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Tobian the Divine will have the following items that he can sell,

"I've got plenty of holy's 18 vials to get you started. Lord Tilernose does have a better shield for you Andrea and I can upgrade those cloaks for you all." He fumbles in a box and pulls out some oils, "Euphemia, I think these are the oils that you require and I've something for to help with your vision." He produces the reincarnation oils and the eyes of the owl.

The cloaks of resistance +2 are not a problem between him and McAllister.

"Iomedae is satisfied with you, you've been tasked with a great burden to bring light to the darkness. Likewise, it is proper to seek spiritual after enduring such onus responsibilities." He rests his reassuring hand on holy warrior's shoulder.

"I can see if I can fix that hand tomorrow." the cleric looks at Areal, "You stopped the bleeding...good...good. [b]"I've been taxed since the attacks I know you have been my friend." He places a calming hand on Areal's shoulder.

There is an abrupt laughter, deep sounding belly roar from the stern looking priest. "Of course, you smell like a distillery, if you spent time an evening at his bar...better there than other places....luck was on your side."

As Faelyn looks around the room he can see Talbard is there, and there are two new faces he does not recognized, one is clad in white and gold, fully armored, and carrying a shield and longsword.

"Welcome back young man, I'm Tobian the Divine, the High Priest, also known as the First Sword Knight of Iomedae." He checks you over, "Your friends had the good fortunate of bringing you here, where a miracle from Iomedae was granted you." He has a radiant smile, "Is that alcohol that I smell? Then he shrugs.

At sunrise Tobian is waiting for the adventurers to arrive with Faelyn's remains. The High Priest, known as the First Sword Knight of Iomedae, is clad in white and gold, fully armored, and carrying a shield and longsword. There is young man with him, who has human features, but there is the slightest touch of half-orc in him. The young man nods to Lucrezia, as if they have met.

"You come before me to request the goddesses blessing in the resurrection of this man's soul. I am here, with my emissary, Daniel Arissen, to witness the sun, glory and goodness that is Iomedae."

"Evil has brought this man to us and righteousness shall restore him to his former glory. Awaken and spread the good word by crushing evil with the force when necessary." With those words of blessing, Faelyn is resurrected and ray of sunlight comes through the window, he quickly follows with a restoration spell to remove the remnants of his weakened state.