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The Steel Spiders

Ranged Desert Elf Ranger
Desert Elf Druid (Serpent Shaman)
Human Paladin of Iomadae
Halfling Unchained Rogue
Elven 2h Fighter

I've actually increased the number of those super small constructs, added poison to the tips, and make them Aid Another.

About to begin the Erudite Eye temple =)

Shadowrun will show you a world where BOTH technology and magic exist.

For reasons of game balance in that universe, they are (usually) mutually exclusive - the more technology implanted, the less effective and more dangerous magic is to use.

If you want Magic/Technology to be the same, i.e. a Belt of +2 Strength is either magical, or pumps adrenaline into the body, that's just fluff and doesn't really matter. A lot of steampunk type games go this route.

Just make sure a player can't have an enchanted belt AND adrenaline pumps, to double dip on bonuses.

Wish is gained at 17th level.

Costs 25,000gp average wealth of a 17th level character is 410,000gp)

"You may try to use a wish to produce greater effects than these, but doing so is dangerous. (The wish may pervert your intent into a literal but undesirable fulfillment or only a partial fulfillment, at the GM's discretion.)"

A Gamemaster's 1st thought is NOT "How will this effect game balance."

A Gamemaster's 1st thought should be, are we all having fun?

There are a lot of questions about the campaign that we don't know anything about. Style, Combat Level, Theme, etc.

There are tons of ways to "balance" player's playing a dragon.

But this Wizard, adventured for who knows how long, got this ultimate pinnacle arcane spell, and his 1st use of it that we know of, was to be a dragon. What 8 year old among us does not see how cool this is?

As another poster said, the best response to this is: Why don't the bad guys do it?

Just make sure everyone is having fun. Let the other players shine just as much - we're all playing a game we deeply love. Let's keep that 1st in our hearts as well as our rule books.

I love Bo9S - and hate 4E, jumping on the bandwagon =)

I LOVE using the disciplines as major bad guys - I have used most of them.

Desert Wind (Swordsage 10) Cool quick bad guy, kind of a Han Solo, DW Scimitars, was very flashy and fun.

Devoted Spirit (Crusader 3/Knight 2) I made this my own character for a Forgotten Realms campaign, took knight to make him a "real" tank with taunts. Was fun, but we only played for a few months.

Diamond Mind (Warblade 12) kind of a stylized assassin, combat was quick, bloody, and nasty

Setting Sun & Shadow Hand I have not made/used yet.

Stone Dragon (Warblade 11/Deepstone Sentinel 5) a True Neutral dwarven guardian set to tests the players commitment to their cause. Very fun for me as a DM to run, players thought the "sloping ground" effect was a little overpowered, but I think that's just because I specifically designed the area to take advantage of it.

Tiger Claw (Swordsage 10/Lycanthrope) used a lot of hit and run tactics, muddy ground to slow the melee - the players loved demolishing this guy, and I felt I didn't quite use him to his potential.

White Raven (Crusader 20/Fighter 15/Legendary Leader 5), Epic war-leader for upcoming summer game, having a great time making him. As of now, with all the Leadership feats, he has around 56,000 1st level followers. More than enough to use the kick ass 9th level charge ability. I really can't wait to unleash him.

Very nice work dude!

I'm definitely gonna use this guy - i'll have to see about use those tricks tho.

I had to talk one of my players out of making a tarrasque w/monk levels - but I think he was only really joking.

Rest of them are still kind of messing around, except the wizard and the fighter/ranger, they are about finished.

We decided on using the Pathfinder rules for "free" spell slots above 9th level when taking wizard levels, therefor freeing up a few feat slots from taking Improved Spell Capacity.

Also, would like a ruling on the Devastating Critical epic feat - "Whenever you score a critical hit with the chosen weapon, the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + ½ your level + your Strength modifier) or die instantly. (Creatures immune to critical hits can’t be affected by this feat.). "

I don't think any of the "main" bad guys are going to hurt from this - we use the rolling a 1 is a -20. But some caster bad guys might get hurt.

Ganny please do!

This is basically what I am asking for in this thread - crowd sourcing the work on making bad ass epic NPCs =)

Isn't there a feat tree based around dual-wielding wands?
And if you get higher level, you can take feats to use your spell slots/DCs instead of a staff.

Go with Wizard + item, make it a cool wand. I went with a Diviner + Amateur Gunslinger and made a revolver my special item for that very campaign - not amazingly overpowered, but cool and very versatile.

Also, this is expensive at lower levels.

And when I saw the thread topic, I thought you wanted to make a Blacksmith or the like =P

There are a lot of Leadership/Epic Leadership/Legendary Commander feats in play already. Trying to balance the scaled on both ends is going to end up with 200,000+ level ones (minions!)

So, either a war encounter, or something like the Deathwing encounter from WoW (if you are familiar with that).

Thanks P33J! The backstory is awesome - what a cool way to throw the NPC at these guys. I love it!

And update on the fighter/ranger - after doing her initial rebuild/conversion to pathfinder, it's going to be 20 Ftr/10 ranger/10 dervish.

Anyone else have some fun ideas? Any old homebrew monsters/mounts lying around?

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Good elves become "baelnorn" in Forgotten Realms.

Update #1
Feat Progression updating ELH feat progression from every 3 levels to the PF ever 2 - netting 6 more feats.

Crusader 20 / Fighter 15 / Legendary Leader 5
(White Raven maneuvers, Leadership, Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander [roughly 56k 1st level followers)

Lieutenant #1
Ninja 15 / Sorcerer 10 / Daggerspell Mage 10
Work in progress

Lieutenant #2
Ranger 20 / Black Blood Hunter 10
Lycanthrope (probably wold), specializing in Vile damage (the bane of all epic characters!)

Female Consort / Bodyguard to the BBEG
Hexblade 25 / Platinum Knight 10 (converted to 'Chromatic')
Huge saves, 20% miss chance aura, -6 curse (going to augment with feats, might not seam like much, but its amazing)

After reviewing much of the feats in the ELH, they are on par with many high level feats from PF - its the magic that's gonna get me ><

@P33J - I love it! Feel like writing one up? =P

Hey guys - tough to figure out which forum to use, so I'll just jump in here.

Quick Background:
4 long time PCs, made the day FR 3.0 came out, and played religiously until a few years ago want to brush off and update their characters to Pathfinder. Mix in a few veterans of PF, and we have a huge interest in a game aimed to start in May/June.

What I plan on using:
Everything from 3.0 until most current PF books - will be using the Epic Level Handbook for the majority of rules - heavily tweaking feats as needed.

What I need:
If anyone out there is interested in building some wicked ass bad guys to decimate a party, here is a good chance to see them used and used well.

Party Layout (so far):
LG Wizard 33 / Fighter 2 / Archmage 5 (from Faerun) ~Epic spells w/seeds
NG Ranger 10 / Fighter 10 / Tempest 10 / Whirling Dervish 10 ~26ish attacks
NG Cleric 25 / Druid 15 ~Saint
CN Ranger 20 / Gunslinger 20
CN Barbarian 30 / Legendary Dreadnought 10
LG Inquisitor 40
And one other player who has not decided - other than "gnome", lol

NPC Bad Guy Wishlist:
Any appropriate CR 40-50 Dragon that's got a fun gimmick
A personal antagonist to each of the PCs - around 35-40
Even something simple that focuses on 1 attack is fine (and easy to run)
Please avoid straight casters - I got that covered
Creative combos of Races/PrCs/Templates welcomed!

*Rules/Gear: level 35-40/CRs in the 40s-50s
*ANY books from 3.0 until now
*Please no gods/demi gods (that was our last campaign)
*Minor Artifacts okay, limit 1
*Weapon cap at +11, Armor cap at +15
*For sake of ease in running, stay away from short, 1 time use items (even "Wish", because I am an evil DM, and I love wishes)
*assume unlimited gold at these levels

NPCs that I plan on making personally:
a General, from Book of nine Swords, kensai
40 Hexblade lieutenant
End boss being a Draco-Demi-Lich Saint Cleric of Tiamat

General Campaign Info:
A World Will be Under Attack (think invasions like in Chronicles of Riddock)
Save the World
Lead Assault on Bad Guy - this will be the dracolich stronghold *probably* on an abyssal plane

Post any questions/bad guys/experience with converting to Epic Level!

I would love to have these.

Thanks in advance :D

nsweezea at gmail