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I assume if it was cancelled/postponed they'd have said something.

Xethik wrote:
Is the stream still set for tomorrow? Haven't heard much. Also please answer this question on stream because that would make sense.

Has it's own blog post.

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Malefactor wrote:
Xethik wrote:
Is the stream still set for tomorrow? Haven't heard much. Also please answer this question on stream because that would make sense.
Has it's own blog post.

Ah thank you! I had been looking at the Starfinder Blog. Derp!

1. When will the last two playable species in the core rulebook be announced? Can you give us a rough estimate of how many creatures in the first Starfinder Bestiary (the one you claim will be co-launching with the core rule book at Gencon 2017) will be playable?
2. The robot familiar for the Mechanic class… is it designed to be modular and customizable? Or are we stuck with one specific configuration? Is there a Archetype/Variation of the Mechanic that does not have a familiar in exchange for something else?
3. On a tech-related note, how will Starfinder handle players building, repairing, and modifying their own technological equipment? Will it be similar to how Pathfinder handled crafting and enchanting weapons and armor? Does the Mechanic get any particular bonuses of note to any of these three activities?
4. Do some kind of demon or devil worshippers make an appearance somewhere for those of us that want to get our Doomslayer on?
5. Is there a subsystem/mini-game to simulate cargo trading between planets for the party to make a little extra scratch between dungeon crawls/ghost ship expeditions?
6. What if any Prestige Classes can we expect?

Mobile infantry?
Space Marines?
Giant stompy robots?

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Will the Operative get sneak attack or a variation of sneak attack? Or are you trying to distance the Starfinder classes from any direct Pathfinder analogues?

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Which class/race will you reveal more information about next?

Much in the same way that goblins have become the caricature mascots of pathfinder, are you going to have something like that for Starfinder? And if so, what are the odds that they'll be gremlins?

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How much will I need to know about sci-fi as a genre in order to run this campaign setting as a GM? Is it a good idea to dust off my old Physics of Star Trek book? (Give me an excuse Paizo!)

Can you give us a general idea of how the Core Rulebook will be organized? (eg: 20% starship rules, 15% setting material...)

How much focus are you giving to the cultures and flavor of the new core races? Will we be given details on government, galactic influence, cultural achievements, pyschology, reputation, roleplaying tips? I'm particularly interested in learning about androids and their stake in galactic civilization.

How relevant will the various dwarf planets and moons and their inhabitants detailed in Distant Worlds be to the setting at large?

Will the Elder Mythos and other Lovecraft-material have a significant presence?

Will the Gods of Chaos answer my calls?!?

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1. Will there be computers and a hacking system similar to Shadowrun's?

2. How will technology compete with the power and versatility of magic?

3. My first starfinder character is going to be a Medium who channels the spirits of various Star Trek characters. What will I have to change about his character sheet?

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Are there any clues that the Abadar corporation has become an evil entity?

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Thanks or a great Q&A, everyone! We'll have the recording up on youtube soon for those of you who weren't able to make it.

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Were towels mentioned.

captain yesterday wrote:
Were towels mentioned.


I was able to watch the live stream, and learned a lot. There where many questions from this thread that were answered, a many that were not.

(Maybe make a list and save it for the next Q&A?)

The questions I was most interested where the Shadowrun like (cybernetics, hacking, matrix/internet..) and with regards to miniatures/pawns.

Looking forward to more info! :)

Triaxus? Anyone? Y'all love Shadowrun so much, when are you announcing that Triaxus is a dragon-run megacorporation? OR DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE


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Ah, missed chance to ask q&a questions :(

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You don't have to wait for Youtube. Twitch archives the recent videos for each channel, so you can find all vids from Jan 11th here.

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
PaladinDemo wrote:
1. Will there be FTL drives? If so hyperdrive or warp drive?

There's a hyperspace-style dimension called the Drift (link includes more links to sources) that serves as the FTL vector. Ships jump into it using special divine tech, then can theoretically pop out at any point in the galaxy.

** spoiler omitted **

Nobody has mentioned other forms of FTL so far, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

** spoiler omitted **

So I expect something else will come up eventually. At least initially, though, it's the Drift that opens the galaxy up to Absalom Station and the solar system.

Starfinder is set in a possible future of Pathfinder and there are already two ways to travel at FTL speeds in Pathfinder, not counting teleportation... though i feel that interplanetary teleport should count, so lets make that three.

1) Magical teleportation, why not scale it up to take a ship? technically that may not have the range to travel between stars but it would be super convenient in system.

2) Magical Beasts, like the Oma, can get from star to star in a few weeks or months and are able to take passengers with them. magical control of or technological emulation of those creatures could create very viable FTL drives.

3) This was mentioned a few months back but the Androffans had a viable method of wormhole travel.

ooh, 4) it is inferred that the Dominion of the Black and Androffans had some slower method of FTL even before the wormwhole drive stuff.

I think though that for the settings sake, the Drift will be the only commonly known and utilized method. super rare stealth ships that use other means though could be fun plot devices.

Space Whales: Y/N?

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alaiziadarkstar wrote:
Space Whales: Y/N?

As noted, already in Pathfinder canon on Bretheda (with OGL stats)

For what it's worth, /u/oli_chose123's Kelsey-Bernard Drive has a nice feel to it, and it neatly explains why big bright stars with ancient names have become trade centers and travel hubs.

The essence of his sci-fi concept is starships go faster when they're traveling from a smaller stellar mass (ex, a yellow dwarf F or G or K class) to a bigger one (a giant O, B, or A), or between two masses of similar size.

You can jump far from a big star but not from a small one, because the drive locks on to the mutual gravity bond between the two stars and the two masses add up and take the average in terms of how hard the jump is. But the jumps are harder when going from big stars to small stars (like red dwarfs, M class). So much so that some jumps are only one-way; you can jump from a red giant to a white dwarf but not back the way you came. From this stems the idea of a 'Kelsey Trap', which is a small star near enough to a big one to make the jump, but there are no other stars for the small star to 'connect' to. It's essentially a dead end street for anyone without the engine good enough to make the return trip.

One of Oli_Chose123's posts

More K-B drive info

Another post about the K-B drive

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alaiziadarkstar wrote:
Space Whales: Y/N?

Always Y.

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