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All hail the Kingmaker


This is a review of the Wizkids Pathfinder Battles: Kingmaker set. I belong to the Pathfinder Battles case subscription, so I got 32 boosters and the 2 case incentives.

This set had a wilderness theme, with of course an emphasis on the written Kingmaker adventure path and many characters from the Kingmaker video game based on that adventure path. Lots of beasts and lycanthropes.

What I liked:
- I got at least 1 of everything (It came down to the last box for Harrim, Dwarf Cleric)
- Two creatures that have been done before are done better here: Werewolf and Naga (Swamp Naga this time around)
- The before and afters - Gargoyle and Spriggan
- Plenty of unconventional potential PC figures (Scythe wielder, dual-wielding handaxe female, female knight, Quasimodo bandit, black archer)
- "Web Lurker" (aka Ettercap) looks exactly like the picture, by which I mean purple chubby ridiculousness

What I didn't like:
- Unremarkable medium undeads - An armored skeleton and a ghost elf. BORING!
- Is it just me or does the Pitax Warden (https://paizo.com/image/content/PathfinderBattles/20181009-PitaxWarden.jpg ) look like an inactive Apostate Devil (https://paizo.com/image/product/catalog/WZK/WZK73037-37.jpg) ???
- The army ant swarm looks more like an ooze of some kind.
- Enough with the hill giants

Favorite Figure: Stag Lord - Antler Hats are in this year

Least Favorite Figure: Dwoemercat - I didn't know what it was, its poorly painted, and it doesn't look like its picture at all.

Final thoughts: This set is a great companion to have when your players are lost in the woods, and as we all know that happens a lot. 5 Stars.

P.S. I just noticed but ALL the capes are billowing like CRAZY!