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Male Half-Orc [13] Skald 8 / Hellknight Signifier 5
Charli Poshkettle wrote:

Huh. You wouldn’t be wrong.

Hmm's tally of singing characters in Organized Play:

A single tear trails down from the otherwise featureless mithral Signifier mask, followed by a slightly-germanic-accented sniffle emerging from eons ago in the Pact Worlds' past...

"Torfin's Hellknight metal did not make ze famous Poshkettle list. I must return myzelf to Citadel Dinyar and train harder zo I can be ahead of my time."

Now that your table has also finished - congratulations and compliments from your friends at Table 1! :)

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Robin Aeronica wrote:
Urska Ghival wrote:
Robin Aeronica wrote:
You should always have interest in the Hellknights. Or they will have interest in you.
While your order may violate the privacy of everyone, we just watch those that deserve watching.
Check your tongue... Armiger.

Quite right.