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Uldar Unstown




Arrowsong Minstrel(Bard)-4 | HP 30/30 | AC18 F15 T14 | F+3 R+8 W+6(+2 vs fear, +2 vs charm/compul) | CMD15 Spd 20' | Init+3 Percep+10 | Performances 13/14









Strength 12
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 18

About Uldar Unstown

Uldar Unstown
Male Halfling Arrowsong Minstrel (Bard) 4
NG Sm Humanoid (Halfling)
Init+3; Senses- Perception+10
AC 18, touch 14, flat 15; (+4armor, +3dex, +1size)
HP 30 (1d8+1)x4
Fort+3, Ref+8, Will+6(+2v.fear, +2v.charm/compulsion)
Speed 20'
---Melee: +5 (+3BAB, +1Str, +1Size)
-Shortsword +5 (1d4+1), 19-20/x2
-Dagger +5 (1d3+1), 19-20/x2
---Ranged: +7 (+3BAB, +3Dex, +1Size) +1/+1 w/in 30'
-MW Composite (12) Longbow +8/+9 (1d6+1/1d6+2), x3, 100' (w/in 30')
-Dagger +7/+8 (1d3+1/1d3+2), 19-20/x2, 10'

Str 12, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 18
BAB+3; CMB+3; CMD 16
Feats: 1)Lingering performance, 2)Precise Shot, 3)Point blank shot
Traits: Birthmark(campaign)[+2 vs. charm/compulsion], Savant(Social)[+2 Perform:Sing], Magical knack(magic)[+2CL Bard, max=lvl]
Languages: Common, Halfling
Skills: *AcrobaticsX2+10, *BluffX2+9, *Climbx1+7, *DiplomacyX4+11, *EscapeArtistX2+8, *Kn:ArcanaX1+4, *Kn:Dungeonx1+4, *Kn:Localx1+4, *Kn:PlanesX1+4, *PerceptionX4+10, *Sense MotiveX1+5, *SpellcraftX3+6, *StealthX3+13, *Use Magic DeviceX2+9
Background Skills:*KN:Geogx1+4, *Perform:SingX3+12, Perform:DanceX1+8, Perform:PercussionX1+8, *Sleight of HandX2+8
Favored Class: Bard FCB:1)+1skill 2)+1skill 3)+1skill 4)+1skill

Slow 20'
Small-+1AC, +1attack, -1CMB/CMD, +4stealth
Lucky-+1 F/R/W
Keen senses-+2Perception
Shadowplay-+1CL for any spell with light, dark, or shadow descriptor

Profs: Lt Armor, Shields, Simple Wps, +sap, shortsword, bows
Arcane Archery-add Cha(4)+1 spells to spell list, bard level counts as BAB for feats & prestige, can cast spells while wielding bows
-1)Gravity Bow, 1)Magic Missile, 2)Acid Arrow, 2)Scorching Ray, 3)Lightning Bolt (must still choose them)
Cantrips/Spells -Diminished: 1 less/level
Precise Minstrel-precise shot, allies do not provide soft cover if affected by bardic performance
Bardic Performance-14 rounds/day
-Inspire Courage+1-morale bonus vs. charm&fear, competence bonus to attack&damage, 30' radius
-Countersong-perform(sing) vs. sonic or language dependent attacks, 30' radius

Domain:Luck-CL=HD, Powers:DC(WIS); SLAs:DC(CHA)
-Powers-Bit of Luck-standard action touch, choose best d20 rolls for 1 round, 3+Wis(1)=4/4/day
-SLAs: True Strike-1/1/day; Aid-1/1/day

Spells Known: 0)6 1)4+
6 at will (0): Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
4 3/day (1): Charm Person, CLW, Magic Missile, Vanish [x][][]
2 1/day (2): Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray []

Combat Gear: mithral shirt, mw composite (12) longbow, shortsword, dagger, quiver-{16 normal arrows, 4 +1 elf-bane arrows}
Other Gear: explorer's outfit-0/4, pocketed scarf-8/.25, backpack-2/1 (winter blanket-.5/1.5, bedroll-.1/2.5, halfling trail rations (5)-.5/2.5, 50' silk rope-10/2.5, grappling hook-1/2, candle(10)-.1/-, candle lamp-5/.5, chalk (10)-.1/-, waterproof bag-.5/.25, shaving kit-1.5/.25, survival kit-5/2, gear maintenance kit-5/1, tambourine-5/1.5, wandermeal(10)-.1/5, extra quiver-1/1.5), bandolier-.5/-, spell component pouch-5/1, belt pouch-1/.25,
GP: 602.1
Carrying Capacity: lt 0-32.25# med 32.25-64.5# hvy 64.5-97.5#
Current load: 39# w/pack (17# w/out)


Uldar was born in the shadow-haunted land of Nidal, to a slave, living in the outskirts of the port city Nisroch. Meri, his mother, labored under a cruel man who made his living in the slave trade. When she discovered she was pregnant, Meri vowed that she would be damned before any child of hers was raised in Nidal.

Hiding her pregnancy as best she could, she set about a plan to smuggle her child out. Luck was with her in that she happened upon another halfling slave who had been in contact with agents of the Bellflower Network who had arranged him an escape. Shortly after Uldar's birth, Meri made a deal with this fellow slave: he would take her child with him (hidden aboard a ship destined for Korvosa), and she would cover his escape. By drugging the newborn to keep him from crying, Symon, the slave, was able to stow-away on the ship, undetected by the Nisrochi authorities. When they reached Magnimar, Symon placed Uldar with a family of halfling craftspeople.

It was this family, the Unstowns, who raised Uldar as their own. They were the first to really take notice of the strange birthmark on Uldar's chest. As he grew, it became more and more defined. By the time he was 10, it was clearly in the shape of a flower, a rose. Curious about it, the Unstowns asked a local healer, who told them that the child had been blessed by Shelyn, goddess of art, beauty, and love. Delighted, they thought Uldar could become a truly skilled artisan, like a goldsmith or something, but it seemed that his talents ran more toward music.

Thus they weren't too surprised when he announced a decade later that he would be leaving for Absalom to study music at the White Grotto college. He had very little money and no idea how to pay for his attendance, but those didn't seem to be concerns to him. He boarded a ship bound for the island, and off he went. As it happened, on the day he landed, they were offering scholarships that day for people who won a music competition. Lucky for him, he won.

For five years, he had the time of his life at school. During a particular performance, on a particularly warm day, the light shirt he was wearing fell partially away, exposing his birthmark. An old woman in the audience seemed to notice the mark and approached him. "What are you doing here?" He wasn't sure how to answer. "Umm, I'm singing. I don't understand the question perhaps." The old woman remained adamant. "YOU were supposed to be in Sandpoint last week. You've missed the Festival."

Uldar had heard of Sandpoint before, but never been there. "Sandpoint? In Varisia? What the hell for?" She handed him a beautiful rose. "For your destiny, boy. Now git! You're already late," she said pointing toward the docks. He turned his head to see what she was pointing at. When he turned back she was gone. He hopped up on the stage to look over the crowd to see where she had gone. He didn't see her, but he did see the most gorgeous woman he could even imagine catch his eye. She winked at him and disappeared behind a group of moving people.

"Okay then," he said out loud. "Sandpoint it is." He went to his room to pack some gear. When he opened the door, he noticed a ticket on the night stand. One-way, by boat, to Sandpoint, leaving in 2 hours. On the back was written, "Don't forget your bow." Shaking his head in disbelief, he pulled together his gear, bid farewell to a few friends and headed to the dock.


The arrowsong is an interesting bard twist. They give up some spells per day for increased versatility (they have access to all wizard evocation spells), they lose most of the performances, but hang on to inspire courage (which is the best one anyway). They also qualify for arcane archer after lvl 6 which is where I'd like to take him (potentially). They're actually kind of an arcane archer light anyway. He'll still have buffing ability, some healing, but ranged combat is of course the specialty.