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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Kurtulmak's curses! Where'd the money go? Crap, crap...gotta think of something...

Uh, gee! Hey, man, sorry about...here! Have this delicious shot of brandy! While I get your moneys!
Don't mind the skull-and-crossbones motif. That's just to show how venomously delicious it is.

<Ugh looks at the diminute glass between his fat fingers with suspicion>

Yous tryin' to play dumb with Ugh again, aren't yous tiny lizard?

<Taps his forehead>

But Ugh's more cleverer than yous. Give it 'ere!

<Grabs the whole bottle and chugs it down>

Who's the smarty one now, eh...?

<Collapses on top of the donut table>

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Hey, gricks and rust monsters. Those would be great to stick in a pit trap. Let's see those pesky mammals laugh at us when they're stuck with these freaks...


Yous the tiny lizard that got Ugh in room with pointy sticks shootin' from walls! Yous promised Ugh'd get paid and eat mushy hummies!

Ugh didn't could get out with tiny door and spikes after that! And hummies steal Ugh's toenails, too. For potion, they say!

Where's Ugh's moneys, tiny lizard?