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So through a googling rabbit hole I came across the Rum Punch Festival drinking game in the Plunder & Peril module and it got me thinking about little one off mini games with mechanics, I also know there's a few skills check style carnie games in Carnival of Tears as well. But I haven't read every Module, AP and Society scenario.

So I was thinking about compiling a list/resource in case you needed to spice up a homebrew or riff on some existing idea.

What's your favorite game or skill challenge from an a PF 1st Edition printing?

So the TL:DR

Online group is getting together an IRL session for a members birthday.

Adding the Birthday Boys buddy to the lvl 4 party as a one shot, he will not be staying with the party when we go back to online sessions.

Birthday Boys buddy is kinda dumb and doesn't have a lot of experience with dice games.

So, why I'm here.

The party is good balance wise

Me: mostly optimized Angel Blooded Aasimar Oradin
Dwarf Cleric
Min Maxed Monk
Halfing TWF Unchained Rogue

So we don't need the game to fill any specific slot

Whats like, the most fun/shenanigans you can have with a lvl 4 Bard, like spells/gimmicks without getting too game breaking?

I want the new guy to have fun/be useful without trying and not be a liability.

So another thread

The thread

Prompted a question/thought.

As its explained to me, the item in question is 3.5 not PF. So if I wanted to use it...do I just use those stats and beg the GM? or does that mean its not balanced for the Pathfinder d20 system and thus needs a tinker to work in PF?

I'm just curious and the answer will probably help me understand the game better.

Clarifying question.

Do you have to declare a feat when you gain the level (say 9th or 11th)? or can you wait until you qualify for a feat you want?

For example with my character: Aasimar paladin 9 I want to take the feat

d20pfsrd wrote:


Prerequisites: Angelic Blood, aasimar, character level 10th.

I already took Angelic Blood and an a Aasimar so I'm good there but I'm not 10th lvl. Can I wait?

The only text I can find on this is in the CRB section on feats

CRB wrote:
A character can gaina feat at the same time at which he gains the prerequisite

But that's not the resounding YES or NO that I'm looking for


I'm playing a homebrew campaign with some buddies. It's a six person party with good balance so I don't have to play super optimized. I was thinking of being silly and going like angel racial feats for full flavor like the post said I sweet talked the DM into letting me play angel-blooded aasimar.

So think, angel paladin flaming sword, Tyrael from Diablo vibe.

So i'm thinking, angel blood feat, angel wings, celestial armor and shield, angel skin.

Basically I'm looking for more things to add to the angel pally aasimar vibe, feats, equipment, silly things that would be fun to play.

So before its said, I know the rogue is weak and the arcane trickster is too, but we needed something arcane in our four man run through of RotRL Anni and I kinda feel into the roll. That being said I really love the idea of the class once I realized it was magical rogue instead of sneaky wizard.

So in that vein, that I should be buffing myself more than being party buffer, what are the essential self buffs that I should be applying to myself? Just so I have my bases covered.

Okay so as RotRL winds down and we transition to a new campaign my group is switching DMs. We are a tight group of friends and me all mess with each other. This is the new DMs first time DMing us so we are all messing with him.

Now I won't be a dick about any of this, just some good natured ribbing. But I want to know what are some wacky legal things I can do to mess with him. And what are some of the sillier RAW things the game can allow?

Simple thought experiment. What is the maximum amount of damage your character can deal in a round.


1. No Mythic tiers

2. Use whatever you can get your hands on.

3. Bonus points for plausible builds and damage done from character instead of summons or cohorts.


Spinning off from this thread we pit this classic, the Tarrasque versus the most over powered thing I can find (even though his stat block is unimaginative) Lucifer

The question is, can the Tarrasque win? (@DM_Blake) How easily does Lucifer dominate?

Word pictures GO!

Title says it all. How do you kill this guy

Simply, as a DM, what would be the DC increase to perception to locate a PC who is actively smoking.

One of my favorite Pathfinder moments (or any such gaming medium, whether playing or DMing) goes as follows from DMing Reign of Winter

AP Backstory:
After the portal in the first book Snows of Summer there's a town called Waldsby. Once visiting the inn the PCs meet the innkeeper and his wife who through aggressive hospitality try and get the PCs to drink tea. Unbeknownst to them the innkeeper and his wife work for the BBEG and one of the teas is a "tea of suggestion" when drunk imparts a suggestion as the spell to the PC of "leave town". The innkeeper gives it to whom he deems the party leader (most likely the fighter type)

The Fallout:
The fighter fails his save in private and receives the suggestion. He immediately states that his character walks out of the inn and out of town. The party is super confused and goes after him. They unsuccessfully try to convince him to return or stop. He continues to state his character is walking. The party eventually subdues him and ties him up. They have no idea what to do or what is going on. The fighter comes to and remembers nothing and is pissed. Eventually they go back to the inn to confront the innkeeper starting a fight.

But it always amused me that two lines of text, something so mundane and innocuous derailed the game for almost an hour and half.

My question to you is, what is the smallest or most mundane sounding thing that either derailed or caused chaos/hilarity in your game?

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Title says it all. Lets assume he is naked (or at less without his weapon in hand). What are some good strategies for the fighter.

See this thread for reference to the source of the question.

I was reading this thread about generating loot based on CR. The point was raised about if the PCs say jumped a 20th level fighter in the middle of a bath in the river they might find some extraordinary way of pulling off a win.

Regardless of that interesting image, his does raises a thought. Would a 20th level fighter with no gear still be a CR20 fight? I'm just wondering how much the gear contributes to the CR. Would the effective CR level be lower in the absence of gear? It would still be a powerful fighter because of abilities and such.

Now that I'm thinking about it might vary depending on what you are fighting, because a something like a Tarrasque doesn't benefit much from any gear it might have.


I recently made a thread asking advice about an appropriate AP for a group of newer players and myself.

As the title suggests I've settled on Carrion Crown. I don't have any solid reasons for doing such, I like the overall feel and undead are pretty classic.

I'm trying to think up my character. As a GMPC I want to not over shine the PCs, mostly provide healing support and the occasion combat buff if things go south.

I was think cleric of Pharasma but that might be over doing

Any ideas on a good character to fit the above criteria or just general advice for running the AP?

Okay so I have a two part question. (could be the same answer though)

I'm starting a new group with some guys from work. They are new in the ways of Pathfinder and d20 games in general. I'll be DMing and playing (healbot cleric most likely, not a GMPC superstar) and my question is this: what's the best AP for a group like this besides Rise of the Runelords? (I'm finishing that up with another group and don't want to go through it again)

And while we're on the subject what's your favorite AP out of all of them?

So I'm running Reign of Winter for a group new to Pathfinder (but they are use to D20 systems so I doubt they'll have much trouble picking it up) and I wanted some input.

Backstory, just finished ROTRL anni and I noticed for a good chunk of the book

enemy type:
are a big foe...so things like
weapon type:
is pretty powerful and you can get a lot of mileage out of it.

That seems mostly common in APs (I get it, theme a campaign because duh that's how stories work) like Carrion Crown where

enemy type spoiler:
undead....Jesus what did you think when you heard carrion
are prevalent so
weapon type:
could possibly be huge, among other things.

Okay enough with the clicking. The question is this, when your players stumble onto something that may unbalance the campaign just by noticing story patterns...how do you adjust? Ban the unbalancing thing? Up the CR? Just looking for ideas in case my guys figure out

Reign of Winter:
It's cold damnit.....Well also there's fey

So I was looking over some adventuring gear and noticed this

Price 1 gp; Weight —
The tiny compartment in the thick bottom of this cup is an excellent place to store a small item or substance. The most insidious are designed with a weighted catch that opens when the cup is tilted back, releasing the hidden substance into the contents of the cup. Spotting the secret compartment in an empty cup requires a DC 15 Perception check.

Emphasis, as always, mine.

Well that got me thinking, when do you get the opportunity to make this roll in a full cup? Now I know that if its a PC an it could possibly be detrimental to the PC then they get a roll to avoid it. (I doubt that's an actual rule just any non-dick GM would probably handle it that way)

But lets say that me, the handsome and dastardly assassin, try to poison Nelson NPC. I'll paint you a picture with words... He has no reason to suspect anyone, or I, would try/want to poison him. He picks up the cup where I've hidden the nefarious substance and goes to drink....PAUSE

As I twirl my mustache what are the next course of events? Does he receive a Perception check because there's an opportunity to make one? Or does he need to be actively looking for something to make the roll? Mind you he's completely oblivious to the fact that anything is out of the ordinary.

This is just a thought I had about skills and skill checks in general. The answer may in fact be as simple as "Yes he does" but I figured I'd ask.

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Certain spells have the tag "acid" (without quotes) right next to the school of magic.

Three examples are Acid Splash, Acid Arrow, and Acid Fog

We have it house ruled that the use of these spells slowly shift your characters biological makeup into that of a ooze.

But my question is, should it?

Happy Thanksgiving Guys