Ghartok, The Carrion King

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Interesting and Entertaining

****( )

Played thru this with a full party of First Tier characters, and I have to admit it's the best Scenario I've played in thus far.

The fights were well balanced, engaging, and most of all fun. The pacing is good, and the enemies are unique and challenging. The only fault I could see was the very end. There is little chance for a party without magic savvy characters to determine what their next course should be, after killing all of the museums occupants.

All and all, a positive experience.

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Stormed tossed and taking on water...

*( )( )( )( )

This was my first Pathfinder Society Scenario, and I have to say it could have been better. The concept was great, but the story never seems to realize it's full potential.

While the role-playing aspects are great, the frustrations with investigating soon overshadow it. There are too few clues given, and with killer changing depending on the level the couple clues provided needed to be more decisive. The players are effectively forced to wait for the killer to simply reveal himself. Add on to this that the deus ex machina at the end is almost insulting, invalidating all of the characters hard work.

In short, the idea shouldn't be abandoned, but certainly needs refining.

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Interesting battles, fun new enemies and allies, and a chance to investigate the mysterious Armageddon Echo. All and all a fun and entertaining adventure that does a wonderful job of advancing the plot.

The only drawback I've noticed is that there is a lot of information given for an area, but with little concrete details of what would be found within. While this may be a problem for some GM's, those who wish to expand these into full-blown side areas can do so with little effort.

In short, TOP NOTCH!