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These are awesome. I was also sort of confused by the description before ordering but am so happy I pulled the trigger. I don't think I will use these much during live play but they are a fun tool for generating Golarion friendly (but not required) NPCs with some depth. There are certainly spreadsheet and similar options I could work with instead but the art on these is great and each NPC comes alive through the dynamic traits. These are a homerun product from Paizo, in my opinion.

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Great Writing and Great Otari Supplement


I don't normally read fiction, especially fantasy fiction, but I did pick this up as I was trying to round out setting prep for Otari - as I was running Abomination Vaults.

I greatly appreciate this for what it does to round out Otari but I, surprisingly, really loved it for the writing and the story. The presentation of the main characters and their strengths, weaknesses and personal obstacles is really well done. I was so attached to these characters so quickly that I immediately made tokens for them (using their beautiful artwork on the Paizo blog) and added them to Foundry for use in Abomination Vaults/Troubles. Far from a set of iconic adventurers this young group has to learn as they go and they find their way. I would be excited to read further exploits and watch more of their character growth.

I am very excited to hear more of these are being worked on and I'll likely subscribe to them early on rather than missing the boat and buying on my Kindle.