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Do any weapons have the "Sunder" weapon property, which gives +2 to CMB to Sunder checks using the weapon?

The Sai has the property "+2 bonus on Combat Maneuver Checks to sunder an enemy's weapon." which sounds like the same thing, but it doesn't have the Sunder property. Should the Sai have the Sunder property?

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The Additional Resources says:

AR wrote:
Prestige Class: Diabolist; to qualify for the diabolist prestige class, you must cast lesser planar ally or lesser planar binding (or a similar spell) using one of your own prepared spells or a daily spell slot, and the spell must be on your class spell list;
The FAQ for Ultimate Campaign says:
FAQ wrote:

Retraining: Can I retrain out of my base classes and use my prestige class levels to meet the requirements for that prestige class?

The retraining rules say, "If retraining a class level means you no longer qualify for a feat, prestige class, or other ability you have, you can't use that feat, prestige class, or ability until you meet the qualifications again." Therefore, if you retrain out of the base class and that causes you to no longer meet the requirements of the prestige class, you no longer have access to the class features from that prestige class, and therefore can't use that prestige class to meet the requirements of anything (including itself).

Update 10/16/13: In any case, you cannot use rule elements from a prestige class to meet the requirements of that prestige class.

Update 10/16/13: New ruling: You cannot use retraining to replace a base class level with a prestige class level.

This means that my Cheliax Wizard, who is just now almost 9th level. Who has been otherwise eligible for the Diabolist prestige class since level 5. Cannot retrain four Wizard levels into Diabolist levels after meeting the not-really-a-"roleplaying-requirement" of being a level 9 Wizard for as long as it takes to cast 1 spell.

I've been building this Wizard with Diabolist in mind since January 2012, and it's always seemed just out of reach. The goalposts kept moving. It's very frustrating, especially when Mike Brock responds to people questioning the ruling by offering to ban the PrC so it won't be an issue anymore.

But, I'll keep playing my wizard when I have the chance. There's nothing wrong with a level 8 (soon to be 9) wizard. It's not weak, by any measure. It just isn't the character I though I would be playing 3 years ago when I started him.

Rant/pity party over. Feel free to delete or move, as appropriate.

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What benefits do they get, if any, from this item?

Fast Movement as a 3rd level monk? It seems yes.
Unarmed damage increase, or just the 1d6 that they already have?
Does Brawler's Flurry count as Flurry of Blows, granting the swift action power?

Sorry if these questions have already been answered elsewhere, and thanks in advance.

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7th level Kyra killed Rodrik, my 8th level Invulnerable Rager, in one hit! (And it was awesome!)

Two weekends ago at Play On Con, I had the privilege of playing my dwarf barbarian at a table of 5-13: Weapon in the Rift. It was the most entertaining round of PFS I've had in quite some time, which is saying something since I had said the same thing about my first ever session of The Confirmation that I had played the night before. All in all, it was a great weekend.

The party was hopelessly outclassed by everything we encountered. From the very first hallway, to the very first puzzle, through the very first encounter took nearly about 3 hours of slapstick fit for a Three Stooges film. I was brought below 0hp 3 times that fight, while everyone else tried to keep the other [redacted] away from our only healer, the traitorous Kyra, curse her very name.

Skipping ahead a bit, my barbarian has had some... bad experiences with haunts in the past. So when he walked into a room and felt the temperature drop, he advanced to the rear as quickly as he could manage. It turned out not to be a haunt, but instead a dastardly [other redacted]! As his companions stood there, transfixed by it's arcane mumbo jumbo, he took it upon himself to unlimber his bow and fire upon the creature with specially prepared arrows. Clearly no marksman, the arrow went wide and he drew another hoping for a clear shot. The next round, I threw caution to the wind, and had him charge in wielding one of the specially prepared arrows. After a direct hit for what seemed like fairly low damage, I realized that I had not remembered to RAGE! (I'm telling you, the whole thing was a comedy of errors.) The next round (remembering that I had Ghost Rager, and no need for those silly arrows- hey, I don't get to play very often. Cut me some slack), I punched the [other redacted] in it's face with my cestus, dropped my bow and drew my "real" weapon, a dorn-dergar. We traded blows for about three rounds total, while most of the party either babbled incoherently or smacked themselves in the face. It was just me and the monk, toe to trailing ectoplasmic vapor against this seemingly unkillable thing! Each time Rodrik took a hit, I could feel his sanity cracking. After the third hit, my Barbarian was on the ground, unable to form a coherent thought (some would say that was no great change). It was then that Kyra revealed her true colors...

She claims that she confused my prone form with the enemy that had been trying to kill all of us. Seeing "it" helpless on the floor, she did the only thing she could: A coup-de-grace*! Seeing the mistake, the monk easily disarmed the cleric. That didn't stop her, though. She reached down and snapped poor Rodrik's neck! (Well, in actuality she only managed to deal 1 point of damage past my damage reduction, but it was enough to force a Fortitude save.) As I rolled the dice, I said the magic words "I can only fail on a 1." And sure enough, I look down to see a 1 staring back up at me. It was glorious.

And that is how an 8th level "Invulnerable" Rager was killed by an unarmed, level 7 pregen Kyra. And yes, I paid for an atonement to clear my "Ex-Barbarian" status after that scenario. The cleric and monk eventually brought down the [other redacted] at which point they decided it was better to cut their losses than to go on without my help (such as it was). Even after being brought back with a breath of life, Rodrik was unconscious with 12 Wisdom damage and Kyra didn't have a Restoration prepared. It was a failed mission, but for me it was worth every second.

*To be clear, the coup de grace was actually my idea. The GM said he was fine with it, and the player of the cleric thought the idea was hilarious enough to give it a shot. I don't want anyone to think this was some jerk GM or player who "did this to me".

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I recently ran both parts of the Rats of Round Mountain set of scenarios at high tier for 6 players (mostly the same, but two players were different in each group). I had no deaths, I had no one go unconscious, and I had no combat make it more than a few rounds. There were a few things I know for a fact I could have done better, mostly in playing the dragon. I had to knock some rust off since I've been too busy with work to GM or play for several months, but I think this could be more than rust.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not out to kill. It's not a goal that I strive for. It just seems to me that if my players are doing so well in such a notorious set of scenarios, that I might be partly to blame.

As best as I can remember, the party for part 1 consisted of:
9th level bear shaman Druid
11th level two-weapon fighting Rogue
8th level tank Cleric
9th level evoker Wizard
10th level large biped eidolon with 15ft. reach and pet Summoner
10th level musket master Gunslinger with a seeking musket

Part 2:
Same Druid
Same Cleric
Same Summoner
Same Gunslinger
8th level White-haired Witch
7th level greatsword-wielding fighter

I'm not really sure what all details to give about the individual encounters. I don't know if I'm looking more for advice, or commiseration, or what. Just felt like venting a bit, I guess.

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I know, I know. Big whoop. But for anyone who cares, here is my reason.

User "The Fox" just made a thread asking if/why anyone would bring a firearm to a PFS game. I thought the thread was in poor taste and was not intending to reply until I noticed Liz had locked the thread (as I'm sure this one will be). Right after that, Mike Brock posted that he didn't want anyone to bring a firearm to any PFS event at all, ever. And cited his experience as a law enforcement officer as to why he didn't trust us to act as responsible adults around firearms. I can only assume that a rule so far reaching will make it into the next version of the Guide, and that is why I will no longer associate with official PFS events.

I don't know that I have ever carried my personal firearm to a Pathfinder Society event. I carry my firearm so often, to so many places, that I really couldn't tell you for sure "Yes, I had it on that date." I follow the laws of my state regarding open and concealed carry at all times and the wishes of property owners who make their policies known to me. I have never once been disruptive nor been asked to leave a location, and I certainly have never whipped it out and started playing with it or showing it to anyone. Quite frankly, Mr. Brock, you don't have the authority to tell me where I can and cannot carry my legally owned firearm. But, in the interests of cooperation, I will follow your wishes by no longer hosting or participating in a public PFS event. If you want to come to my home or my privately hosted events and tell me that I can't carry there, I will ask you to call first so that I'm expecting company.

With sincere regret,
Kyle McDonald
Birmingham, AL

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For all situations, the receiving creature has no ranks in Spellcraft or Knowledge (Arcana):

1) Fact: If I cast inflict light wounds on a hostile target, they get a will save for half damage.

2) Fact: If I cast cure light wounds on a target (hostile or not) they are allowed a will save for half healing.

3) Question: If I cast cure light wounds on a non-hostile target, are they considered to be voluntarily failing their save, or do they not get a save at all?

4) Question: If I tell a non-hostile target that I am casting cure light wounds, but I instead cast inflict light wounds (and succeed on a Bluff vs. Sense Motive check), does the answer to number 3 still apply?

5) Question: The FAQ states that the drinker of a falsely labeled cure potion would still get a save against any harmful effects. Presumably they are not forced to save against non-harmful effects, so how is it they know the difference? How does this affect the answer to number 4?

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What does an oracle with clouded vision see when someone casts, for example, silent image?

Do they see:

1) Nothing. It doesn't really exist, so their extra-sensory darkvision wouldn't pick it up.

2) Exactly what the caster wants them to see, ignoring the curse and making it an obvious illusion. (The spell says "This spell creates the visual illusion of an object, creature, or force, as visualized by [the caster].")

3) A 'cloudy' version of the illusion, requiring them to interact with it to get a save, as normal.

I'm reasonably sure the intent is option 3, but the other two options would be very interesting from a GM and player perspective.

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I don't know the proper forum for this question, or the proper person to contact off-forum, so here's hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I would like to use a minor NPC in a published Pathfinder Society scenario as a character in PFSOP. The Community Use policy seems to support use of Pathfinder NPC's in the Community Use "Approved List" for our own creative purposes. The problem I see, is that I'd like to change certain things (the class, alignment, ability scores, etc. in order to make legal for play) of said NPC, which seems to be verboten.

I'd like clarification on this and, if possible, clear permission to use the NPC in this manner. If it matters, the NPC in question is Gilga Baltwin from First Steps, Part 1.