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Nothing in the Reload Action refers to the weapons orientation. Wielding or not wielding is irrelevant, you can reload it in both states as a Move Action.

"Change Grip" pg247 is meant to change weapons states from wielding to not wielding,"Wielding Weapons" pg243, for the purposes of freeing a hand to not interact with the weapon. i.e. open a door, turn on life support, urinate, etc. (Or more likely use a glove weapon.)

I plan on reskinning Starfinder to be the future of my homebrew setting rather than Pathfinder. Other than that I'm not going to make any predictions about house rules until I see the rules.

Could you have a crew of intrepid heroes ship it to me using their drift drive? Or UPS whichever is faster.

The galactic political situation must be crazy intense considering the drift means that every faction is within striking distance of every other faction.

Good luck defending your 'borders'.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
I'm surprised nobody's talking about it. It's just sitting there in the open.

I mean EST it's just getting to early morning.

And those grainy photos leave a lot to the imagination.

So... Triune gifted all races Drift technology?

Why are the beacons centralized around the Pact Worlds?

Do other races have other FTL?

No drift engine? That's ironic.

Series of skill checks, and saving throws, hopefully with the goal of returning it to space, at which point it grabs onto the ship from outside.

Starship Vs. Terrasque fight scene.



Are players' going to have the ability to command capital ships?
Are players' going to have the ability to pilot fighters?
Are players' going to be able to switch roles round to round?

You have 4 months to answer me.

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Stone Dog wrote:

Han Solo, captain by rank, pilot by role.

Chewbacca, co-pilot by rank, captain by role.

Han makes the decisions, Chewie passes out bonuses. At least when one or another of them isn't trying to fix something. The Falcon really could use a dedicated engineer, but Han & Chewie probably wouldn't tolerate somebody else poking around in her guts.

You mean Rey? Rey was the engineer. Right up til the promotion.

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Which method is likely to provide me with the book the earliest;
Preordering and having it shipped to me OR
Picking it up at my Friendly Local Gaming Store?

It is my understanding that the goal is to start shipping the book on opening day of Gencon on the 17th. Do preorders or store orders get filled first?