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Oh boy, this is some necromancy bringing this post back from the dead! Just an update: I FINALLY found a group to play Starfinder, and Maurice F. Mouskewitz will be making his debut! I elected to us the new gadgeteer option in Armory for his specialization (I liked the idea of him fanning or doing something fancy with the handcannon to catch people off). I'll be sure to inform you all how things go, as well as show his miniature when I finish painting as well as a concept art!

Really fun build, I would recommend picking up some pearls of power for 1st level for extra shocking grasps. Cid joins as an incredibly powerful character and it's fitting Crits with shocking grasp can really pack a huge punch, has a judgement blade feel! He does have the "crush" abilities that destroy gear, so possibly playing around with the sunder feats if you have extra room for them could fit?

Not sure if this was suggested, but the wizard will buff himself and the enemy party, so taking dispel magic would be a great idea, he will likely be your biggest threat, as he will try and control a fight that will already be hard for you and make it nearly impossible. I would assume the rogue might have invisibility access, probably from the wizard, so glitterdust could pose an effective debuff and counter to that. Another thing is spell selection, a lot of the save or win type spells bank on your opponent failing saves, and these enemies have very high saves, so if I were in the situation I would focus on buffing my own party, I can't stress how important haste is to this type of encounter. Of course, when things get to difficult, a strategic withdraw is always an option, living to fight another day after some levels is always a safe option.

Erelium wrote:

Thanks for the reply! Yea, I was looking at the unchained ninja (Goto) as well. If I can run that with 1 level in monk I think I can make a character that as effective in infiltration and combat.

Thanks for the pointers!

if you do end up taking some monk levels, it might be interesting to try master of many styles and perhaps the crane or snake styles? They are more defensive/ counter attack focused, might mesh well with the whole mission impossible martial arts expert theme. I remember crane wing and snake fang having fun synergy.

I think it's great, it has a lot of different avenues for RP, they have a chance to negotiate with the hobgoblins, the old tower may even have traps that could pose an interesting threat, and the bonds the NPCs have as former adventuring partners can really play up later on (maybe the wizard in the tower is one of their former allies?) and make for some more quests. Honestly, with sandbox games, you really can't start to big in my mind, letting the PCs see that they have a plethora of options for quests and goals makes the world all the more engaging! Great start and a great hook! Sounds like an awesome setting!

My girlfriend and I have been playing pathfinder together for quite some time (the couple that adventures together stays together), but we've never really done more than roleplay characters with a joint back story, we often miss the combat synergy I feel two characters who are close would likely have, so next game, we are planning on doing it! My idea is I will play an Order of the flame sword saint, carrying multiple blades issuing challenges in a chain to stack the bonuses to damage and all that, kind of like a powerful but wanton samurai who frequently gets in way over his head. My girlfriend would be playing a reach weapon wielding yojimbo, with all the aid another and bodyguard feats to compensate for the drop in AC from flame, any ideas on ways to make us both super viable in combat? Also, any ideas on backstory would be greatly appreciated!

Excellent ideas everyone! I do like the idea of running multiple tables, I won't be able to get another GM, so I'll have to run it myself, but I can just run for group A one night and group B the other, and so on. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes, I'm hoping for a great turn out and hopefully we can have some fun and exciting stories!

JohnHawkins wrote:

Four to 6 players is the maximum I find for any RPG, Above 4 you will have to increase the difficulty of encounters. However more than 6 players rapidly brings games to a crawl and leaves many players doing nothing for long periods of time and is very disruptive and annoying for all.

If you are an inexperienced GM you should probably try to stick at a lower limit particularly with inexperienced players. I have played and run games with more than 6 players and for it to work it needs a completely different structure than a normal game and even then the game falls apart more often than not.

ah, ok, I figured that would be the case, thank you for the help! I'll split the groups up as need be!

I have a problem that's the opposite of a problem. I volunteer at my church with the kids, and I suggested playing Starfinder, which has actually gotten a surprising amount of buzz! Here in lies the problem: since I would be the only one running, and I don't want to turn anyone away, how many people is to many for this AP? At least to the point where I would need to make a second group and hold two separate games? This wouldn't be to much of an issue, we should be able to play every week, or every other week at minimum. I would like to have everyone playing together if possible, just unsure of how many I could swing. Any way that I could run the AP and make it possible for a large number of people to play at once? We plan to use Starfinder as a group building type activity, so the more people I can get playing at once as a team the better, but I still want to preserve the spirit and enjoyment of the game. Any ideas?

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starlite_cutie wrote:

How about working Fievel Mousekewitz into the name?

Maurice F. Mouswkewitz?

Small mouse against all odds reminded me of that old movie lol

That's perfect! I had all but forgotten about those movies, man talk about nostalgia! Thank you!

BretI wrote:

Love the concept and story.

You really need to play Fugitive on the Red Planet with this character! I think you would like how well it fits your background.

WOW! This AP sounds perfect! Can't wait to bring him through it!

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Ok, here goes:
Theme: Bounty Hunter class: Operative (Daredevil) level:1
Raised in a slum in Akiton with his extended family of brothers, sisters, and cousins, Maurice never stood out much. He scraped out a living on Akiton as best he could and after a hard days work, he would frequent the taverns with his cousins. He never drank much, but his cousins were more than happy to drink his fill for him. They were going through the usual routine of having a bit too much and getting into about as much trouble as you could expect a motley crew of intoxicated ysoki. Though Maurice was used to playing mediator if his cousins got in too deep, he knew most everyone in town more or less, and he would always get them out of trouble with a quick joke or a convincing bluff. One day his cousins bit off more than they could chew. His older cousin made the mistake of calling a vesk "lizard" and in no time was hoisted into the air by his neck. Maurice to this day doesn't know what came over him, but he bull rushed that vesk for all he was worth. He clawed and bit hit as hard as his small paws could muster. Enough to make the vesk change his victim. As Maurice felt his life fading, he heard a boom and a collective gasp from the onlooking tavern patrons, as the stranglehold the vesk had on his frail body loosened and he weaseled his way free and plopped to the hardwood tavern floor. He looked up to see the towering vesk plummet to the ground slamming with enough force to make him lose his balance. A smoldering wound adorned the forehead of the vesk and a man who seemed to be the least shaken up by the affair stepped forward and scooped up Maurice with one hand, while still holding a smoking pistol in the other. "You a'right, boy? " the old man said. Maurice struggled to squeak out a reply and just nodded his head. "Ain't every day I see one er yer kind try and tackle a wanted man more'n twice his size. Takes guts." Maurice recognized the man almost instantly. Without a moment's hesitation, Maurice begged the man to teach him his ways, to get him off this God-Forsaken rock. The man explained that he was a bounty hunter, but that fact was well known by both Maurice and the onlookers, this old man was famous around here. You see, in some parts of Akiton, bounty hunters are almost like celebrities, they don't have normal names, more so they have titles, and this man was one of the oldest in the business. What started as a joke turned into a full-fledged title for the old-timer: "The Old Fashioned". This man fought like they did back before most anyone around today could remember, the last of his kind so to speak, but he wasn't about to let this way of life down, and now, neither was Maurice. Seeing the young little ysoki's tenacity, he agreed to show Maurice the way that he had safe guarded all these years. After The Old Fashioned realized he was in fact, getting a bit to old for this job, he passed on his hat and his revolver to the next gunslinger in line. Eager and ready to prove himself, Maurice is more than happy to take on anyone that crosses him, or a friend. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of "size advantage", which can make him a bit of a pain to work with sometimes. Regaled by tales from his former teacher of gunslingers from years past, he's ready to join their ranks and become a bounty hunting legend.

starlite_cutie wrote:

<3 the last replies haha

Please share your Cowboy after you are done creating, please. :)

Of course! Just give me a little time, I like to draw my characters :b though I'm not the best artist.

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CeeJay wrote:
You'll need a companion Outlaw Envoy character called the Gangster of Love.

How did you know that some people call me Maurice?

Farlanghn wrote:
Don't forget Uncanny Shooter. Pistol shooting while in Melee combat is a must.

An excellent point! Thank you!

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Tarik Blackhands wrote:

Well fortunately (or unfortunately depending on perspective) wanting to specialize in pistols and quick reflexes really only points to one class in SF: that of the Operative. Trick shooting and its derivative abilities allows for all sorts of cowboy shots and triple (and eventually quad) attack can very easily be skinned as fanning the hammer.

Bounty Hunter isn't a bad theme since extra con is always appreciated for those fort saves and doesn't interfere with the standard Operative modus operendi of stacking the hell out of dex.

As for your exploits, there's enough choice out there to get basically anything you want although many depend how spacey you want your space cowboy to be (if you don't want gadgets like cloak field or holoprojector you can still be fairly effective going for the debilitation trick shots, mobility boosters, or just stuff like Stalwart because you're just that gritty)

I never thought of skinning those as a fanning the hammer! That's brilliant! I really like that! It does seem like Operative would be the best bet. Thank you!

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starlite_cutie wrote:
Have you ever watched the Cowboy Bebop anime?

I sure have! It's my all time favorite!

Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to Starfinder, and sadly, not very adept at the nuances of making a character to fit the idea in my head. As the name suggests, I want a space cowboy type character. Westerns are a favorite genre of mine, and making a sci-fi old west bounty hunter is something that sounds amazing for me as a player, the problem lies in how can I make it both flavorful, and mechanically effective? I want to feel similar to McCree from Overwatch in using a pistol and relying on quick reflexes and the like, or any character from a Clint Eastwood movie, I know I want to take the bounty hunter theme mostly for RP but the class I'm not really sure on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Ysoki is my favorite race so I'm leaning towards that, or the catch-all human. Thank you!

Thanks a million, Diego! I just wanted to make sure I had this going through the right places, I was able to see another post where a similar problem was addressed, so I already sent the pictures to the customer service e-mail! Thank you so much for your help!

I was gifted the Starfinder limited edition Core Rulebook a while back and have only recently been able to crack it open, and it seems that I too am having the same issue with the book binding as other customers. Just wondering if there is any way to obtain a replacement? Or perhaps a method I could use to attempt to fix it myself? I have pictures of the book in question and I'm more than happy to send them to the appropriate channels to see about a fix or replacement, thank you!