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I've always wanted to try the idea behind Nightbane or Cthulhutech's Tagers in a better system

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Sure, I've been working on that and hope to wrap up chargen this weekend. It's a tough decision, since some of the races that most appeal to me take a charisma penalty - even the mer/naga crossbreed Lamian that's fluffed as beautiful, valued for their ability to socialize, and "delightful and entertaining company".

If recruitment is still open, and you're open to 3pp classes, I have a concept I've been kicking around that would be fun in a Cerulean Seas-styled campaign. I would like to use these two to represent a character having made a pact with an eldritch entity that manifests their fear in the real world. In times of stress they go into a quasi-catatonic trance that releases a spectral shark and a school of translucent piranha from their psyche to force others to relive the terrifying attack that left the character desperate enough to bargain with an Old One.

DSP's Lords of the Wild ( announced here and hosted here) has the Wild Huntmaster, a dread archetype that summons a spectral beast to embody its concept of fear and combines allies into a psychic collective. The Wild Huntmaster section of LotW is pretty self-contained, pp. 11-15, and can be found at the link on the left of the document page.

Forrestfire Studio's Avowed class] (introduced here and hosted here) is a take on the warlock whose signature 'aether pulse' attack can take different shapes depending on the choices made during character creation. The relevant bits of Avowed are the class overview from pp.4-7, the Old One pact description on p.21, the aether swarm shape on p. 40, and finally I would request the two Least clauses Silver Tongue and Who Help Themselves on p.44.

Together this would make for a capable face that, though they freeze up in combat, adds some battlefield control and a funky image

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