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Ok, so everyone knows that you dont put a Portable Hole and a Bag of Holding together. But according to this

A number of spells and magic items utilize extradimensional spaces, such as rope trick, a bag of holding, a handy haversack, and a portable hole. These spells and magic items create a tiny pocket space that does not exist in any dimension. Such items do not function, however, inside another extradimensional space. If placed inside such a space, they cease to function until removed from the extradimensional space. For example, if a bag of holding is brought into a rope trick, the contents of the bag of holding become inaccessible until the bag of holding is taken outside the rope trick. The only exception to this is when a bag of holding and a portable hole interact, forming a rift to the Astral Plane, as noted in their descriptions.

the bag of holding and portable hole are an exception. So my question is what if I have my bag of holding in a handy haversack before entering a portable hole? Is the Haversack a buffer? It is in a different extra dimensional space that is even sealed off once you enter the hole.

I ask because I keep my type III bag of holding inside my minor bag of holding inside my Handy Haversack (gotta keep weight down) and the party camps in a Portable Hole that we just found. I stay outside of the Hole every night keeping watch anyway but I wanted to be sure I'm not a Suggestion spell away from a TPK every night. Just because my DM isn't evil enough to do that doesn't mean I want to have that kind of sword hanging above our heads.

Timebomb wrote:

For magic items I believe there is a pair of boots that heal you for 1 damage per round as long as you don't move, might or might not be conjuration powered though. Nothing else I can think of off the top of my head.

Constructs wouldn't mind at all since Make Whole isn't a conjuration spell.

With the mana-infused land and lack of conjuration healing (and thus competition for healing services), sounds like the perfect place for a strong druid community selling bags of goodberries at a premium, 1-5 gp per berry or so. Plus goodberries will stay fresh for a while (1 day/level) and also cover the party's needs for trail rations. You might want to nix the "maximum of 8 points of such curing in any 24-hour period" for balance reasons though. It isn't a huge change and your players are unlikely to complain.

I say go for it, players could use a little more fear in their eyes. Also it sounds cool. (Not that I have been in a game where there was a conjuration blocking effect)

I know what boots your are talking about. Boots of the Earth. I'd rule no in this case because 1: Cure Light Wounds is in the construction requirements and 2: It is way under priced for what it does. On the other hand I would make an exception for ring of regeneration because of how expensive it is.

I like the good berries option. The "magic infused plants" are even already part of the story. Maybe greater goodberries is in the picture.

Cyrad wrote:

3) GameMastery Guide illustrates there exists an infinite number of unusual demiplanes, giving the demiplane of cats and the demiplane of sentient tumors as explicit examples. There might be a demiplane for anything a conjurer "creates."

...Cats... Ok...

Atarlost wrote:
Conjuration is concerned with matter. Evocation is concerned with energy. Positive energy is the latter.

That is untrue


Energy Planes

Two energy planes exist—the Positive Energy Plane (from which the animating spark of life hails) and the Negative Energy Plane (from which the sinister taint of undeath hails). Energy from both planes infuses reality, the ebb and flow of this energy running through all creatures to bear them along the journey from birth to death. Clerics utilize power from these planes when they channel energy.


Boar ferocity would work as well.

So I'm dreaming up a home-brew setting to run someday and I've come up with a town. In this town, and everywhere within a 10 mile radius of said town, conjuration doesn't work. Simply fails. Any kind of interaction with any other plane is impossible. This includes but is not limited to: Summoning, Teleportation, access to the shadow, ethereal, or astral planes, access to Extradimensional spaces, and even access to spells of the conjuration (healing) school. Even channel energy does not work as it draws power from the positive and negative energy planes.

The story behind this, as with many stories, starts with two wizards. An age ago in this place, two wizards of tremendous power battled. There are dozens of stories of who they were and why they were fighting. None can say which version, if any, is true. But there is one part everyone agrees on. One wizard, losing, desperate and reckless ripped open a tear between the planes with epic magic to call upon the aid of the Abyss. This ended for the idiot about as well as you can expect. The second wizard, though powerful, was unable to oppose the unending flood of demons and fled as they liberated his foe of his life and soul. For weeks demons poured out of the rift until the area was sealed off with epic magic. It has been nearly two thousand years since the battle and the land has healed from most of the ravages of the demons, but the dimensional ward still remains. To this day it seals off the barrier between the worlds with ultimate authority.

tl;dr two epic wizards fight, one idiot opens mini worldwound. The other one (maybe) slaps an epic dimensional anchor on the entire area and now conjuration doesn't work there.

Now lots of people stay as far away from this place as possible. Particularly clerics and casters of the summoning variety. But there are many who are drawn to this place. The place is saturated with magic from the ward and the after effects of the battle and the demonic invasion. Many plants that are useful as magical ingredients grow well here as a result. This is a good place for keeping things safe, the vaults here have the best anti-teleportation wards in the world. And I'm sure I'll come up with other reasons as to why this place would have a thriving trade town.

But enough rambling, on to the point.

What kind of alternate healing is there to the cure line of spells? I know of Troll Syptic but I was hoping for others. I could make something up but I would rather use something that already exists and will do the job if possible. The loss of healing wasn't the intention of this, but the ward needs to be very through for my plans. Instead of a temple there would be a hospital with doctors trained in the heal skill. Crazy I know.

Have you ever run or played in a place like this before? Did it make things more interesting or was it a train wreck?

Of course... Things around adventuring parties tend to go wrong... Even ancient epic magic. I'ts only a matter of time before someone uses something like the line in the last panel of this comic.

Helpful guide, but I'm not seeing the advantage of the cacodaemon familiar. Where does it say the soul gem helps with casting.

RumpinRufus wrote:

I just want to caution you, necromancers can be game-breakingly powerful. You need to be EXTREMELY mindful if you decide to go through with this that you won't be hogging the spotlight and rolling through the combats.

I've had an entire campaign ruined by an Undead Lord. The game is just not fun when three fast-healing undead dragons can beat every encounter, without the party having to lift a finger.

So, make sure to run this idea past your party. Time your turns to make sure you're not taking too much combat time, and if your turns are longer than everyone else's, leave behind all but one of your minions. If your minions are fighting more effectively than the other PCs, that is a problem because you will end up making them feel useless.

If you can do this without breaking the game, great. But don't build a character who wants to become as powerful as he can possibly be, because you are all but certain to ruin the game for the other players.

I would have everyone else in the party take control of several of the undead minions in combat. It wouldn't fix everything but it would help with taking up too much combat time.

Hmm, I would say they both fall under the profession skill. It doesn't really mater though, the only powerful profession skill I know is Profession: Barkeep.

Iterman wrote:

An Oracle with the Life Revelation works out pretty well in both the tanking and healing aspects since they have access to both life link and shield other. Both abilities centralize the damage on yourself, allowing you the ability to stay out of combat, if you wish, while still casting spells.

I second this. Between shield other, life link, channel energy and my spells as long as my Life oracle is in the party killing any one of us with HP damage is not a viable option. If you do it right you can heal yourself very, very easily as a life oracle, and you don't need a high charisma to do it. If I were to do so I would grab power attack, furious focus and spend the rest of my feats on defense. Maybe vital strike as I wouldn't be making many full attacks, using my move action to channel or use energy body. It's not like my second attack would hit much anyway.

If they attack your allies most of the damage goes to you, and then you heal it. If they attack you... then that's what you wanted. Keep in mind that if you go this route you will be taking damage. A lot of damage. Amounts that would quickly kill anyone not able to rapidly pump out massive amounts of positive energy. Which you can do. If your DM would allow it pick up Fey Foundling as your first level feat. It makes a big difference.

Then you just need to find a reason as to why an evil character would be willing to use a combat style that is centered around taking that much pain for his allies...

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I despise house rules of 1 = catastrophic failure. In my current campaign (level 13) we rule that if you roll a 1 you lose the rest of your full attack and roll to confirm failure or the fumble deck comes out. We have a ranger in the group, this girl is cursed, she rolls more natural 1's than the rest of the party combined. She doesn't even use her rapid shot or deadly aim feats anymore just to fumble less. She doesn't use her animal companion much either because it usually deals more damage to itself than the enemy because to that accursed fumble deck. Seriously, it is not unusual for this level 13 character to take more damage from herself than from the enemy because she can't seem to figure out how to hold a bow.

I HATE that deck.

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Skulls and shackles was ALL about ships. (we named ours "Your Mother"). That should have all that you need.

Glutton wrote:
Juggernaut pauldrons will help when you can afford to make them. Start abusing the "add another magic item to another for 1.5 times its cost" rule, slap some resistance to them when you make em. Slap anacondas coils onto a +6 strength belt. Your build and feats make me sad you're not just a straight Unarmed fighter archetype, they are a lot of fun. Urban barbarian rage (+4 str) actually raises your CMD unlike regular rage, and the +1 to attack and AC for adjacent enemies kicks in often.

Those pauldrons look nice but dang if they aren't expensive. They go on the someday list.

the unarmed fighter does look like fun, especially the clever wrestler. But the Flurry, unarmed strike damage and Martial Flexibility have been way to useful to this character. I was thinking about taking a level in barbarian after I reached level 10 in Brawler for the Martial Flexibility. I don't really need the con bonus considering that I'm life linked/Shield othered to a life Oracle, but the will bonus would be missed. The Crowd control should apply to CMB & CMD too, so there's a bonus.

Secane wrote:

Worship Falayna, and grab the Celestial Obedience feat.

That's a +4 sacred bonus on grapple checks and to CMD. Remember its +4 to grapple and +4 to default CMD.

All for the price of some serious punching each day.

:O ... Yeah, That's my next feat. By the time I get it I'll have the first boon too, so that's divine favor 3/day for another +3 CMB. I may have to ask if I can respec the last feat I took into it, I don't know if I can wait 2 levels. My DM is pretty easy going on things like that.

thorin001 wrote:
Do you have a Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone in your Wayfinder? Resonant power is +2 insight bonus to CMB and CMD.


Skaldi the Tallest wrote:

WRISTS: Armbands of the Brawler (500) +1 Competence bonus

FEET: Earth Root Boots (bonus to CMD) (8k)
SLOTLESS: Crimson Thorny Ioun Stone (8k) [+2 Competence] won't stack with the armbands above.
Ring: Ring of Terrible Cost (20k)

Consider making your armor titanic at some point.

Falayna was already mentioned.

The armbands and the ion stone wont stack with the belt, which is a shame as the armbands are dirt cheap. I think I'll get the earth root boots next and then start saving up for the armor. The armor will be nice for improving the size of what I can trip. Then maybe the ring.

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Ok, so as anyone knows the CMD of creatures can get dauntingly massive at high levels, which is bad when you are specialized in said maneuvers. My character has a decent grapple CMB but it is usually either 1. I can grapple/pin/knockout with one hand tied behind my back on a 2 or better or 2. I'm in full buffed up badass mode and struggling to lock big ol squirmy down before it can crush the tiny little human that thinks she can play with the big boys.

Or 3. They cast freedom of movement and I punch them till they stop moving so freely.

Oh, and this character is a Cohort from the leadership feat taken by my support focused Life Oracle. We basically treat cohorts as second characters in our group. It also seems to be a theme in our group to try and make the Cohort more dangerous than the PC that took the leadership feat and is two levels higher. Do I think it's an abuse of the feat? Absolutely. But with this DM the rules as intended are regularly abused in ways that I can not find an appropriate metaphor for without violating the rules of conduct of this site... The things he has thrown at us... I do know I'll try to get other groups I'll play with to avoid using the feat like this in the future.

Point is, I need higher numbers, and I know I missed something that I can still get for her. I could have min-maxed more for grapple but I wanted an option when I could not make a grapple. (Curse you freedom of movement.) So I only spent 4 feats on grapple and the rest on trip and damage. Most of my budget was spent on grapple focused magic items though. It would probably also help if she didn't have NPC stats and wasn't two levels lower than the rest of the party. But I find that it just makes what she can do on her own more impressive.

Here are the relevant numbers. All PCs are level 13, but we typically fight encounters that are cr 14-16. Because we have pretty high starting stats and some fairly powerful unique magic items.

Tamm: Half-elf Brawler 8 / Fighter (brawler) 3

Strength 20 [18 base +2 belt]
Relevant magic items:
Anaconda’s Coils Belt. [+2 competence bonus to CMB. +2 enchantment bonus to Strength]
Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (grapple) [+2 untyped bonus to CMB]
Armor of Brawling [+2 untyped bonus to CMB]
Dusty Rose Prism Ion Stone set into a Wayfinder [+2 insight bonus to CMB & CMD]
Shirt of Immolation
Greater Magic Weapon +3 and Shield other are cast at the start of every day.

Feats: Improved Grapple, Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike), Greater Grapple, Greater Trip, Rapid Grappler, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Specialization (unarmed strike), Pinning Knockout.

Base CMB: +17 [11 BAB, +5 str, +2 Dusty Rose Ion Stone]
Grapple: +29, +34 maintain [17 CMB, +2 Anacondas coils, +2 Brawling, +2 Gauntlets of skilled maneuvers, +4 feats, +2 Maneuver Training,]

With grab: (from using Martal Flexibility to get Final Embrace or from a spell.)
+38, +43 maintain [29 +4 grab, +3 enchantment, +1 weapon focus, +1 Close Combatant]
(Now, from what I have been able to find and from this blog post I think that you should not normally gain bonuses on grapple checks from attack roll bonuses to unarmed strikes. Grappling is a full body action and punching people is very different. But if your unarmed strike has grab then you are using your unarmed strike as part of the grapple. You get a +4 grapple bonus from grab, that is coming from your fists. Thus bonuses to unarmed strikes should apply to the check.)

Buffed potential: +43, +48 maintain [38, +2 enlarge person, +2 Blessing of fervor, +1 bless]

CMD: 33 [10, +11 BAB, +5 str, +2 Dex, +2 Dusty Rose Ion Stone, +1 dodge, +2 deflection]
Grapple: 48, 46 when grappled [33 CMD, +2 feat, +2 Maneuver Training, +11 favored class bonus. -2 dex]
Buffed potental: +52, +50 when grappled [38, +2 enlarge person, +2 Blessing of fervor]

My CMD was at first a bigger problem than my CMB. As a Half Elf I count as Human for meting the requirements of what abilities I can take. Including favored class bonuses. I found many CMB bonuses but if I had not found that loophole I would have been able to pin creatures with ease, but unable to keep them from easily beating my tiny CMD and escaping. Rope is not an option every time, and there has to be some way other then being a human or halfling to increasing my CMD so that creatures can not escape.

tl;dr How can I improve my grapple check and CMD further?

The non magical elven chain and the magical celestial chain are both medium chainmail but count as light armor for anything. Including armor prof. So you can use it with your dodge bonuses and the brawling property.

What kind of range can you get on that? Sure you are super quiet and stealthy, but how loud are guns in that setting?

The knuckles used to use a monks unarmned damage dice but it looks like they took that out in one of the last publishing's. Sad, I used them as DR breakers.

The brawling enchantment for armor is a must. It is just a +1 cost but gets you +2 attack and damage and CMB on grapple. Light armor only, so theres an advantage over monks. Gauntlets of skilled maneuvers are a good buy to, you have a good CMB with your maneuver training, might as well build on it. Or you could get pliant gloves. Those are good for any melee.

This one is great for anyone. A Dusty rose ion stone is only 5000 gp for a +1 insight bonus to ac. That is less than what it costs to upgrade a +2 ring of protection or amulet of natural armor to a +3. However the really good part comes when you stick it in a wayfinder. If you aren't using the random tables that ion stone gets you a +2 to your CMB & CMD.

In case you haven't noticed I like using my flexibility feats for combat maneuvers. What is your build going to be like? What other kind of equipment you want to get depends on that.

I have a life oracle that I rolled up for my group after my summoner got one hit killed by 95 greataxe damage to the face. (It was not a crit.) After that I took "in combat healing is ineffective at high level" as a challenge and made up an Asimar life oracle. At level 13 I should be able to out-heal getting full attacked by the Tarrasque for 3-5 rounds in a row before finally dying. ...I'm not bitter... I'm just really good at min-maxing. He's insanely tough and the only kind of character I would imagine using Shield Other and life link on every other member of the party. Shield other can get really dangerous.

If you aren't already, make use of the Elf favored class bonus to improve your positive channel. Channel energy isn't that great but it's supernatural so that means no concentration check. I've used it to keep the party at full health after I've been swallowed whole on more than on occasion. (I'm not sure you need line of sight to hit someone with a channel energy. You do need line of sight to be able to not hit someone with it, so by extension if you don't have line of sight you should hit them with it.)

For your next feat I would say grab quicken channel or if you can get both together grab Life Link and Energy body. They were made for each other. But both options are so you can cast as a standard and heal as a move. Being able to make your party unable to die from HP damage is good but at this point you will have things that don't go after HP to kill you. Hopefully you should eventually get to the point where you never need to use a standard action to heal anyone unless your enemy is capable of truly terrifying amounts of damage.

If you deal nonlethal damage with a weapon that has an additional damage effect such as holy or flaming is the extra elemental damage also nonlethal? Or is it added on as normal damage after the fact?

For example, say you have a Monk or Brawler beating some guys poor face in with Pinning Knockout after pinning him and has an amulet of mighty fists lighting said fists on fire. Or something similar. Is it nonlethal fire? and is the 1d6 result doubled with the rest of the damage of the punch if it is not?

Or how about if you are using a whip or sap with elemental damage on it. Is that extra damage leather or nonlethal?