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Great Edition to Alchemy


I love this new book, it open up a lot of options for all characters who use alchemy and poison. the new reagent crafting option are fun and add some great flavor, but easy to leave out if you dont want to use them. Some great new alchemical items and a few magic items. it also has rules for using Profession (herbalism) instead of craft (alchemy) If you a you are looking for a Manual on Alchemy this is the book for you.

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I like this map, with the cards it is even better, Must have for urban games.

Fast, Fun, Cthulhu


lots of fun, cool die. Any game that Cthulhu can win is a winner in my book

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Great Book


This book opens up options for the Alchemist some really need and expected. And a few that are a very cool, one that lets you craft your very own monsters. Every one else has done a great job reviewing this product so I am not going to. But I will say, if you play an alchemist you pretty much need this book and if you don't it is still kind of useful and at less then $4 why not people

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