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Rysky wrote:
Again, I direct you the wealth of 3pp products that have existed for all of 1e's run, that Paizo staff themselves have directed people to (such as Psionics).

And the 2nd edition compatibility license is already available. I would, however, suggest you look at how well Dreamscarred Press has been supporting Starfinder before pointing to Psionics as a model to follow :)

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Rysky wrote:
Just gonna completely ignore the rapport Paizo has had with 3pp since forever?

Only if it means more income?

I hope that we continue to see additional quality 3rd party content. But, really, when was the last time you saw any new 3rd party content for DnD 3.5? Mongoose Publishing... I weep for the loss of your wise words, in these dark times.

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Xenocrat wrote:
Translucent Wolf wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Nox Aeterna wrote:

Well, guess that is that for 2E and now PF1 wont get new books either...

Oh well.

Don't panic yet. A lot of 3rd Party publishers are likely to continue supporting PF1 for a bit.

That is unlikely to last long. If sales of 3rd party PF1 books even *look* to be cutting into the PF2 market, those licenses will get pulled.

Paizo: Nothing personal, it's just business.

OGL, how does it work

And it goes a little something like this:


9. Updates
Paizo may update this License at any time. The latest version is available at If you published anything under a previous version of this License, you can choose to use either the version in place at the time you originally published the work or the updated version. For new products, you may only use the current version of the License.

We may update the Exhibits at any time; if we do, we will send notice to the contact information you supplied in your registration. You must always use the most recent version of each Exhibit. The Exhibits are incorporated within the terms of this License by this reference.

We may update the Compatibility Logo and the text required by Exhibit A ("Compatibility Text") at any time; if we do, we will send notice to the contact information you supplied in your registration. You agree to use good faith efforts to stop using old Compatibility Logos and Text and start using the updated Compatibility Logo and Text for new products. You may continue to sell items made with the old Compatibility Logos or Text as long as you continue to comply with the terms of this License. If you reprint any products that were originally published using old Compatibility Logos or Text, we request, but do not require, that you use the new Compatibility Logo and Text.


What Paizo Giveth, Paizo may Taketh Away.

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PF2 was never about being 'better' than PF1.

Sales numbers have been declining steadily for PF since 5e was introduced. To the point that the numbers from last year had Pathfinder dropping out of the top 5 on the ICv2 sales charts.

Paizo saw this coming a while back, and determined to cater to a customer who was interested in a simpler experience in chargen and play. A customer who needed to be guided through the experience and then have assistance with 'well, what should my character do now' from 1 to 20.

And so, we now have PF2, which caters to a customer who enjoys having many of their decisions made for them. Pick a given path in a class, and then at each level, there's only a couple of things to choose from, rather than the massive number of options available in PF1.

This probably makes characters easier to run though 1-20, from a 'how it's built' standpoint. I personally feel that it limits players from many classic combinations that have been built and played over the past couple of editions.

PF sales number did come up in Spring. It seems that they've been doing a good bit of pre-sales for PF2, while also selling off all the old PF1 hardcopy stock they have in the warehouse. Good for them, for the quarter.

If they can manage to pull in more new players than they loose from the PF1 base, then they'll have succeeded. I personally see PF2 as Paizo's 4e, but time will tell.

I will probably continue to pick up Adventure Path material, and just mod it to work with PF1. I wish them luck, as I like the writing, which I find to be superior to WotC.

As things stand today, however, I will not be transitioning the players at my table over to 2e.

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DnD got some media exposure via tvs / movies / etc.

WotC sales of DnD improved considerably.

Paizo sales declined. Just about everyone that will buy the Core book *have* bought the Core book.

Solution: Paizo creates PF2.

A simple update would not cause re-purchase of Core, Bestiaries, etc.

If the rules are made completely different however, so that the two systems are entirely incompatible?

New sales are guaranteed.

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Looks like, basically, a 'feat' every level. But you don't actually have an entire character till several levels in.


If that's what the kids want, and they'll pay for it, let 'em have it.

I think Shadowrun and Cyberpunk in general are going to be the next big thing in 2019. See you guys for PF3.

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Dracovar wrote:


A system that retained enough elements so that 10 years of previously purchased products would still be easily usable. But with enough crunch to clean up problem points from PF1. That’s not the case here, I’m afraid. ...

That's the issue. I suspect that re-releasing maps as "bigger x" versions, and a couple of new classes every 6 months isn't giving them enough income anymore. They need to re-release the entire system, and force players to re-purchase all the books again.


This will continue to happen, every x years, for the rest of time. At some point, you just have to step back, say "I'm happy with system X" and keep playing that.

I stuck with 3.5 for a while, before PF1. I now own a lot of PF1, and I can play that for a few years, till something worth learning / buying comes out again.

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Data sets cost xx to purchase, and to use them in the future, there will be an yy / month fee.

Note, there is *nothing* to prevent the yy / month fee from being raised in the future. I expect this will, in the fullness of time, get bumped up to the usual MMO level charge of ~15/month.

Do yourself a favor. Use PCGen, and learn to code your own datasets. You'll save hundreds of dollars, and learning to code is useful on it's own.