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| HP 16/16 SP 16/18 | RP 4/5 | EAC 14; KAC 16 | Fort +4; Ref +1; Will +3 | Init: +5 | Perc: +0, SM: +0; low-light vision


| Speed 35ft | Active conditions: None.


"Nako" Female NG skittermander spacefarer soldier 2

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Female skittermander spacefarer soldier 2
NG Small humanoid (skittermander)
Init +5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +0

HP 16 SP 18 RP 5
EAC 14; KAC 16
Fort +4; Ref +1; Will +3

Speed 35 ft.
Melee ember flame doshko +7 (1d8+4 F; critical wound
[DC 16]) or survival knife +6 (1d4+4 S)
Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol +3 (1d6 P) or
flash grenade I +6 (explode [5 ft., blinded 1d4 rounds,
DC 13])
Offensive Abilities fighting styles (blitz), grappler, hyper

Str 18 (+4); Dex 12 (+1); Con 13 (+1); Int 8 (–1); Wis 10 (+0);
Cha 12 (+1)
Skills Athletics +8, Intimidate +5, Physical Science +4,
Survival +5; (reduce the DC of Physical Science checks to
recall knowledge about strange new worlds or features
of space by 5)
Feats Toughness, Weapon Focus (advanced melee weapons)
Languages Common, Vesk
Other Abilities six-armed
Gear hidden soldier armor, ember blade doshko with
2 batteries (20 charges each), survival knife, tactical
semi-auto pistol with 9 small arm rounds, flash
grenade I, mk 1 serum of healing, fire extinguisher,
flashlight, mvindee fingerdrums, credstick (29 credits)

Nako admires and respects Nakonechkin to such a degree
that the crimson-furred skittermander took a shortened
form of the vesk’s name as her own shortly after entering
Nakonechkin’s employ. The vesk salvager formed a
grudging friendship with Nako when he was stationed on
Vesk-3 during his brief time in the military. Nako helped the
vesk gain a closer understanding of the world’s decidedly
non-vesk culture. When Nakonechkin formed his own
business, he asked the skittermander to be his first mate.
Nako readily agreed, eager to explore the inky blackness
of space. The vesk taught Nako some fighting techniques,
which the skittermander took to with little hesitation.
Nakonechkin even gifted Nako his old ember flame doshko.
Though the weapon is a little large for Nako, she wields it
with surprising deftness.

Of all the Clutch’s skittermander crew, Nako is the one who
most often accompanies Nakonechkin on salvage missions
outside of the ship. Her physical strength and calmness under
pressure are valuable assets in the field. Nako keeps herself fit
between jobs, exercising on her own and occasionally sparring
with the other skittermanders. Since their initial training, she
has found it difficult to get Nakonechkin to participate in mock
fights or other workouts. The vesk claims that he doesn’t want
to hurt her, but Nako believes that he secretly is afraid that
she will injure him. She likes to tease him about it, occasionally
slugging him on the shoulder... when he’s sitting down, so she
can reach it.

Though Nako has no musical talent of her own, she collects
musical instruments from across the galaxy. The current pride
of her collection is a set of mvindee fingerdrums, acquired
from a shobhad she met on Akiton. The instrument slips
over the palm of one hand and, when struck with the fingers
of that hand, produces a hollow sound. As the drums were
crafted by a species much larger than skittermanders, Nako
can only wear them around her upper arm. She occasionally
taps on the drums absent-mindedly in times of stress, finding
the rhythm very soothing.