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Higher Resolution needed for VTT


I will say that being able to toggle on and off the display of the map markers is convenient. However, unfortunately, I cannot give this a good review as the resolution of the images is quite low. I purchased this to use with a VTT (Actually purchased the entire Anniversary Edition). This was a bit disappointing as I already own the hard cover anniversary edition and was really looking for images for use in a VTT environment.

Checking the first two maps alone, I can zoom in all I want and the resolution is 22 Pixels per Square. Most VTTs start at 50, and players with higher end computers like to use 200 pix / sq.

Also, there are several encounter maps from the book missing as others have said including the beginning encounters, which reference their flip mats.

I would highly recommend supporting VTT players by providing (as has been stated repeatedly on the forums). This could easily be done like the current delivery with zip files containing either .PNG, .BMP, .TIFF, etc of the encounter maps at minimum of 50 Pixels per 5' sq., but ideally as most online content providers create (50, 100 & 200). I am sure that these images are created in an image editing software (I'm going to assume Photoshop) where this process would be quite easy to do.