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So if you use your staff/spell to say " run faster " in town, does that switch you over to RED name pvp alert?

do they have a dynamic RNG that rotates the resources on a weekly basis to keep from groups camping area resources?

Bird bath for Rocs?

To me Griefing is when a single individual is consistently stalked for the sole purpose of aggravating and inconveniencing the target player.
Under the assumption the target player is not trying to do the same to a tower or its inhabitants outside of pvp designated war times.

Its almost like the character in the tv series " Forever " when he gets killed, his entire body disappears leaving nothing behind. I find that odd though, when he resurrects, its typically nude in the nearest river, and the show has shown his clothes AREN'T left behind, odd dynamic, guess his clothes go where lost socks do?

Hi, new to the board, didn't see any way to "PM"

I recently joined Forgeholm (Deepforge) and was wondering if there was a website established yet, as for the member activities etc...

May your embers burn forever brightly

~ Hawk