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4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Akron

Prepping to run this event and 3 questions about Sparklemane present themselves to me.
1) She's listed as having a freighting Presence (Aura) but no affect is listed for it. Just the range and DC. ok, universal monster ability. not a problem
2) Her actions during combat suggest that at a certain damage level she casts her 2nd level healing spell and later will cast her teleport but both tiers have her with only 1 2nd level spell per day.
3) the DC's of her grenades seem low. As listed they are 13 in low, 14 in high.
DC of a grenade is 10 + 1/2 level of grenade (both grenades in both tiers are level 4 - so 2) + dex mod (3 in both tiers) = 15. Does using the grenade launcher change the DC somehow?


As a person who hates drawing maps, are these actually reasonable to print out and use and be effective?

4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Akron

I have a question. A player in my group has a aasimar sorcerer with a angel bloodline. This gives them and those 20' from the character a +4 to armor class and saves when dealing with evil. Does anyone know where this comes from and if it is legal to play in society?

4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Akron

Just saw a lot of questions about this but mine is if a retired session is legal to play in society. My venture captains are not available right now and someone wants to run one.