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Whelp, time to switch aliases for awhile.

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Cap'n Yesterday Divided by Zero wrote:
Oh! Now shift between aliases when you do it.

Yes, begin the everlasting chaos!

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Xov wrote:
Hey! I have a monopoly on dark-skinned elf aliases!


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Oh my do we ever.


I never get to say anything anymore.

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We are legion.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Haha, mythic toz attains the ability to split into FOUR different accounts, further confusing his enemies.

Oh, the FUN to be had!

Hey, I enjoyed it.

There are no wrong aliases. Only wrong posters.

Ia! Ia!

We're all just a%*@*+$s.



That's hardly limited to bigots.

Ensirio the Longstrider wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Yeah it helps if you know him from around the boards a bit more. This kind of dichotomy shift is normal for him.
I don't think you're legally allowed to use that word in reference to me.
I do what I want! You have problem?

Yeah, with your FACE!

We try not to mind anyone, as long as they don't mind us.

It's when they DO mind is the knives come out.

Or you mis-select it.

I'm so confused. Who are these people?

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Urizen, you're my hero in that other thread. Just saying.

Tri-Ω-ZERO wrote:
Listen to me, for I speak truth.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

ABAS is banned for knockin' me off.

Urizen wrote:

On second thought, please gouge my eyes out.


wat do

Demolition Jack wrote:

Pulls out rocket launcher, aims at Jesszilla and fires.

*eats the rocket*

Grizzle the dizzle an' lizzle the sizzle!

I am everywhere, and nowhere.

Works for me.

Flawless victory.

Getting close to quadruple digits...

Gruumash . wrote:

And the last shall be first.

I am the first...

Urizen wrote:

I am Urizen, who is not TriOmegaZero, and I approve of this thread.

Thanks for volunteering, I needed an avatar for this one!