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What a great introductory AP!


James Jacobs has some beautiful adventure designs in this book and the flavor and color of the world and the creatures is all amazing. I can't wait to run this. I especially love the presentation of a mega dungeon as fitting within the larger world of Golarion, but being left incredibly open ended for me as a GM to get my PCs in the door. I feel like this really encourages me to take ownership of my campaign and make it something special. The book really focuses fast and furiously on the dungeon environs itself and spends the vast majority of its time making a lively and dynamic dungeon ecology. As a classic dungeon crawl, this book has creativity in all the right places.
I absolutely LOVE the way that the Gazetteer for this book was handled and hope to see its form cary over into future APs as well. It really presents all the information I need to integrate the more fun subsystems from the GMG and I can't wait to see how the PCs run with it.
Overall, I just wanted to say that I was really surprised at how effectively this AP shows off why PF2 is designed the way it is, even for running an adventure that would seem to otherwise be so traditional that it might feel system agnostic otherwise.
Really incredible design here, and I can't wait to run it.

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Legends delivers!


This book is a must have for anyone homebrewing in the world of Golarion. The combination of lore elements and game mechanics to tie to them is wonderful and it is broad enough to give you some direction for all kinds of international world-sized events that make golarion such an interesting place to homebrew in.