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I know you can pay them to go adventuring with you, but what about combat?
Having someone raise a tower sheild,take cover,and m9ve as directed seems worth 2 silver a day.

Related question,can two or more characters share a Mount?

Yeah, I didn't realize that...
A huge misunderstanding on my part.

As a passive ability it would quite nice,it costing an action would be niche,the part where it limits the Companions other actions on the same turn to simple Moves make it close to useless.

This seems like a true trap option, since many other large mounts are faster.
Am I getting this right, a horse is faster in difficult terrain than the Companion that has" ignores difficult terrain" as it's Support Benifit?

I just noticed something cool.

A discussion around Large characters navigating narrow spaces made me realize that the Rootball Chair Animal Companion is ideal for these situations.

Their ability to ignore difficult terrain should allow a Large sized Rootball to move at full speed down a narrow hallway aa easily as across a broken landscape.

A Small PC can Take Cover/Hide behind a Large Rootball Chair.
A Medium sized PC could ride this same Large Companion anywhere he can walk.

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I think I get the idea.
I think a lot of the things people think familiars can do are because of the flavor text/lore from the entire lineage of the game.
The very fact that Earn Income is an game mechanic rather than a thing one role plays should be a clue the clueless , like, myself.

Because of the emphasis on balance in this system , any meaningful action your character can initiate will probably be a class feature with a mechanic that can go with it.
If you want to do something, never look at the common meaning of words used to describe your class feature.
Independent and Skilled mean only what the entries say, not what common usage implies.
In practice,build the best you can, to simulate the character you want to play, but discover the limits of your character at a given table by asking.
Accept "No" gracefully,

I hope that most GMs will allow Players to describe the interaction of Minions with their PCs pretty freely, at least in ways that have no mechanical impact.

Getting access to Pest Form or being a wererat are the basic work arounds I've come up with.

I do like the idea of being a Large sized rat man that can become a Tiny Rat and then eventually a Smol sized rat man.

I wish they made heritage that focused on changing your size,shape and reach.
Maybe we'll see some6 in the Player Core 3.

Eoran wrote:

The Remaster did possibly remove your ability to do Trained-only actions of skills, such as Treat Wounds, no matter if you have 'Skilled' or not. That may be an oversight though.

It is crazy to me that remaster has apparently introduced so much ambiguity.

Eoran wrote:
For Treat Wounds, as long as I boost Intelligence to +5, then a nat-1 would only downgrade to a regular Fail result when we are at level 10, so you would no longer have a risk of dealing damage for the attempt. It would still be healing only 2d8 HP on a Success and 4d8 HP on a Critical Success and lock out any other Treat Wounds for an hour afterwards.

Weirdly, this just makes me want to weaponize incompetence by having an unskilled Familiar attempt to Treat Wounds of a helpless enemy!

It's never gonna be worthwhile , but it is funny to me...

SuperBidi wrote:
... You have to direct them constantly. Minions can't really act on their own, you have to constantly give them orders for them to continue working. Even Independent on a Familiar would give only a limited amount of actions to the Familiar and shouldn't allow it to work in a timely manner.

I wanted to have my familiar repair my gear, forage for herbs,manufacture ammo, weave hammocks,bake cookies etc.

Even at 1/3rd the pace, I figured they could be doing X while I am doing Y.

Can a familiars scout, if you have to be pulling it's strings constantly?
Can they even stand guard?
Can they eat without receiving orders?
Do they even need to eat, or is that just me assuming something not present in the text?

I was thinking about a familiar, but the question applies to any minion that you could set to doing a repetitive task.
I realize the DCs involved might make this question moot, but I figure we can burn that bridge when we come to it.

FreneticKineticAscetic, that scene with the minotaur is exactly what I'd want to avoid.
I've only experienced it playing a medium sized character in a kobold den,but that was enough.
Closing with the enemy at half speed sucks.
Running away at half speed sucks.
I belive a passageway sized for small creatures would only be accessible for a large via squeezing.
Separation from your party sucks.
None of that seems fun to me.

But you do have an excellent point.
Without prep time, you will not save actions over simply moving twice.
If you had to Squeeze into medium spaces, things would be different,but as difficult terrain,the usefulness/cost calculation doesnt pan out.
There maybe an affordable item that really eliminates the movement penalties of being Large, but this isn't it.

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Thank you Trip.H
Im working on a Druid build that might use Bolos as a third action, so I was wondering if a dip into one of the Leshy granting Orders made any sense.
It just might, especially with all the other useful things a Familiar could do.

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Looking at the weapons available,the Knuckle Duster seems like it might be the best choice.
It has a hilt, plus it's simple, common, and free-hand.
From hand to mouth, with no action cost for drawing the weapon seems about as good as we can get, and it's not bad at all.
You can reverse the transfer when you are ready to get big again, or you could just drop the weapon if you can't spare an action.

As for the legacy/remaster issue that has been sidetracking this thread, why the debate?
It's an angels on the head of a pin argument, good for nothing but amusement of the participants.
If your GM says no,this isn't a tool to use at that table.
That's if they say no to this particular thing or to Legacy as whole or whatever.
Beyond noting the possibility that somebody might object on the basis legacy status, nothing more need be said.
It will happen or it will not.

I like the gag idea but it runs into the same literism problem as before.
"As you invest these embroidered strips of cloth, you must meditate and slowly wrap them around your hands."

No hands, it doesn't work.

I think the secondary weapon idea has more potential than my original notion.
Do any melee weapons have superior action economy and a hilt/haft?

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Great guide!
I do have questions about Independent,Manual Dexterity and Object Retrieval.
How does it work?

I'm guessing it comes down to either drawing an item or placing the item in a hand, once per turn.
I've seen suggestions that a familer can hold two items at a time, but I've not seen the justification for that ruling.

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moosher12 wrote:

Seems like it'd work. There are a few caveats to keep in mind:

1. Large PCs are Remaster, and the Fanged rune is Legacy. So there are some tables where the fanged rune would not be allowed.

2. Can't talk in animal form. And even if you by some metric could? Can't talk around a weapon in your mouth

3. With the stipulation that if you drop the weapon the transformation is dismissed, while in town, it'd be difficult to use the transformation without guards getting mad at you.

Ultimately, it seems doable, but there are various complications.

Yeah one one of the two Large PCs or the Fanged Rune, not allowed , so be it, it just won't work.

As for talking or placating guards, I was thinking of this in Exploration or Combat modes.

Squeezing a Large humanoid PC into a place sized for Medium creatures is a roleplaying goldmine.
Getting left out of a conflict because you are too damn big to get to the place where it's happening is a freaking nightmare.
If you need to get through a corridor, through a doorway or up a ladder, going from horse size to miniature pony size with an Interact(?) Action seems invaluable.
If you specialize in unarmed attacks, you can stay at the ready with, little or no(?)change in effectiveness.

I'm thinking of a bared teeth grimace as the social equivalent of weilding a weapon in the mouth, and not talking.
Allowing physically forced dropping of the "weapon" is a little weird, but I think a Disarm flavored as "knocking that snarl off yer face" should cover it.

With large PCs being more available for play, could the Fanged Rune help them overcome the drawbacks of their size?
On handwraps of mighty blows, with a bite attack, it seems like a very cheap work around.
With other unarmed attacks, it gets goofy looking(Antlers wielded in ones mouth?)
Making the mouth unusable for anything else seems like the balance point, though I suppose the visual give away of an animal with a weapon in its mouth counts for something as well.

What do yall think?

Are there new weapons, armor, runes, potions or other equipment?
So far I've only heard about new mobility aids.

With so many large ancestries to choose from, some will certainly be better at grapplingthan than others.
Which one is best?
I'm leaning towards a Climbing Awakened Animal, but I think Centaur and Minotaur both have some decent Ancestral Feats.

I've been thinking about this prosthesis as a way to draw guns as a free action without needing the fastdraw feat.
It won't help with reloading and it won't work with the Gunners Bandoleer, but it could be "handy".

I'm reading up on the rules for prostheses, and have found some of them can go overtop of an existing limb.
This could extend to eyes as well, but that is less clear.

I am also looking into concealing the artificial nature of the limbs.
Being able to hide a shifters prosthesis from guards at a gate or from captors would be very useful.

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The document works fine on a computer, so I took a look at the Archives.
13 beats all 1st, second and third level creatures, and all but 19 of 4th level creatures.
This makes Assurance:Athletics seem like a really great choice.

Gisher wrote:
The Ronyon wrote:
Gishers Assurance Guide won't display for me, at least not on my phone, but it seems likely that it will be helpful.
It's a Google doc. You might need an app for those to see it on your phone.

The Throwers Bandoleer Options works fine, the Assurance Guide is all blurred out.

graystone wrote:

LOL Kind of like asking if you can hit with a ranged weapon without dex.

I was given to understand that skill proficiency advance faster than weapons proficiency, plus Athletics targets something other than AC.

Lots of moving parts.
Gishers Assurance Guide won't display for me, at least not on my phone, but it seems likely that it will be helpful.

I have numbers question about the Bola, one that applies to other Athletics based maneuvers.
Can a character that has little or no investment in Strength expect to successfully Trip or Grapple a level appropriate foe?

I have asked similar questions elsewhere, I'm just soliciting more opinions.

I'm curious, is dropping and empty gun and drawing a new, loaded gun a tactic that is used in play?
The brace of pistols is a historic example, the "Matrix Reload" a fictional one.
If the character has Quickdraw I can see this as a more efficient reload.

Is there a build that actually does what the Ranger class should do?
Can you build a fighter with general feats and archetypes that will get you the forest savey and effective fighter that is desired?

Disarm seems like it could be very powerful against a PC by potentially stripping a Martial of their rune encrusted weapon.
I don't know if thsts true, and i doubt "monsters" are as dependent on their weapons as PCs might be.

The -2 debuff seemed worthwhile as a casters third action, until I realized that it takes a special feat to Disarm at range.

Ultimately it really looks bad compared to Tripping or Grappling.

graystone wrote:
VampByDay wrote:
Tekko-Kage On the one hand, they are small d4 weapons. On the other hand, they have finesse, agile, and free hand, so there really is no downside to wearing a pair.
Well, you have to competition from the Bladed Gauntlet [Uncommon Agile Finesse Free-Hand Modular B, P, or S] and Gauntlet Bow [Capacity 4 Free-Hand Parry] for those free hands: basically, it's Disarm and Parry vs Modular B, P, or S or parry and ranged attack. You're better off wearing a bladed gauntlet [modular] and a Gauntlet Bow [for the parry and a ranged attack] as the only thing extra the Tekko-Kage would give is Disarm and who bothers with that? ;)

Would a buckler with Shield Augmentation be a viable option?

The Fey Eidolon can start as Small size, so that isn't a problem.
The loss of actions ruins any utility of carrying around a little cantrip flinging Fey on my shoulder.

I am curious to hear the opinions.
I was looking into playing a buff Summoner with a small Fey Eidolon riding my shoulder but I could not see how it would work.

Ravingdork wrote:
VampByDay wrote:
Why even bother labeling what kind of armor light armor is if the specializations don't apply?

"Future proofing for other abilities that might interact with it" would be my guess.

The Ronyon wrote:
Are druids so much better than other casters that their maximum AC should be limited?

I host games for approximately 20 players. 3 out of 4 of those players would absolutey say "yes."

Even in this edition druids remain one of the most versatile casters in the game. Something had to give somewhere.

I like what I know of them, because they seem very magical by default but the tier discussion Im following no one puts them in the top tier.

They aren't down in the bottom of the barrel with the witch, but no one picks them for their A-team,even when they are only picking one caster.
I think it might be due to a lack of variety in Wisdom based caster archetypes,but I'm a newb...

Can a Fortress Shield be made of Darkwood, or some other advantageous material?

It does seem very deliberate.
Are druids so much better than other casters that their maximum AC should be limited?

Can one simply choose to craft a Shoddy version of an item?

Hehe, yeah, I just read the actual feat...
Not the worst thing in the world, if you wanted to hit something anyway, but in most cases I would prefer to Cast from a wand, and then strike.

Does a wand cane qualify as a weapon?

Wand cane wrote:

Source Treasure Vault pg. 105 1.1

Price 100 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Though it appears to be a basic cane, the inner workings of the wand cane are an intricate network of lenses and magical circuits, with a slot at the top to insert a wand. The wand cane then spends 1 minute attuning to the wand, after which the wand can be used through the cane.

I would argue that it is at the very least an improvised weapon, but then so is a wand.

If improvised weapons qualified for quickdraw, there would be no need to search for an alternate method, and I wouldn't be asking about the Wand Cane.
My searches on this site came up with only gloves of storing as a way to quick draw wands.

Keeping that exploit in mind, and the lack of weapon attributes listed, I'm pretty sure
the consensuses will be no, the Wand Cane is not a weapon, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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About representation, specifically neural diversity, I think show, don't tell makes the best sense.

My family has not a single "neuro-typical" person in it, but long before our individual mental idiosyncrasies were diagnosed and labeled, we knew our own when we saw them.
For a lot of autistic people,the character Bones echos their own lived experiences.
Before that, Spock and Data were also relatable to many on the spectrum.
Right now my kid and I are invested deeply in the characters of the Owlhouse, who embody a huge swath of representation, while being swept up in a story that is both bigger than them and not...
I don't think any of them are assigned any labels but they are diverse, heroic and relatable.

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I find the wheelchairs and the support companions to be enticing for any character.
Earlier someone mentioned making accommodations for strength 7 wizard.
In other systems I might have a gaggle of skeletons to crowdsurf me over obstacles.
In pf2e Support Companions make perfect sense in this role.

I guess the question of appropriation comes up.
My character might not "need" a Rootball Companion, but they certainly want one.

The arms and other limbs also offer power not easily found elsewhere.
I need to look and see if one can have more limbs than your ancestry indicates.
I suspect not.
I,ve always wanted to add limbs, rather than replace existing limbs, but the power creep implication are obvious.

The implications of these "technologies" are vast, but they are not likely to be explored, and that's fine.
I honestly find some of the combination weapons more troubling in terms of breaking my immersion, but I simply choose to not use them.

Martialmasters wrote:

My first thought is dwarven fighter (obligatory halfling adoption)

I'm new here, what does adopted ancestry hafling get you?

That's great!
Can a eidolon definitely use Alchemical Items?
Last time I asked about what items Familiars, Companions and Edilons can use, the answer was unclear at best.

I didn't even know you could put runes on ammunition, so I never thought they would be suppressed.

I fix things,mostly fights...

I love the "master-blaster" type of character in general, and a controller feeding combat juice to a rideable brute in particular.
Unfortunately, I believe a Summoner will suffer the side effects of a Mutagen along with his mount.
This is not really the outcome I want.

I wish feeding your Companion an Alchemical item was explicitly allowed.

I haven't read the whole thread, so forgive me if this has been covered.
The humble dart now has the Atlatal to extend its range.
The Coating Rune makes applying poison simple. I
Just being able to add a variety of poisons to your S and P weapons seems excellent.
The 60 range that the Atlatal provides does require a loading action.

The Cunning Rune could be ideal for Recall Knowledge builds,such as a throwing Thaumaturge.
Wounding also fits the theme.
I'm seeing a bunch of throwing knives flavored as scalpels.
The Swarming Rune seems pretty terrible, but putting it on the Bandoleer might reset the 1 minute clock each time the Rune is etched on a new weapon.
Probably not, and it still seems kind weak.

I think both chopping wood and cutting cane involve plenty of edge alignment.

Throwing a hatchet effectively is definitely easier than throwing a dagger effectively.

I think Sapling Sheild might be good for fighting mounted in tower formation, buckler sized when dismounted.

I wonder, do Sheild Augmentations work on Bucklers?

Maybe consider the Undead Master?

It can grant a variety of possible minions.
The best of them are able to make your targets flat footed, the ghost is able to induce fear.

Most of the Undead Companions are Mindless and none of them are smart but there are many undead familiars among the specific familiers:

The Talking Head seems very adpt.

Familiers can have/grant all kinds of abilities.
A witches familiar fits with the concept of getting knowledge/power from outside of one's self.
The familiar granted by Baba Yaga is an object, which could be a skull.
Since it has no innate abilities, you are free to assign them.
It could be a demoralizing buddy or a knowledge check friend.

It might double as an implement.
Bell and Lantern both seem appropriate.

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Throwing a knife is considered simpler than swinging a hatchet.
Makes 0 sense but seems to be intentional.

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Can a God withdraw granted powers as they see fit?
Did she withdraw her blessings of power from those who aligned themselves with slavery?
Did she withdraw her blessings of power from those who insisted on founding the city there?

It's fun to ask these questions, and
truthfully,a god that has mixed moral stances feels more like real life than one that is morally consistent.

Each Shifter Prosthesis can absorb up to two weapons, as a 3 action activation.
The weapons must be one handed.
Then ther is this:

Archives of Nethys said wrote:
Activate envision; Frequency once per minute; Effect The prosthesis reshapes into the form of a weapon it has absorbed. The prosthesis has all of the statistics of the weapon, including the effects of any etched runes. The prosthesis remains in this weapon's form until you use this Activation again to revert it back to a prosthesis..

I have some questions, but the first one is "will this allow a free action retrieval of a scroll staff?"

The second question is" is the arm stuck as weapon for a full minute? "
The third " can I cast spells from a absorbed staff?"

I guess there isn't a magic item that gives a Quickdraw effect, otherwise this trait would have no appeal?

So with the Library Robes, you must cast a spell into them, and it costs money, but it happens during daily preparations?
This would be a way to use a leftover spell from the day before, but if this is a regular occurrence,you maybe it means you don't need that extra spell?

It's annoying that a hatchet isn't a simple weapon but a throwing knife is.

Bandoleer let's you toss a variety of weapons with different inherent properties, like bolo for Ranged Trip.
A bow has a variety of trick arrows available.
Which is more flexible, the bandoleer or the bow?

I can imagine a character mounted,on a Rootball Companion, with a Fortress Shield...

The harness shield does something for lance wielders, I'm not sure what.
Is it a particular shield, or a modification for any shield?

Growing crafted items seems cool.
What does it mean that it gets the Rare trait?
Is that to help game masters say no ?

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