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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet PDF

***( )( ) (based on 25 ratings)

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-4.

Theft cannot be tolerated, especially when the culprit is a former Starfinder! The PCs travel to the red world of Akiton, hot on the heels of a deserting Starfinder who stole a magical relic from the vaults of the Lorespire Complex. Things get complicated when they discover what should be a dreary town in Akiton's wastelands is now positively jubilant. Could this revelry, not to mention the re-opening of town's formerly defunct mining operations, be related to the wayward Starfinder?

Written by Jim Groves.

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Product Reviews (25)
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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 25 ratings)

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Flavorful space-western with lacking mechanics

***( )( )

I ran this for a group of 4 players with level 4 PCs in a (non-Organized Play) home game.

The scenario does a good job of invoking themes and tropes from classic Old West movies: a desolate, one-horse mining town, a traveling snakeoil salesman, a saloon fight, the slick business man from the city and so on. If you play this up a little bit (by for example using the excellent western-style audio ambience from, your players will have a great, Firefly-style kind of time.

Unfortunately, the scenario lacks in other ways. There are no complicated subsystems to learn and there is no twisty-turny plotline to keep track of but there are a lot of blank spaces that you as the GM will have to fill in on the spot if you don't spot them before hand (which I did not). Some examples:

Why is Philt just sitting around in the bar instead of going straight to the mine to grab Talbot?
How does the shobhad lady find out so quickly about the PCs' goals?
Why should the PCs not just sneak out the back door with the rest of the saloon guests?
In the final fight, what if the PCs decide to try and shoot the mine cart control unit?

All of these are not terribly hard to answer, but it would have been nice if those answers had been provided in the scenario, especially since there would have been plenty of page space.

But don't let all of these criticisms deter you from running this, the Old West flavor is just too good. However, there is nothing else to really make it stand out so it ends up being average. Would run it again!

Fun and Themey, Yet Railroady and Problematic

***( )( )

I'm not rewriting my review a third time (when are you going to fix your site, Paizo?). In short, the PCs are perfectly capable of keeping a subset of their antagonists from having any reason to be antagonists, yet the scenario forces a combat encounter with said subset of antagonists. There are other problems with the scenario, but this is the strangest one to me.

Not appropriate for 1st level characters

*( )( )( )( )

I was quite unhappy with some of the mechanics in the scenario, as they seemed exceptionally deadly for starting characters. Not a good way to draw new players into the game. Even as a long time PFS player, this scenario has me seriously questioning if I want to play Starfinder.


There was an awful lot of insta-kill for 1st level characters. My android scholar character was hit twice for 15 points (of its 6 stamina and 9 hit points) without any way of being healed, save for the serums that the pregen Vesk had (which starting PCs are unlikely to have), rendering it virtually useless for most of the scenario.

Point 1) Traps should never be "undetectable" and automatically hit every member of the party without at least a saving throw. A ranged touch of +11 is going to hit pretty much everyone except on a 1 or 2.

Point 2) In the bar scene, having the BG automatically aim for the most vulnerable character (without having ever seen the PCs before) is a real stretch. For all the BG knew that "random android scholar" was unrelated to the people she was sent to look for. Even if she assumed that the strange new android was an opponent (not necessarily an enemy), why shoot the one LEAST likely to be able to hurt her or fight back over, say, one of the heavily armed Vesk soldiers?

Played, it, ran it, love it

****( )

So far, this is my second or third favorite scenario in SFS. My table was goofy and fun loving, but even they sobered to the emotions at Tasch. This was a great introduction to Akton.

Good, but with a few caveats

***( )( )

Based on my experiences playing on roll20 and running at my local gaming store...

First, the good news: the story and setting are pretty good. A small mining town down on its luck, an (ex)agent who's on the run and needs to be taught a lesson, corporations getting involved, all good stuff. There were a few problems though that I thought really hurt scenario, though. In no particular order:

-The last combat could be pretty deadly for a party of all level 1 PCs, which (if playing in order) is what you'd expect to have on a scenario numbered 1-02. After hearing some horror stories from other groups I actually had our local SFS group run this after 1-03 (and 1-01 and the Quests) so the PCs could be level 2 before playing the scenario.

-While short scenarios aren't always bad, the two times I played this it only went 2.5-3 hours. I feel like something could've been added (or maybe not cut out) here - maybe more in the main city, maybe another encounter on the way to the BBEG. Another 30-45 minutes of content would've been good.

Overall a good flavorful scenario, but one that runs short and is maybe a little bit too deadly for the majority of groups that will be playing through it (made up of only level 1 PCs). Not terrible by any stretch, but room for improvement.

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