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"Didn't expect that! The snow cleared, and all of a sudden there's an abundance of ammo!"

"Assuming the orc managed to hold on. I don't even see where he landed yet."

"First lap goes to Ryujin! He certainly earned it."

"Then lets get back to that, shall we."

"Look at the goblin! Look! He's always in the middle of the mess, isn't he."

"But they were still tangled with the rope!"

"See there! That's where it goes over. The front end had been lifted just enough for the other sled to get jammed under. Then the left runner came down on top of the other sled, causing the whole thing to end up sideways."

"I don't know if I'd call that lucky. Look at that! The rope bent around her face, and then snapped taut, throwing her back. Her body pivoted down and look there! Look how her head hits and bounces! She's out. Probably didn't even feel it."

"The reins guided the rope right into her head!"

"I don't think she saw the crazy elf's reins either. She just saw the gap and decided to go for it!"

"Holy grinding gears! That one's going into the archives, folks! How did that even happen? Let's see that again in slow motion!"

"Muscle Wizard caught the Gnome! He caught him! Like he had it all planned!"

"The judges have just ruled that Cedrica's defeat was not directly caused by another fighter! This is a rare ruling. usually arena hazards are fair, but in this case they've decided that Yellow team will receive a replacement fighter!"

"Hmm. Wouldn't know. The only temperature I can sense is sexy."

"Did you see that? Masterful Driving by Ryujin! He managed to bounce the halfling and the goblin off the wall, and dodge around the outside of the track, careening that angry bull ape over the back of Zar'zan's sled, nearly knocking it over!"

"Did you see that? Karlov just punched right through the bridge connecting his sled to Zar'zan's! The speed they're moving at ripped it the rest of the way free!"

"And Zar'zan the deep dwarf has vanished. Wonder when he'll decide to show up again. Ryujin the monk has managed to fork Lorth's sled on the back Zib's! Wonder how sturdy those bridges really are."

"And they're off! They're wasting no time! We can hear the thumps and crashes of those threads hitting each other all the way up here."

"It looks like Zib the Split-Eyed Bomber has pulled into an early lead, though it's hotly contested by the winter witch and the drow."

"The angry orc Gwrrr is doing what he does best, making an early attempt to board another sled. The swordsman Severus just barely avoided that vicious swing."

"And for the first time ever we'll be letting you into the action right at ground level. Our very own Cedrica Einkill has joned the fray for your entertainment. We'll see how she fares today."

The booming mechanized voice of the arena announcer swept across the stands.

"Heeeeeelllooooo Fight Fans! Love and Mercy here with your Crossroads season opener! Looks like we've got one hell of a show in store for us today!"