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A very inspirational book


This book is quite good. It did a good job at inspiring me. While I am not real interested in the campaign setting it is designed for, it was loaded with a great amount of crunch I could pull from it. They balance it with most weapons doing reasonable damage, limited shots between reloads, and the cost being quite high. The heavy damage weapons cost as much as a castle so that should limit them to high level.

If you are looking to run an Expedition to the Barrier Peaks type adventure, this book will provide what you need for the tech side. If you want to do a campaign of this type where some tech is discovered and researched and new skills and feats are found, this will provide useful information.

I have been planning on running a Dark Sun campaign and this book has inspired me to add in energy weapons and grenades. There effectively is no metal on Athus. I am thinking about having these made from ceramics. I would include some of the skills and feats as well. The thought of having radioactive hazards in addition to the dry lands is appealing. I would probably limit the power generation to solar as the sun shines pretty much all day. The closest Athus comes to clouds is the sandstorms. The Sorcerer Kings might have nuke plants.

Overall, this book gives a wide range of tech types that you could pick and choose what you want to get a good flavor for a specialized campaign.

EDIT: I wanted to clarify something as I was rereading my post about an Expedition to the Barrier Peaks campaign idea.

This book does not tell you how to implement the discoveries. It provides you things that you could decide to implement like the skills and feats that are introduced. You would have to figure out how to introduce them.