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Zraxis, Shirren Roboticist Soldier from Verces, soon to be multiclassed into Technomancer
Reg Ilvox, Svartalfar Starwalker Operatvie from Apostae
Tykus, Stellifera Battle Medic Biohacker from Akiton

with 3 Key NPCs a Damaya Lashunta Sage, a Korasha Lashunta Technician and a Ysoki Socialite.

They are about to begin chapter 2, and I'm looking forward to see their reactions to the rest of the story.

Thanks for the answer. I appreciate it.

Does anyone know what kind of thrusters the Primorata has? Because I can't find anything on the ship's statblock. Are they custom? Because with a quick search I didn't find any thrusters for medium ships with a speed of 10 and +2 piloting.

Thank you for the quick reply Aaron. I'm looking forward to it.

Is there an ETA for the player's guide?