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If you are reading this profile, it likely means that you are either playing in a PbP Scenario with me as your lord and master, or you are considering doing so.

Post Rate Policy: I expect everyone to post at least once daily, including myself. Obviously, real life takes precedence over hobbies such as this, and sometimes you or I may not be able to meet this goal. As such I have a few rules that I use during scenarios that I run. I give a 24 hour window for players to either take their actions in combat, or to weigh in on a conversation. Once I post that it is your turn, or make a post that elicits a response or decision, after 24 hours without a post I'll put that player on delay until they return. In their absence, I may roll AoOs on that players behalf (using the basic statistics posted in their stat block) however without an explicit message saying "Hey, I'll be out for a couple days, have my character take actions X, Y, and Z under conditions A, B, and C," I will not bot characters. If a week passes with no posts, there is a very good chance you will be dropped, and receive a chronicle that reflects the level of completion you attained (possibly a 0/0/0). I will generally be much more lenient regarding these policies for people who normally show regular posting habits. If I disappear for a day or so due to illness, I'll do my best to let everyone know what's up, and I hope you can do the same. Obviously in the event of a serious illness, we'll understand. In fact I'd be rather concerned if you were on your way to the hospital and the first thing that went through your mind was 'oh crap... I haven't posted yet today!'

Roleplay: I primarily engage in PbP games because I enjoy playing in a medium that emphasizes roleplay. Please don't give me posts that are simply die rolls. While I will not likely remove a player for violating this rule, I will very likely ignore future applications from said players.

What I roll and what you roll:
Passive perception checks to notice things will be rolled by me or included in a spoiler tag with the DC posted on it. Active perception checks (ie searching for traps, or well hidden loot) should be rolled by the players. Initiative is always rolled by me. AoOs I'll generally allow the players to roll whenever it gets around to their turn (some retconning may be required) however if it makes a major difference in how the flow of combat will go, I will likely make the AoO on the player's behalf. Please keep your basic attacks up to date.

Character Audits:
Before the scenario starts I'll do my best to review everyone's character sheets in order to make sure that I'm not blindsided by an odd interaction that results in a discussion in the middle of the session. In person, this doesn't bother me so much, however on PbP, a rules discussion can take a few days of game time that I'd rather not do. Please make sure your character sheets are up to data in your profile. I reserve the right to refuse to seat a player who does not have their sheet up to date or refuses to answer any questions I may have about various pieces of their character ahead of time. So far in my experience, the last couple times I've sat down to audit a character, the things I've flagged have been things like 'forgot to include a bonus from a feat' or 'forgot to increase HP from leveling up' so don't worry... I'm not out to get you, just out to make sure that everything moves smoothly as soon as we start.

I do all of my recruitment on the Flaxseed Lodge. I generally keep recruitment open for at least 24 hours and then accept people via a 'rigged lottery' system. Anyone who has GM'd for me recently, organized a major event that I was a part of recently, or was generally awesome in going above and beyond to make a game I ran or played run smoothly, will get 1 free-card. The next time I see their name on my sign-up sheet, they get in free before I roll lottery. I do take scenario requests.

There is no place for bullying in PFS. If anyone engages in any discussion that could be construed as bullying, I will PM those affected. If the actions are affecting that anyone's enjoyment of the game, the offending player(s) will be warned, and then dropped if it persists. In extreme circumstances, the warning may be omitted entirely.

Before we get started, everyone should post their PFS#, character level, and factions. I'll generally put a shout-out towards the end if anyone wants to check any faction card boxes as well. Chronicles will be posted on Google Drive, and will be kept there for at least 1 month. After that, if you need a chronicle that you lost for any reason, send me a PM. There's a good chance I still have it even if it's no longer on Drive.