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Half-orc Hex Magus:1 | HP:10/10 | AC:16; FF:14; T:12 | CMD:15 | F:4; R:2; W:3 | Init:+6 | Perc: +0 | Darkvision 60'

really, we're juh-just here to look at ssssstat-uary

diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (9) - 1 = 8

oi-vey, just roll initiative

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Active Spells and Conditions:
destroying a kitchen
Gnome Storm Druid/2 | hp:6/18 | ac:17 t:13 ff:15 (+2 while on, near or in water) cmd:12 | F:5 R:2 W:6 | initiative:+2| Perc:+10 ; lowlight vision |

please tell us that along with the rest of the regular stuff he gets with the transformation he gets some kind of spitting range attack or can cough out the lining of his throat for temporary stunning or sickening effect!

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Guilty. You are a lawbreaker – the worst of the worst.
Too dangerous to live amongst the good people of Talingarde,
they dragged you in chains before a magistrate and
condemned you. They sent you to the worst prison in the
land and there they forever marked you. They held you
down and branded you with a runic F. You are forsaken.
You won’t be at Branderscar Prison for long. Branderscar
is only a holding pen. In three days – justice
comes. In three days – everything ends.
What a pity. If only there was a way out of this stinking rat-hole.
If only there was a way to escape. If only…
No. No one has ever escaped from Branderscar Prison.
This is where your story ends.


In case there weren't enough Way of the Wicked campaigns already, here's one more. For any who don't know Way of the Wicked is a 3rd party adventure path for Pathfinder published by Fire Mountain Games wherein our heroes... are villains!

Without exception, each PC is a criminal of the worst sort, imprisoned in the highest security, most notorious prison in the nation and sentenced either to die or spend the rest of your very short lives slaving in the salt mines of Talingarde for crimes you HAVE committed.

But what if you could escape?... what if there was someone out there who could and would help you wreak a terrible revenge upon all those who've betrayed and imprisoned you?... what if he offered you a place at his side when he came to rule this pathetic nation of Sun worshippers?... what if you believed him?

This is Way of the Wicked


Character creation guidelines are detailed here in the Players' Guide.

I will absolutely answer questions, but anyone who can't be bothered to read the Players' Guide first can't be bothered to have their submissions considered.

-We will be using the focus and foible method of ability scores assignment. You may roll TWICE.

-Anyone who prefers or for whom neither roll set gives them a point buy value of 25 or more may use a 25 point buy instead.

-All races detailed in the Advanced Race Guide's core, featured and uncommon lists are permissible with the exceptions of Aasimars, Merfolk, Strix and Svirfneblins, no others.

-Any class or archetype detailed in any portion of the PRD is permissible with the exceptions of the Synthesist archetype for Summoner and any archetype which features more than one companion or eidelon.

-I'll consider archetypes from other sources, but only if they are published by Paizo, no 3rd party source material beyond this game's players' guide.

-You must choose one trait and one crime (campaign trait). You may take one flaw in order to gain an extra trait.

-Your background is important, have one. It doesn't have to be long, but make sure it's reasonably well written.

-Divine characters are strongly encouraged to take Asmodeus as their deity.

-Be available to post at least once per weekday and once per weekend.

I think that just about covers it. I'm looking to select five or six characters of the usual varieties, and recruitment will close on Saturday, November 1 at 10:00pm est.

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Some personality and motivations for

Ardra is, in her own mind, anyway, a perfectionist and an artist, and doesn't consider herself to be at all evil. Her one true desire in life is to reach the pinnacle of haut cuisine and share the experience with as many people as possible. She wants to connect and to belong, she's aware of her own talent and believes it to be the best if not only vehicle with which to achieve that. Her cannibalism stems directly from this, it has driven her down the foodie highway well past the last exit to gourmet avant-gardes.

She understands that society frowns upon the consumption of sentient creatures, but she believes that to be ignorant folly and an unreasonable deprivation of the senses, as the great side effect of intelligence is the huge range of emotion humanoids especially are capable of, emotions which, according to her research and experimentation, add a great deal of substance to the flavor of the flesh depending on what the meal was feeling when it was slaughtered.

She'd made tremendous inroads toward enlightening an entire culture before her talent got the better of her and caused the king to send his emissary and discovered her grand secret before she was ready to reveal it.

Her Preservationist archetype offers as much flavor, no pun intended, as it does mechanical diversity since it literally gives her access to fresh meat w/o the recently discovered difficulty of maintaining a a stockyard, although she'd still prefer to have the latter as emotionally preparing a meal before killing it is one of her greatest innovations. On the other hand, with the eventual addition of the planar preservationist feat certain meals which were previously unthinkable are within her reach, dishes like braised leg of glabrezu and angel heart scampi.

Her ultimate goal is to see a world where her accomplishments are honored and where food is not caged by petty, misinformed morality

that I'd forgotten to include with my original submission.

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Been shopping this character around, I hope you like her

Meet Lady Ardra Pain de Veau, she's a Tiefling Alchemist: Preservationist who's been convicted of murder. Prior to her arrest, she was a kingdom famous chef and brewer at an acclaimed restaurant and tavern. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of the culinary arts, and though she was a horror to work for, her skill by itself was enough to draw would-be students and apprentices from across Talingarde and beyond. So meticulous was she that she sourced and raised her own livestock on a private farm. Ardra has even had the honor of preparing a meal directly for the members of the royal house Darius, who in turn bestowed upon her titles, if not lands, commensurate for the gratitude they felt to someone whose talent is surely a gift and blessing from Mitra herself, and no wonder, that night's tour de force menu included such specialties of hers as Warm Rocket and Soilent Green Salad, Long Pork Stew, Le Nourrisson Joues* with braised mushrooms and fennel and Honeyed Sweetbreads Pie.

Ardra's rise in fame and status seemed to have no limits until her private farm received a surprise visit from the king's clerk along with an entire regimen as an honor guard for the king wished to gift the land to her, a tax free estate. But when the clerk arrived, train in tow, he found the entire compound abandoned as though every hand had had simply vanished in the middle of their chores. Upon investigation, he found gardens and green houses full of every edible imaginable, but upon checking the stockyards, abattoirs, and smoke houses, the clerk began vomiting uncontrollably at one horror after the next. Hundreds of horse stalls housing not horses but humanoids, mostly humans, wild-eyed, naked and filthy, their teeth broken out and tongues removed (he would later find evidence that the tongues had been ground and used to make a sort of potted meat). Where the veal pens should have been, he found children and halflings bound to the floor, tubes attached to bladders forced down their throats so they could be force fed. He discovered sausage and bologna obviously made from the meat and organs of sentient species, and on and on...

Once he reported to the king that in all likelihood the Lady Ardra had fed him, his family, vassals and retainers and anyone who'd ever been to her establishment on the meat of sapient humanoids he was incensed and disgusted. He voided her titles, had all records of her visits to the palace destroyed, sent out proclamations announcing her crimes and immediately signed warrants for hers and all people associated with either the restaurant or farm's arrest.

*translation=infant's cheeks

str1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
dex1d10 + 7 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 7 + 2 = 19
con1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
int 20
wis1d10 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
cha 1d10 + 7 - 2 ⇒ (6) + 7 - 2 = 11

hmmm, I'll have to do something to get around that wisdom score considering the her background professions