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Full Name

Theocrat Issak




Cleric 20 / Aristocrat 5







Special Abilities

Power of Pholtus (WoG) and Abadar (WoG 2.0)


Lawful Neutral


Pholtus and Abadar


WoG and WoG 2.0


Taldane, Greyhawk Common



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Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 103
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 18
Charisma 18

About Theocrat

Theocrat and Theocrat Issak is the moniker for Issak Haywood. After using various names throughout the early days of the internet such as Keoland and The Pale - both in reference to nations of the World of Greyhawk - Gary Holian, author of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer gave me the name for my work with Pholtus and The Theocracy of the Pale in 2000. With that, the name was taken. I have spent the past 10 years doing my best to give the name a positive image as well as being knowledgeable in relation to Greyhawk and Pholtus in particular.
Now with the introduction of the Pathfinder RPG and the Pathfinder Campaign setting, I have settled on the deity Iomedae to represent. Not exactly a true comparison or compatible pass through, however that does not limit the ability to be Theocrat to both deities.

With all internet posts, I always start the conversation with a Hi all - and end it with a Be Well. and a second Be Well XXXXX with XXXXx referencing something related to the post. If the post relates to video games, I might post Be Well. Be Well Gamed. For a Pathfinder post, I might say Be Well. Be Well Found (or Pathed).

Be Well. Be Well Described.
Theocrat Issak

P.S. I have been away from Pathfinder and table top gaming since 2015. I started the Griffins Social Motorcycle Riding Club (named from the Griffon's Mercenary Company that was our Pathfinder home game) and when I joined the Adrian Empire, a Renaissance group that fights with steel weapons and armor, as the Bishop. I now go by Bishop more than I do Theocrat.
I am a High School English and History teacher in Las Vegas, NV.

Be Magical. Ride Harley's and Fight with Swords.