circle of civilization. Over the boundary that says life...and on your own, exterminating unlife and anyone looking to betray the world of the living. That security guard who locks you in with the demon you were trying to free.
    "Escape? I sealed the gate from this side as soon as we entered. This is a one way trip."

  • Did anyone survive?

    Here's hoping i'm wrong.

    They did find a mass grave of a million mummies in Egypt so african tribesmen battle a million mummies after a vengeful witchdoctor animates them all.

    So no love for a Mystara Setting D&D film?

    Dungeons & Dragons: Nightfall
    An Immortal Nightdragon drains off the Radiance from the Nucleus of the spheres causing a cataclysm cutting everyone off from magic and gods and destroying much of the known world. When the sun rises on the day without magic, no one knows its very bad. They think tomorrow will be back to normal...but it wont be.

    Knitifine wrote:
    Recruit a god.

    Some artefacts contain or are gods that take posession of the user so...a present with a red bow?

    Nigrescence wrote:

    A style of play, or a method of play.

    Kids these days want their numbers as big as possible and don't care what they have to sacrifice to get it, and seem to get bored of anything other than combat.

    I see the numbers as secondary to pretty much everything else about the character, but still recognize the importance of those numbers, and enjoy all aspects of the game, not just combat.


    That...and someone who likes rules that can be taking the saving throw table in d&d rules cyclopedia and replacing them with something simple like +2 points per hit dice allocated to save slots as desired by player. Wham! Three less pages of look-up tables.

    falhaven manor

    It looks like an interesting game. Hope I can get printed copies before they go.