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Where is the option to remove the grids on the battle maps, flip mats ect? I play on Fantasy Grounds and I know Pathfinder had some options to turn the grids on and off but the basic starfield and many others dont and it makes it impossible to align hex maps in the program and you end up with grids not overlaying properly. Starfinder needs this option in their map packs. I'm afraid to buy anymore without this option because I wont be able to use them. Please consider adding the gridless feature to turn them on and off.

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I am not trying to beat the horse to death but what made you take the surprise round out? Also, in the bestiary it would be nice if there was a trait that showed what Recall Knowledge skill you would use when identifying certain monsters or perhaps listed in the book similarly to the first edition core rule book.


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This exactly what has boggled my mind. Using the unseen tactics and the fact that if PCs are rolling initiative then they really already assume an encounter is imminent. I have been playing D&D for 23 years and Ive played Pathfinder 1sr edition since it has been out. What is going on with surprise rounds? Can I at the least get one action off? These rules are not very clear cut and I understand that it is a playtest but why is it that the only thing in the book in the index references the Rogues Surprise attack. I can understand if only players who are aware get one action but the fact that surprise rounds are based solely off of being seen, unseen, makes no sense.

For example you come around the corner with a torch where several goblins are mining and two are on watch. Seeing the light shining from a nearby corridor the goblins; use their action to alert the other goblins who are working, prepare to use their action to shoot arrows once the PCs round the corner, or some other action. The PCs would have a chance to hear the nearby noise of clanging pickaxes.

Now some might add well you could always allow them to ready an action. But it would be nice for some clear cut rules. I apologize for the rant but it just upsets me that there isnt a clear cut way or an example in the playtest rules. If I have overlooked something please point me in the right direction.

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I like the three action system honestly for a few reasons but I'm going to list one that makes me happy. I can now run out of cover shot my ranger weapon and take cover behind a nearby wall. Gone are the days of needing a feat. Tactics in the game has just improved.

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It gets me how some people in this forum are just pure ignorant towards the developers. I have been a Pathfinder GM since it came out and I have been a Paizo customer for sometime. So trust me when I say I can not wait to get my hands on the books that I purchased. A wait is a wait stop being impatient we are in the final stretch!