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Charm +2 Cool +0 Sharp +1 Tough +1 Weird -1 | Luck 7 | Harm xxx|oooo | XP 4

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Reference Sheets

The Mundane

Charm +2
Cool +0
Sharp +1
Tough +1
Weird -1

Weapons: sledgehammer (3 harm hand messy), pocket knife (1 harm hand useful small)
Means of transport: Bicyle
Look: Man, friendly face, normal clothes


Trust Me
When you tell a normal person the truth in order to protect them from danger, roll +Charm. On a 10+ they’ll do what you say they should, no questions asked. On a 7-9 they do it, but the Keeper chooses one from:
• They ask you a hard question first.
• They stall and dither a while.
• They have a “better” idea.
On a miss, they’re going to think you’re crazy and maybe dangerous too.

What Could Go Wrong?
Whenever you charge into immediate danger without hedging your bets, hold 2. You may spend your hold to:
• Inflict +1 harm.
• Reduce someone’s harm suffered by 1.
• Take +2 forward on an act under pressure roll.

Don’t Worry, I’ll Check It Out
Whenever you go off by yourself to check out somewhere (or something) scary, mark experience.


Tom is fresh out of college (he majored in mass communications, and he likes to sign his name with B.A.). In order to start his career, he signed up as an investigative journalist for The Inquirer based on an ad in the local newspaper.

As he later found out, The Inquirer was only two men strong (now three), its circulation was not much higher than that, and it was not quite the reputable newspaper he had imagined it to be. And, apparently, the role of the "investigative journalist" included going from door to door to sell the paper.

Tom had always liked writing pieces about politics. But when he realized that politics doesn't sell copies, he sometimes felt a need to relax his principles of journalistic integrity, but mostly tried to find the oddest possible stories to publish. Nevertheless, he was passionate about journalism, and hoped to move his way up to better jobs as soon as he could find a better job offer. His current gig is just an uneasy start to his career, at least until he would be able to just write normal articles and be a normal person, as he would like to be.

Tom is friendly and outgoing with other people, but stilted and uneasy when alone. He has become increasingly nervous, ever since his research for his articles about Bigfoot and UFOs turned out a little bit more successful than he had hoped.