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Full Name

Vali Haggarsson


Human (Ulfen)


Family, Strength and Adventure










Erastil / Cayden Cailean


The River Kingdoms


Common, Skald


Warrior, Blacksmith, Fisherman

About Vali Haggarsson


Description: We are a bunch of displaced Ulfens with aspirations, looking for a place to build a new home for our family. Driven (or kicked) out of out ancestral home in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, we have finally found somewhere to continue the Haggarasson legacy. But while our Erastilite upbringing give us a strong sense of community, we pay our dues to Cayden Cailean - No Haggarsson may die without leaving their mark upon the world!

The Haggarssons have a long and proud history of accepting any who share our philosophy of family values, adventuring to help those in need, and the love of a good pint into our fold.

Blood is thicker than water, the saying goes. But what if that water is frozen? What if that water is the snow and ice of the Linnorm Kingdoms, so large, so oppressive and cold? Blood is thicker than water, no matter how cold, how hard or how oppressive.

The Land of the Linnorm Kings is a desolate place and the men and women who live there are a hardy race, with none harder than the Haggarssons. The Haggarsson Clan bares the blood of the Linnorm Kings and holds on its shoulders the pride and honour of generations of fabled heroes and warriors, or so they like to tell anyone who will listen, while they are in their cups.

The Clan traces its beginning back to the first settlers who came to the Land of the Linnorm Kings. When the first settlers huddled together in the dark, fighting off the cold, struggling to forge out a piece of land for themselves, Erik Haggarsson known as Erik the Builder was there. He stood strong and proud with these first men and it was by his mighty axe and by the strength of his back that the first settlement was forged.

From that moment on the Haggarssons became an important part of the formation of the Land of the Linnorm kings, not that anyone would notice. At key points in the lands history, a Haggarsson could always be found, maybe not in the foreground but their presence would be known. The Clan helped forge the land into what it is today and it, the harsh weather, the snow and the hardship, helped make the Haggarssons what they are in turn.

The Clan motto of “Family, Strength and Adventure”, is the main cause behind the far roaming nature of the sons and daughters of the family. From the Land of the Linnorm Kings to the Mwangi Expanse, from Ustulav to Tien, and from Cheliax to the River Kingdoms, the Haggarssons travel wherever adventure leads.

Following in the footsteps of Erik the Builder, this band of Haggarssons aim to carve out a corner of the River Kingdoms for themselves and for any who wish to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. The Clan is always welcoming of strangers and quickly bring them in to the fold where they become more than friends, almost family. This drive to carve out and protect their own corner of the Kingdom, along with their warm welcoming nature, is the trademark of the Haggarssons the world over.

“Family, Strength and Adventure”, is there anything grander?

If you feel like you would like to be part of the Haggarssons, if you like role playing with a group of genuine and interesting people, join up today - Join the Haggarssons