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Aotrscommander wrote:

Boomer, Boomer, Boomer. Tch. You suprise me.

I'd really rather expect something far more devasting from you, like adding the Tarrasque Template to a 150HD Paragon Hecatoncheire quintuple-Gestalt Druid 20//Cleric 20//Wizard20//Warblade 20//Psychic Warrior 20.

On fire.

Now even Invisible Christopher Walken might (albeit very, very briefly) balk at that one.

Heck, Pun-Pun'd probably be going "um...okay...that ain't good..."

Or I am just going too much over the top again?

Reminds me of the old 1st Ed days where we joked about making a hybird creature that was half-roc, half-hydra (with the heads being chromatic dragon heads, roughly equivalent of Tiamat,) with beholders as heads, giving it mind-flayer (back then, no one called them ilithids) abilities, and then turning it into a lich. Oh, and it had displacer beast blinking.

Yes, we all marveled at the thought of having to encounter the chromatic rocdebehydralichflayer.

swirler wrote:

Boomer, you will still always be my favorite priest.

Best part about that was that he wasn't actually a priest -- just a pathological liar with megalomania, and when confronted with someone of authority, he immediately thought of the first thing that he could think of that would give him authority over that guy, so he introduced himself as "Father" Ashton... and then he had to keep up the lie.


Again, my point stands -- if you're considered an Elder Statesman of Gaming...

<grinnin' back atcha>

I still think you need a lot more Elminster.

thatboomerkid wrote:
My job then, as an Elder Statesman of Gaming (because I remember a time before the OGL) is to make them love MY obsessions.

If you're the Elder Statesman of Gaming at Journey, what does that make me? Or, for that matter, Sam Parker? ;)