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I am experiencing the issue. Redeemed code. No next step. Can someone tell me what I need to do?


I would like to cancel my Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, and Starfinder Society subscriptions please. Thank you.

- The White W0rg


I would like to cancel my Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Accessories, and Starfinder Society subscriptions please. Thank you.

- The White W0rg

The prices of the items in my cart are not calculating correctly. They are either not accounting for my Paizo Advantage discount, or the sale price being advertised in the store is not being factored in.

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Will the necessary rules for having a Medium size Cathedral ship be in the book? I must have a party flying around in a church.

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Jason Keeley wrote:
John Warren wrote:

My question is, will this be Starfinder AP #7, or will the numbering start over for each Starfinder AP?

The Starfinder Adventure Path will be numbered like the Pathfinder Adventure Path; frex, Pathfinder Adventure Path #7 was Curse of the Crimson Throne 1 of 6.

I tried to get them to number the Starfinder Adventure Path volumes in binary, but was told there wouldn't be enough room on the spine for Starfinder Adventure Path #111.

Why not use hexadecimal?

I'm not sure where to ask this and if this is not the right spot, I hope somebody will move it to the appropriate place.

How can you tell if your sidecart has been added to a subscription shipment? Will it show up when the email goes out saying it will be shipped in a week or so; or will it show up in the actual email about it shipping?

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Distant Scholar wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
bananahell wrote:
Can you give an example of an Advanced Melee Weapon?
Plasma Sword. Shock Truncheon. Pulse Gauntlet. Fangblade. Monowhip. Cryopike. Tactical Doshko. Swoop Hammer. Devastation Blade. Repeller staff.
That's one weapon? Wow.
It does 1d810.

Really? I thought only the Tactical Sniper Rifle the Sarcesian from Starfinder: First Contact did that!

Starfinder: First Contact wrote:

Ranged tactical sniper rifle +12

(1d810+5 P) or
frag grenade II +12 (explode
20 ft., 2d6 P, DC 13)

Whew. I was worried that was a typo.

Does the discount from the Paizo Advantage apply on your first subscription shipment?

Will the Operative get sneak attack or a variation of sneak attack? Or are you trying to distance the Starfinder classes from any direct Pathfinder analogues?

Will necessities like breathable atmosphere and drinking water be renewable on starships as standard or will it be some variety of upgrade?

If they're not renewable as standard, will it be possible to restock them from planets with breathable atmosphere and drinking water or will you only be able to buy more breathing air and drinking water from stations or outposts?

Or will the ability to restock from sources other than stations/outposts be another feature/upgrade/ability the starship has to have equipped/selected?

Will it be possible to enchant starships and/or the components of starships?

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How will skills work in Starfinder? If this has already been answered, can someone link to it in their post please?

Will starships be on a particular spot of the mechanical/biological tech and size scales or will we be able to move them around as we see fit?

Basically, will it be possible to have city sized cathedral ships and car sized bioships and what not?

If you're still being tight lipped about starship stuff, I'll put the question more simply: How diverse are the starships gonna be?

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No offense to big red, but magic flying reindeer? Anyone? Just me? Well, how about some normal reindeer then?

P. S. Santa, like gods, clearly falls into the realm of They-Who-Most-Not-Be-Statted.

My hope is... Something NEW!

As fun as it would be to have kobolds be the Starfinder mascot, or even goblins continue to be cute-crazy on the cosmos, I'm hoping Starfinder surprises me in good ways, including its mascot.

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My thoughts are that I better be able to have a Firefly-class ship. Billowing smoke optional of course.

Is the Grand Caller in the Arcane Society supposed to be missing the During Combat and Base Statistics parts of his stat block? Also, is he supposed to be missing the flavor text description that was in his stat block in the preview posted on the blog?

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Your d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d12 are. If you have a d5, d7, d24 and so on (which I do), they likely aren't. No word on the d3 yet.

Wait, you mean my d20's not compatible, and I need two d12s!

Typos, for the win.

But seriously, will starships/spaceships be awesome and not glorified scene transistions?

Also, how significant will Starfinder's support of starships/spaceships be?

Finally, which term will Starfinder use: starship, spaceship, or other?

Living planets, living starships, black hole elementals, super nova elementals.

Mr. James,
When a swashbuckler uses the perfect thrust deed, does he/she roll damage once or once per attack his/her BAB would ordinarily give him/her?

Thank you, Zwordsman, for the information on Vital Strike's behavior. No one in my group caught that. Also, does anyone know if an errata for the Advanced Class Guide is going to come out soon? I'm hoping that maybe clarification of Perfect Thrust will be in there. That is, if someone from Paizo doesn't respond in this thread.

While I thank you both for taking the time to respond to my question, two people responding with opposing viewpoints puts my group back at square one. Also, Zwordsman, the gunslinger deed you mentioned(Dead Shot) has a nice long explanation on how it works, does not bypass DR, and only hits Touch AC at certain ranges because of the nature of guns, unlike Perfect Thrust, which has a too short description for a potentially overpowered ability. So again, I thank you both for your responses, but my group needs either a popular consensus of a lot of people or a member of the Paizo team to clarify the ability.

P.S. If it seems I'm against the idea of rolling all attacks for the ability, it is only because, as one attack, it qualifies for effects such as Vital Strike, and the resultant potential damage is making our regular GM consider banning the class is some games. It also does not help that the person in our group most likely to play the class has a tendency to roll high a lot.

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Advanced Class Guide wrote:

Perfect Thrust (Ex): At 15th level, while the swashbuckler has at least 1 panache point, she can as a full-round

action make a perfect thrust, pooling all of her attack
potential into a single melee attack made with a light
or one-handed piercing melee weapon. When she does,
she makes the attack against the target’s touch AC, and
ignores all damage reduction.

Does this ability mean that the swashbuckler rolls his/her damage dice a number of times equal to the number of attacks his BAB would give him/her for this attack, or does he/she roll damage normally? I'm wondering because my group sees valid arguments for both cases and were wondering what the intended way to handle it was. Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.

P.S. Fixed a royal error in the thread title.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you post more obituaries from this group. They sound like a bit of a trip. And I very much agree with it being deserved, especially if he wasn't actually using any chainshirts.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

A mythic-bane weapon gains its bonuses against any creature with the mythic subtype. You don't have to choose a creature type (such as dragons) or subtype (such as goblins or evil outsiders)... it's programmed for creatures with the mythic subtype.

So a +1 mythic-bane undead-bane longbow is

+2 and +2d6 damage vs. undead,
+2 and +2d6 damage vs. creatures with the mythic subtype, and
+4 and +4d6 damage vs. undead with the mythic subtype

Mr. Reynolds,

Sorry for bringing this up after you've likely considered the issue resolved, but you haven't specified how much higher the bonus given by the Mythic Bane special quality is. Also, is the extra damage mentioned in the special quality's description the same +2d6 of the non-mythic Bane quality, or is it talking about something else on top of that? Again, my apologies for bringing up something many people likely consider resolved, but this issue is likely to cause a discussion in my group if not figured out beforehand and my group only has limited game time at infrequent scheduling so I like to have an answer for them to avoid that discussion and save time. Especially since I plan on throwing them into the Worldwound sometime soon.

Oladon wrote:
Monk: Fast Movement wrote:
At 3rd level, a monk gains an enhancement bonus to his land speed, as shown on Table: monk. A monk in armor or carrying a medium or heavy load loses this extra speed.

Emphasis added.

Sorry, but I have to correct you. The book says base speed not land speed.

I have the fifth edition in case anyone was wondering. Not sure if it is different across editions.

Ok, I can not longer sit by and watch this ability get butchered further. I apologize if the following post seems harsh, but sometimes explanations are harsh.

First, the ability is not only quite simple, but crystal clear in its entirety:

Sustained by Faith (Su): If you spend at least 1 hour of
prayer or meditation you require no food, water, or sleep
for 24 hours. This time can be the same time you use to
prepare spells. You must still rest 8 hours to regain spells
but you are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion due to a
lack of sleep. Additionally, once per day you may expend
one use of mythic power as a full-round action to refresh
yourself as if you had rested for 8 hours for the purposes
of regaining spells and healing heal hit point and ability

The first part of the ability is very self explanatory and does not seem to be the cause of any confusion so I will not waste any further time on it.

The second part of the ability, shown in bold, is also self explanatory but apparently requires explaining, as it even has aspects to it people seem to be ignoring. Firstly, it can only be used once per day, as was pointed out by The Block Knight. Now, from what I have read above, it seems as if nearly everyone is missing this, or maybe ignoring it as the example concerning a sorceror seems to suggest that the sorceror used the ability repeatedly in the same 24 hour period.

Peter Stewart wrote:
As to the power of the ability - it effectively allowed the party sorcerer to expend every single high level spell slot he had early in the adventure without any fear of running out of spells - since he could immediately after the combat in which he ran out recharge his entire selection of spells.

Furthermore, the ability's second function doesn't just return spell slots, it also heals hit point and ability damage. This means, effectively, that the effect of the ability is exactly like getting 8 hours of sleep or other form of rest. Therefore, arcane prepared casters must then spend an hour preparing spells to place in the spell slots he/she just received, a spontaneous caster must spend 15 minutes concentrating to prepare his/her mind for casting spells in the new slots(page 220 in the core rulebook under "Sorceror and Bard"), and a divine prepared caster actually does not receive any new spell slots for that day until the time of day in which they receive spells from the source of their power, at which time they'd still need to spend an hour preparing spells(page 220 in the core rulebook under "Preparing Divine Spells" sections "Time of Day" and "Spell Selection and Preparation").

So, to be quite honest, this ability is a little weaker than it at first appears. And as for the Recent Casting Limit pointed out by Darkorin, this ability doesn't interact with it because the caster's body, after using the ability, would feel as if it had undergone 8 hours of rest without interruption as during the full-round action needed to trigger the ability he/she is doing nothing but spending Mythic Power to rest.