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When you go into the final scenario, Justifiable Deicide, does the reward for City of Locusts mean that everyone can build their decks out of any cards in the game? Or does it just mean you don't have the restriction on which card to add IF you need to get a card from the box ?

"When you close a location, summon and encounter the henchman Harvester."

Can someone spell out how this works exactly? We closed locations with their normal rules, if successful we considered them closed, and then we had the Harvester show up. Is that the right chain of events?

When more than one thing happens at the end of a turn, do you get to choose the order in which they resolve? Angel in the Tower has an effect that happens at the end of the turn. Amiri wants to use her power at the end of her turn to move OUT of the Shadow Clock location. That would leave the Shadow Clock empty, but does it matter?

Maybe one of the future adventures will have an item that's a special case for holding potions and then you can just keep all of the potions as a sideboard. :)

Potions are extremely situational but when they match up with what you need, they're awesome. In my last game I had to plunge into the Woods to thin out the monsters even though I knew I'd never be able to make the roll to close the location. What did I find in there? A Potion of Ruggedness! Instant success when I got the chance to close. I'll grant you, such situations aren't going to happen a lot, but when they do it makes for a really great moment in the game.

I think it was just a poor word choice on the Sanctuary card. They wanted to distinguish it from other evades by telling you to place the encounter back on top of the location deck, but they didn't consider how the wording would interact with that barrier. If I evade a summoned creature using Sanctuary, it's still going back in the box.

Yes, he is a monster. Look right above his combat check and you'll see that he's coded as Type=Monster.

You are correct