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Arcanium ~ A New World

TheWaskallyJoe "Joseph" Waskalis|Brandon|

Arcanium Quests/NPCs

Present Quick fight!

Old Fight Map!!!

You have died and the gods have decided for one reason or another to give you another chance. This chance is to start anew as you are with a special ability in a mystical world of monsters and adventure.

It is an Isekai game, a reference to a situation in which characters find themselves transported to an alternate dimension or universe.

Belial's Bastards by GM SnowHeart (a Hell's Vengeance AP)

Jerax Hellfire

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Boston Theoretical PbP

The Olympian

Transdimensional superheroes.
Starfinder+ for modern day superpowers.

Diners and Dragons: A Modern Fantasy Campaign

"Brother" Joe "Joseph" Waskalis

A modern campaign with heavy fantasy flavor; our heroes decide to take a break from desk jobs, retail, and food service to take a chance on the original gig economy: becoming adventurers!


Dwarves of Gold Peak

Thurgrom Thunderhammer

Three months after a crushing defeat, the Dwarves of Gold Peak must band together, defend the city, rally their forces and allies, and eventually rescue the captured King Dak Nimbus.

Redemption: Tides of Numenera

Taendael Caliean

The Silver Shields return - Group Grey

TheWaskallyAmed Alsaakhib-Alraed

Need something investigated, explored, or delivered with minimal fuss and maximum protection? Hire the Silver Shields today!

Group Grey

Twilight of the Heroic Age

Armanus Jerax Hellfire

What is a Hero?

Urdrsk Stoneward

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