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May Pharasma and Iomedae forgive this humble soul for committing an act of necromancy. I just got this book and so far it is fantastic, but I have to ask, does anyone else think that a young Ailson Kindler looks just like Larsa and vis versa? If this has any actual meaning to it and is not an unorthodox coincidence, just reply "Spoiler", please and thank you.

I would prefer to see the arcana pool stay, but I really like this conversion. Maybe keep the spell point bonus to one every two level? You do not have the extra bonus from int added again so I would not see there being a problem with balance issues. Also, sorry for the late post.

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On the Magus, it reads that enhancement weaving replaces your arcane pool. Later, on sphere recall, it reads that I may expend two arcane pool points to regain one spent spell point as a swift action. Am I not reading something or is this a typo?