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While product is what it says it is in terms of the material, Pathfinder 2E "Advance GM Screen" is ***not*** in fact a portrait version in the same sense as the original Pathfinder 2E "GM Screen" (portrait). In brief, the text is a small section that is vertically centered though off-center on horizontal. It is, in fact, so poorly spaced that you cannot even hope to print it on a standard sized printer paper (8.5 x 11) even with 0.25 margins and that assumes you have Acrobat Full Version (not just Acrobat Reader) that allows you to modify cut out a vast portion of the top and bottom white space. If you print out as is... it is simply too tiny.

WARNING: Unlike PF-2E Standard GM Screen (Portrait), which does print into the space of portrait sized paper (printable), this product WILL NOT print out effectively on a standard printer sheet and is NOT IN FACT PORTRAIT SIZED.

NOTE: If the product had been printable through a standard printer on a standard 8.5 x 11 or legal sized paper I would have easily given the product a 4-5 Star Rating. Whether intentional or not, I find this deceptive unless it was an error in which case I would ask Paizo to update the product with appropriate portrait sized variation that does in fact print in portrait (standard size as legal will not fit into old GM Screen Physical Product). If it was not a PDF Product, I would want my money back.