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"Not so much as her bloomers I think your Royal-Honey Majesty." The grig says staring straight ahead at the next county.

Bee-King reflexively looks up at the highest tree branches and their billowing makeshift flags. The fairie dragon takes another bite of soap and shifts about uncomfortably.

"His Royal-Honey Majesty Bee-King Bumtumbler. He never arrives without his theme music."

Tyg makes overly-dramatic entrance music with her hind-most set of legs while Perlivash accompanies her with ghost sound announcing the arrival of....

"His Royal-Honey Majesty Bee-King Bumtumbler the First!"

Celyne wrote:
** Sylvan **

"What-oh! The king!"

Both creatures suddenly look concerned.

"Well obviously." She says severely but quickly softens at the non-ranger's bow. She rubs her hindmost legs together yielding an opening note like a violin. "I am Tyg-Titter-Tut and this is Perlivash."

While Tyg has a messageboard icon (and there's this one for scale), Perlivash does not. In the books he looks like this.

Celyne wrote:
She fumbles in her pack for a moment, and pulls out a bar of soap. "I have this lovely smelling soap to trade for his paper." She sniffs it and smiles at the pretty scent.

More discussion. Then a pause.

"Oh and what does it taste like then? Do you have enough to share?"

Zokon Santyev wrote:

On an Impulse Zokon loudly exclaims while looking up into the trees to the north

"Eastern or Southern Sky herring!"

And actually Sniffs the tiny cricket lady haughtily. "I believe there is no 'Eastern' sky-herring it being too dry in Casmaron for them. The question should be phrased: Avistani or Garundi. Really, what sort of ranger are you?"