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So what are all the other gods that have been made into figures.

I've seen Cayden Cailean in the Rusty Dragon Inn,
and Lamashtu in the Lost Coast.

am I missing any others?

The gun chemist archetype says under Alchemical Ordinance "Alchemical ordnance is treated like an alchemist’s bomb for the purpose of discoveries, though such discoveries ignore any effects associated with a bomb’s splash damage or radius unless the gun chemist also applies the exploding bullet discovery (see below)."

The problem is that the exploding bullet discovery and discoveries like tanglefoot bomb don't stack. So what is the meaning of "also applies"? Is exploding bullet like a prerequisite discovery?

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I'm on board with everything except the 1000 XP for every level. The three advancement tracks were great for choosing how fast a GM wanted their group to level up, and I'm sad to see that go. The system could be altered without abandoning it entirely, and I fear this new system could be restrictive for homebrew games that don't have a premade dosage of encounters pre-balanced to have PCs level up after a set number of challenges. It sounds like the Starfinder Society's "1 xp per adventure, 3 xp gives you a level up", but not all gamers like that.