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Yeah, tell us another one. We've all heard that before, Shaggy.

Why would anyone want to dip newt eyes in anything? That would just spoil the flavor.

Tulo landed on the ground and hopped after the severed head.

Oh goody! I'm just going to help myself here...

Then he plucked out and ate the corpse's eyes.

Preach, Brotha!

"Yer makin' the big guy cranky, fellas." Tulo said as he landed next to the bodies of the smashed Atomies to pick out the choice bits like eyes and livers.

Tulo flapped into the air with a faint squawk, trailing after Ragnar.

"How about a little warning next time?"

The raven flapped into the air toward the guards, attempting to get their attention turned away from the group.

Fly past the tower and then up on the other side, making noise, trying to get them to look away from the group's approach.

"Too late! You want it back now you're going to have to wait a while, and you ain't gonna like it when you get it." the bird said with a raucous noise that sounded a little too awful to be called a laugh.

With a snap of the bird's beak the eye was gone.

"Oh yeah, that's the stuff right there."

"So... can I have it then? You have no idea how hard it was not to eat this on the way back down here."

From the grey sky a black shape returned, another dark bird.

It was Tulo, the former familiar of Khor Norland, who's spirit had joined Ragnar's entourage. The bird had become lost in the flock, but returned now to land on Ragnar's broad shoulder. It had an in it's beak. It laid the gruesome trophy down in the yeti pelt.

"I got it back." the bird squawked.