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Are you talking about this Savage Tide Preview?

Fake Healer wrote:

No one? I know it's an old path but I thought someone would be active still....

Well, I'm not really doing anything with the campaign, but here's a link to where I have all my "stuff" from when I was running the campaign. Not sure if you'll find it useful or not, but let no man say I didn't try to help. :)


Thanks for all the great ideas! I still have a lot of work to do (including pretty much the entire first encounter). I thought I'd share a link to my dropbox folder where I'm putting a lot of the information. I think you'll have an idea of where I'm going with this if you look at the pictures. I'll be adding to this over the next few weeks, but if you want to take a look, feel free.


(I think you'll see why I went with goblins when you see all of the great pictures!)

So, here’s the short version of what I am thinking of doing.

After a successful night out hunting whatever is currently plaguing the local village, (I haven’t decided on this encounter yet, and it is largely just a “get to know what your character can do” type of encounter), the group returns back to the village to rest/recover from their wounds at the local inn.

In the morning, most of the group (everyone except for the birthday boy), will head down into the inn’s common area ahead of time to get ready for the “surprise party.” The group will have commissioned a clockwork servant as a gift for the birthday boy, and it will be in the middle of the room under a sheet. When the birthday boy comes down the stairs, all will be dark (darkness spell) and they’ll burst out with a “SURPRISE!” (We’ll see how well this goes…)

When the birthday boy pulls the sheet off of his gift, he will discover that the clockwork servant has been stolen and replaced with a goblin sculpture thumbing its nose at him. There will be a note on the statue. When removed, it will set off a Summon Monster spell that will summon Dire Bats.

After dispatching the dire bats, they will (presumably) investigate to retrieve the clockwork servant. This will lead to a combat with LOTS of goblins in the swamps. I have chosen to go with goblins because searching google images for goblins turns up LOTS of great pictures. (I am going to be running this on a virtual tabletop, so google images is my friend.  )

The goblins will be working on behalf of a nasty little tinker gnome, who is gathering up a clockwork army to do…whatever he wants. (Doesn’t really matter) After defeating the goblins, they will find his lair/laboratory where they will fight the gnome and a bunch of his machinations. (Including the re-programmed servant)

Dispatch the gnome, stop the machines…have some cake.

So…that’s kind of the short version. I’m imagining it will take somewhere between 4-5 hours, and that’s the goal.

Now, oh great Paizo community…how do I make this cooler?

Guardianlord wrote:

...I present a new..." pulls the cloth to reveal... a block of wood with a tiny note attached.

"Ha ha, we took your clockwork horse (mustang type?)/servant (a unique blending of 2 different styles, a Fusion as it were)... but we left you a present".,
Boom! Goes the stink bomb, triggered by the note removal. A quick skill check reveals the author to be the local Gremlin tribe (notorious haters of all things mechanical)...

I like this idea very much. I will probably work with this idea a bit, combined with some other ideas.

Any other thoughts out there?

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In a little less than a month, I'm going to be running a game at a birthday party for a group of young teens. The birthday boy is turning 16 and requested a game be run at his birthday party. (Cool, right?)

Anyway, I'm trying to decide what I want to run, and I thought I'd turn to the community for a little help.

I've run games for some of this group before, and they want to use the same characters, so here's what I've got so far:
-6th level Evoker (the birthday boy)
-6th level Druid (the birthday boy's sister)
-4th level Psuedodragon Rogue (birthday boy's brother...acting as his familiar: I know it's not totally within the rules, but we don't care.)
-6th level Paladin (birthday boy's father)

There will be two other players, characters to be made later.

So, looks like it will be a party of 6 PCs, all CR 5. I think we'll stick with that.

So, now for the adventure/plot:
I am thinking that it would be fun to have it be the Evoker's 16th birthday within the game, and perhaps he's just received an inheritance that he must claim...and adventure ensues.

Beyond that, I'm not sure.

If you were in my shoes, what might you do? I'm looking to keep this a light-hearted, fun/silly game. Any thoughts/tips?

Greetings! I'm going to be running a one-shot this weekend and have a fun idea (in my opinion) for an adventure, but I could use a little help bolstering it.

Here's the basic premise: A "find familiar" ritual has gone horribly awry, and the familar has taken the wizard on as its familiar instead of the other way around. (Think "Little Shop of Horrors," where Audrey the plant bosses Seymour around).

Now, because I am strange, I was thinking about how goats eat just about anything...and so I want to use a goat as the familiar who takes over in this scenario. I may even go ahead and call the goat Audrey, because...why not? Anyway, following in the vein of "Little Shop of Horrors," I think Audrey will feed on spellbooks and scrolls, much like the plant in the famous story fed on blood. So there will be this poor wizard (probably named Seymour) who is now enslaved to Audrey, and he's running around stealing spellbooks and scrolls for Audrey's consumption. I'm imagining a final showdown in a barn, where the goat sits on an throne of straw. :)

Here's where you guys come do I build to that conclusion? What sort of encounters might make sense in such a scenario?

I'm planning on running this as for 5 sixth level PCs. (A druid, a paladin, a rogue, a wizard, and a barbarian)

Thoughts? How can I fill out this scenario?

TBA wrote:
No worries, have added you :)

It is I...the original poster! My campaign fizzled out ages ago, but I'd like to see your conversions. Can you add me to your document?

Kain Darkwind wrote:
DR is one of the least concerns in PF, if you go by the official rules. A +3 weapon overcomes silver and cold iron DR, a +4 weapon overcomes adamantine and a +5 weapon overcomes alignment.

You know...I never noticed that rule. <SHAME>

Pikewolfgard wrote:
You guys have been a great help for me as well, i am starting Savage Tide the Middle of May. I am using Hero Lab as well, Tracer, you have made my job much easier. I try to keep my campaigns very role playing since i seem to have trouble with game mechanics.Keep up the good work :)

Glad to be of help! If you'd like, I could send you the Hero Lab portfolio files and you could just load them right in.

My group only plays once per month, but we're starting Sea Wyvern's Wake next month, so I'll get things statted up relatively soon. I'm making a fair amount of changes in that module, though, so not all of it will match up.

If you want me to email you the Hero Lab files, send me a message at

I did statblocks for The Bullywug Gambit, too.
Perhaps useful to you?.

Charlie Bell wrote:
...Theme music for stuff prior to these will be appreciated by the many STAP GMs who visit these forums.

I created a Pandora radio station and set it up like this:

Artist Seeds
Braveheart (Film Score) 01-20-2011
Gladiator (Film Score) 01-20-2011
Midnight Syndicate 01-20-2011
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Film Score) 01-20-2011
Sleepy Hollow (Film Score) 01-20-2011
The Dark Knight (Film Score) 01-20-2011
The Lord Of The Rings (Film Score) 01-20-2011

It seems to work pretty well for us.

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TracerBullet42 wrote:
...I'm in the process of converting all of the Savage Tide bad guys in Hero Lab and putting together some new statblocks. I think that they are quite lovely....

If you would like to check out my work, clickety clickety.

I've recently discovered the digital joy that is known as Hero Lab. I'm in the process of converting all of the Savage Tide bad guys in Hero Lab and putting together some new statblocks. I think that they are quite lovely. If you get a chance you should go check out Hero Lab.

Check it out!

Kicked things off this past saturday and it seemed to go well! Thanks for the posts! Your conversions will, no doubt, be very handy!

Troy Pacelli wrote:
Dude, if I didn't already give it to you, then I'll just e-mail the bugger to you. All you had to do was ask, ya goof. :p

Turns out that I had it all along and just didn't notice it...

Not that it had a ton of info that I need, anyway.

Still, thanks, everyone!

Perhaps I'm off my rocker...but wasn't there a DM's guide that gave a brief overview of all of the adventures at one point? I can't seem to find it.

Bellona wrote:
I'm pretty sure that I've seen a thread or two suggesting various deity conversions between the Greyhawk pantheon and Golarion's. If they're not in this particular sub-forum, then try the Conversions section or possibly Advice.

Thanks for the tip! I hadn't browsed outside of this forum before! Lots of great stuff out there!

Charlie Bell wrote:

I've converted a substantial amount of stat blocks from STAP to PFRPG. Can I legally post those converted stat blocks here without violating Paizo's messageboard policies?

I've searched the forum archives, but I wasn't able to find any thread that answers this question directly.

I, too, would love a copy of these! If you're sharing, please email them to me at

I'm getting ready to start running a new Savage Tide campaign and have been gobbling up all sorts of wonderful information from the boards.

My question now, however, is about the Pathfinder deities. In running a "Pathfinder Savage Tide," is there some sort of deity conversion I should be attempting? Or should I just take it case by case as it comes up...I didn't know if someone else had already attempted to do such a thing, so I figured I'd pose the question here. Thanks!

Seems that it's not calculating the Bardic Performance rounds/day correctly. It's calculating the "+2 rounds/level beyond 1st" at "+2 rounds/level"

Just started tinkering around with the sheet. It's great! One problem that I discovered, however, is that it seems to give PCs the Improved Unarmed Strike feat for free.

Well, I'm not sure if this blog/wiki will be updated anymore, but there's probably some stuff you can use from the first half of the path on it.
Savage Tide (with Fire Trolls!)

What a difference a few hours can make...uncanny timing.

After a few emails exchanged this morning...looks like we'll try to pick the campaign up again in September. I'm going to do my best to get it caught up by then and then we'll try to maintain it.

Cesare wrote:
PS: Troy, I'm really enjoying your blog. When will you put up updates?

As the original DM from that game and somewhat current player, I have sad news for you regarding the blog. We've fallen so far behind in the writing that it has become a chore to update it. As a result, I think that we're probably not going to get it caught up.

Also, scheduling has been crazy this summer (I got married AND caught mono. And yes...the very same day) so we haven't really been playing regularly.

We'll see what the future holds, maybe we'll try to get it caught up again, but I kinda doubt it.

Too bad, I had just jumped back in as a player (as Malfus the bartender) and had some big plans for him!

Just thought I'd bump this old thread because we've started writing in the blog again. I'm trying to get it caught up for Troy after there were some interesting out-of-game issues...

Hope you enjoy it!

Troy Pacelli wrote:
I thought about Martha when I was putting the "You can't save both of them" scenario. I was considering having the key INSIDE the bird.


Troy Pacelli wrote:
Sure, you could play Miranda. You'd have to sing, though. I would insist.

I was thinking more about the barkeep in Farshore...but ok!

Troy Pacelli wrote:
Hey, I just cc:ed you on an e-mail to the others. It would be great if we could get Rob back. Maybe we'll resurect poor, stupid Shefton just for him.

Or Ornrik could take on a "new personality." Or a certain bard in town could be thrust into the story...

Or something new altogether.

Or, poor, poor, stupid Shefton could rise from Brissa's bowels.

Or Martha gets awakened...or perhaps has been a druid in disguise all along! (Remember Martha? Love that little guy.)

Troy Pacelli wrote:
...we, as a group, have to decide how to fairly deal with the situation...

I think that you should switch your game night to wednesdays and get the GM back who started that campaign...but as a player. (hint, hint)

Ok, I've posted the zipped files for download here.

Good luck with your campaigns!

Hmm...while the thing has some intelligence, I'm not so sure it would know how to summon in more help. That being said, you could do it anyway.

According to the description, it's not above pursuing them. Since it is the object keeping the "fog" in tact, I think it could be kind of cool to have it follow them out. While they are trying to rest, it could strike from the shadows of the fog...maybe calling upon some sort of "fog mephits" or something...

Adding concealment from the fog could make it more interesting, as they'd opt to close with the beast, allowing for grapples. And don't forget that it has spell resistence of 18!

If anybody's interested, I've just put up my Savage Tide Dungeon magazines up on Ebay...

Check it out!!!.

Elora wrote:

NPC: Aiden (ship's carpenter)

NPCs: Tavey, Conrad Horst, Banaby, Jacob (sailor)

Aiden...Jacob. You're using my crew!!! Glad to see that bit of work is being put to use! Even if they end up dead!

Troy Pacelli wrote:
Are you still hanging around these boards?! I thought you'd abadoned us for prettier and more huggable prospects.

Hey...gotta pass the time at work somehow, right?

As gamers, I believe the only correct response is to kill him and take his stuff.

(Just kidding, do not kill gets messy and there's often a lot of dry-cleaning involved.)

Troy Pacelli wrote:
I’ll have to see if I can get Tracer to post a response.

Good luck getting Tracer to post...

Oh, wait...that's me!

As far as I can recall, there wasn't any description given to the four statues outside of the Tamoachan ruins. I think that was done intentionally to allow you to use them as potential replacement PCs in case some fail to survive.

I decided to model them after some nicely painted minis that I already had. I figured, "Hey, I've got these sweet figs...might as well use them."

So you can do what you want with the statues. Since the group likely won't have enough resources to revive them all...I'd try to entice them by having each statue look to have something useful for a different member of the group. It can lead to some fun role-play as they try to discern which statue to save.

I gave a little bit of history to each of the statues, but left it intentionally vague so as to be able to roll with whatever was going on.

Just was Floyd's idea first...and here's the original thread where it was discussed.

Troy Pacelli wrote:
During the initial battle at Farshore...

Just want to clarify...this happens when the ship runs ashore on the Isle...not in Farshore, right? That's two opposite ends of the island...just want to try and clear up any confusion.

Grimsh wrote:

I was wondering if you would be able to help me out. I cannot find the issue of Dragon that has Savage Tidings 3. It is the one for the journey to the Isle of Dread I believe.



Here ya go.

Khartan wrote:
TracerBullet42 wrote:
Khartan wrote:
I noticed for the first time the picture you’re using for Shefton – that’s Villa from Blake’s 7! That was one of my favorite shows as a kid – but it’s one of ours. I knew he looked familiar, but I just made the connection.
Troy picked that picture and is a fan of Blake's 7. Me? Never had heard of the show until he mentioned it, but I hear it's similar (in tone) to Firefly, so it sounds pretty good.

I'll have to look into this Firefly

TracerBullet42 wrote:
Yeah, it started off a just brief recaps, when I was writing it. When Troy offered to take over the writing, he started doing it as more of a narrative. It's stuck that way since.
And I am glad of it!

Hi, Troy.

Khartan wrote:

I think the suspicion is confirmed by Adameus knowing when Viselys’ birthday is. Like I said, I know there was more to it somewhere farther back, but I’ll take this as confirmation of my theory.

Sounds good.

Khartan wrote:
I noticed for the first time the picture you’re using for Shefton – that’s Villa from Blake’s 7! That was one of my favorite shows as a kid – but it’s one of ours. I knew he looked familiar, but I just made the connection.

Troy picked that picture and is a fan of Blake's 7. Me? Never had heard of the show until he mentioned it, but I hear it's similar (in tone) to Firefly, so it sounds pretty good.

Khartan wrote:
Oh, and now that I’m re-reading, I realize that it’s kind of dry until somewhere around “BLOURP!!!” I think that’s where it went from a recap to a narrative. That’s also where it changed from present to past tense. But then with “Things that go boom in the night…” I think is where I started to associate with Idae/Adameus and all the different character development seems to start. Now it’s just such a joy to read!

Yeah, it started off a just brief recaps, when I was writing it. When Troy offered to take over the writing, he started doing it as more of a narrative. It's stuck that way since.

Bryan wrote:
I honestly had the same impression. Looking back at a few of the posts, I think it may have been because nothing (that I can recall) ever came out and revealed that it was Lavinia that had found Viselys for Adameus/Idae (although I can see now where it was implied and I just didn't make the connection). Because of that, I think I just assumed that Idae had found/known about Viselys for a long time before the campaign started ...

You guys may be right, and at this point, we can probably just assume that's the way it was. We were intentionally vague about the details at the beginning (at least, between Troy (Idae/Adameus's player) and I.)

That'll work just fine.

Glad to see that people are interested!

Khartan wrote:
Anyway, I didn’t think it was that he was trying to find him so much as have an excuse to get to know him. Does that sound right to you?

Sounds about right. I'm not sure I even remember all the details, anyway. The players will roll with it though, either way.

Khartan wrote:
As I’m doing Lavinia’s Diary, I find myself looking much more closely at the blog – I’ve had to go back and re-read it from the beginning. It seems clear that Lavinia knows more about Adameus’ past than anyone because of some prior history. First, is there any more info you can provide about that, or can I take a little bit of creative license? Also, she seems to know that Adameus is Visely’s older brother (or at least that Adameus believes they are) Do you have any more information on that and, again, can I take some liberties? I realize that these are PCs we are talking about here, so it’s probably pretty sensitive area, but I think that this is a great opportunity to shed some light on that whole back-story.

Sure, feel free to take some creative liberties, but here's the story as Troy and I concocted it from the get-go. (Leaving it relatively vague with the intention of being able to use it later in just such a circumstance!!!)

Initially, even before Lavinia sent Kora with the invites for the other three, Idae (as he used to be known) had gotten involved with Lavinia through some circumstances revolving around the fact that they both were searching for their brother. She found Viselys for Idae, more or less, and he vowed to help her find her brother.

So yes, she knows a little more about Idae than the rest, but nothing too significant.

Feel free, though, to take creative liberties where you see fit, as we've intentionally left the backstory on that a little vague for just such an occasion.

And this is Lavinia's it's her perspective. Means it doesn't even necessarily need to be true, you know? It's just the way she sees things.

I'm really excited to see where this goes! I think that if one of the PCs dies and has to make a replacement, I will insist that they name the PC Khartan. Thanks for helping out!

Khartan wrote:

First, congrats, mate! Sorry about the long distance, but good on you otherwise! I should say a real life relationship is far and away better than the fiction of Lavinia and … whomever!

Is she a gamer? Maybe she could write it. No, probably not, but it might be good to get a female voice behind Lavinia, no?

Thanks! We're trying to make it work.

And no, she's not a gamer.


Khartan wrote:

Okay, I’ll start on it. You just let me know how you want me to get it to you when I’m done (E-mail, post it here, whatever).

That's awesome! You can email it to me at TracerBullet42 (at) gmail (dot)com.

We're not playing tonight, if you had it done by next week that would so rule! But, as I tell Troy with his write-ups each week, don't feel pressured to get it done. Gaming is about fun, and I never want it to feel like work.

I love that you're willing to give it a shot, though! Welcome to our game!

Khartan wrote:
(Lavinia’s Diary…)

I know, I know...

I really don't think I'll get around to actually writing it. I wish I had the time, but I've got other stuff going on in my life right now that is drawing from my GM "play-time." (Just started a relationship with a girl who lives four hours gets tricky.)

Anyway, I am absolutely going to use the idea, I just might have to narrate it, rather than hand it to them. If I do get around to writing it, I'll certainly share it.

Or, if you are feeling creative, you've got an idea for the way this group works. Do you want to write it? You could become a part of our campaign. I'm really flexible with Lavinia. I don't have a designated path for her to take.

Just a thought. If you're interested, that could be fun.

Blog has been's only the first half of last week's seesion...but lots of good RP going on. Enjoy!
Linky linky

Khartan wrote:
Ha! You’ve had over Three weeks!

I know, I know...just had a lot of things getting in the way of my GM-ing duties lately. As much as I like the idea, I don't know if I'll get around to writing a diary for Lavinia...just too many other things occupying my time.

Khartan wrote:
But have you finished Lavinia's Diary?

Nope. Haven't even started it. (I know, I know...bad GM, BAD!)

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