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Badgers, otherwise I'm not really interested in more "uplifted" anything.


Then he remembered Kitsune from pathfinder. Facepalm.

K, so kitsune and badgers, and THEN my interest wanes.

To quote some person or another:
You be you, boo.

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They cured Elvin Pattern Beardless centuries ago.

It's not a perfect analog of Starfinder, but I do have a soft spot for Galaxy Express 999 and Adieu Galaxy Express. Deals with galactic empires, robots, conflict. Make for some good inspiration if nothing else.

Treat it like 40k lore. One's rumor, one's myth/propaganda, both are lies, all of it's true.

I suspect they'll show up in a later archive. Possibly IV, but it may be too early a publication for a random species in Near Space to be given PC treatment.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Garretmander wrote:
If they kept shooting your ship after it was disabled and dead in space, why would they not also shoot the escape pods?
I don't know if they can? Its kind of like why don't people orbitally bombard a PC. There's no ship to chip AC to aim for

There's a part of me who wants to break down the pros/cons of escape pods and lifeboats in a game setting, but given that I'm still too green in the Starfinder system, I'll abstain.

However, to address this aspect:
Not all escape pods are created equal. It stands to reason that escape pods made specifically for combat craft (those expected to be in the proverbial fecal storm of confrontations) would have a flak system to launch detritus along with the emergency payload.

Disguise your escape pods like wreckage and flotsam, in the hopes that some of them survive. Probably have transmitters to call for recovery, or at least act as a tracking beacon thereby, when the coast was judged clear.

I'd like to see the Kitsune return. I played one in a tragically short-lived pathfinder campaign, and was looking forward to resurrecting the character concept in Starfinder.

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Doesn't anyone else just assume that if you're on Conqueror's Forge and you ask the DM "What kind of weapons can I buy" the answer would just be "Yes."
I think, given the heavily Lawful nature of the Veskarium, the answer would more likely be "Yes, just show me your licenses. All of your licenses. " :P

"Everything here seems to be in order... just one thing. You're under arrest."

"Arrest? Why?!"

"You don't have your license to carry licenses. It's criminal scum like you that threaten the care-free order of the Veskarium."

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thecursor wrote:
Aaron Shanks wrote:
I did a quick google of the habitable zone of a blue O-Type star and suffice it to say, we should keep the fantasy in science-fantasy. ;)
Yeaaaaah....most of the planetary systems described in Starfinder are cosmic slaughterhouses for carbon-based life.
Garretmander wrote:
I assume various deities found the idea of a goldilocks zone boring and started faffing about with physics.

I quietly chalk it up to what I call an "arcanosphere," a fantasy variant of atmospheric layers that mcguffins all the traditionally terminal aspects of planetary physics out of relevancy.

Why is this planet not a charcoal cinder? How would an otherwise frozen world have such greenery? Arcanospheric mitigation of harmful consequence.

I think a vehicles book would be a good addition. Personally, I'd be interested in seeing the likes of:

Few corporate manufacturers for flavor/inspiration.
Variations in technological / magical sophistication / social status.
Chassis & components for:

Domestic vehicles & militarized personnel carriers
Racing vehicles (wheeled, hovering, flying/zero-g, legged vehicles).
> few race courses as examples
Aircraft & airships
Mechs (tanks on legs)